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BrabazonJOrdinary SeamanFrontier Wars. SAGS (0)HMS Shah
BrabazonJ HLieutenantSeverely wounded. Wilmansrust, 12 June 1901
Mounted Rifles
Source: South African Field Force Casualty Roll
Victoria contingent
BrabazonJ PMajor GeneralMID LG: 4 May 1900, page: 2842. Source: Lieutenant General French. 2 February 1900. Re: Colesberg
This page contains all the London Gazette pages for the Boer War
BrabazonJohn PalmerMajor GeneralBorn 13 Feb 1843. He entered 1862; Colonel, January 1899. Staff service: Acting as Volunteer with rank of Captain, Ashanti Expedition, 1873-74; ADC (extra to Viceroy of India), 1877-79; Brigade-Major, Afghan Campaign, 1870-80; ADC to the Queen, 1889; Colonel on Staff; Commanding Cavalry Brigade, South-East District, 1899; Major General, Cavalry Brigade, South Africa, 1899-1900. War service: Ashanti, 1874 (medal with clasp); Afghan War 1878-80 (Despatches; March, November, 1879; January, May, December, 1880; Medal with 4 clasps; bronze star; Brevet of Major); Egyptian Expedition, 1884 (Despatches; medal with clasp; bronze star; Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel); Sudan, 1884-85 (clasp); South African War, 1899-1900 (Despatches). General Brabazon, born in 1843, was the son of the late Major Brabazon (late 15th Hussars), and the daughter of the late Sir W H Palmer, Baronet. [CB], CVO, Afghan (4) PK, Char, Kabul, Khandahar, K2K Star, Egypt (2) El Tel Tamaii, The Nile, QSA (4) CC, Joh, DH, Belf. RHQ Imperial Yeomanry
BrabazonJohn PlamerMajor GeneralDivisional HQ
Source: QSA Medal Rolls
Imperial Yeomanry
BrabazonJoseph HenryCaptainSource: OZ-Boer databaseVictoria, 6th Battalion Australian Commonwealth Ho
BrabazonJoseph HenryLieutenantSource: OZ-Boer databaseVictoria, 5th Mounted Rifles Contingent
BrabazonJoseph Henry293PrivateSource: OZ-Boer databaseVictoria, 2nd Mounted Rifles Contingent
BrabazonW PSource: WO100/286Uitenhage TG
BrabbingA G28092CorporalMID LG: 17 June 1902, page: 3966. Source: Field Marshal Roberts. 1 March 1902. Re: General mentions
This page contains all the London Gazette pages for the Boer War
Royal Engineers
BrabbingA G28092CorporalMiD by Buller 30 Mar 1901; Roberts 1 Mar 1902.


TNA ref 156/103; 314/1; 156/123
Royal Engineers, Field Company, 17th
BrabbinsG.A.Source: Attestation paper in WO126Brabant's Horse
BrabbsCharles487Shoeing SmithSource: QSA Medal Rolls9th Company, 3rd Btn, IY
BrabenderJ1st Battalion
Source: Medal rolls
(Princess Louise's) Sutherland and Argyll Highland
BrabentA ESergeantBSACM Rhodesia 1896 (0).
Source: BSACM rolls
Matabeleland Relief Force
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