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BorriusJohannes PhiiiippusCommandantCommando: General Smuts. Awarded the DTD (Dekoratie voor Trouwe Dienst). Click here to access the record in the ForumBoer Forces
BorriusJohn PhillipBSACM Mashonaland 1890 (0).
Source: BSACM rolls
Pioneer Corps
Borrobeck?TrooperFrontier Wars. SAGS (1) 1878. Medal returnedTransvaal Rangers
BorrodellErnest32865TrooperSource: QSA Medal Rolls71st Company, 18th Btn, IY
BorroughHSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls68th Battery, RFA
BorrowETrooperBSACM Rhodesia 1896 (0).
Source: BSACM rolls
Matabeleland Relief Force
BorrowECSMBSACM Rhodesia 1896 (0).
Source: BSACM rolls
Robertson's Cape Boys
BorrowEdward21231Lance CorporalSource: QSA Medal Rolls69th Company, 7th Btn, IY
BorrowFrederick RonaldCaptainHe joined the 81st Foot 8 December 1877; served with his regiment in the Afghan War of 1878-79, and was present at the capture of Ali Masjid (Medal and clasp). He became Lieutenant 6 March 1880, and again saw active service in the Nile Expedition of 1884-85, in the Egyptian Army (Medal with clasp and Khedive's Star). Also served in the operations of the Sudan Frontier Force in 1885-87, including the investment of Kosheh and the engagements at Ginniss and Sarras. He was mentioned in Despatches, received the 4th Class of the Osmanieh, and was created a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order [London Gazette, 26 November 1886]: "Frederick Ronald Borrow, Captain, North Lancashire Regiment. For the Action at Ginniss". He had been promoted to Captain 28 March 1886. He was mentioned again in Despatches for the action at Sarras, and received the 3rd Class of the Medjidie. A further account of Captain Borrow's services is given in this book in the account of Sir Leslie Rundle. Captain Borrow died at Winchester 11 December 1892.
Source: DSO recipients (VC and DSO Book)
Loyal North Lancashire Regiment
BorrowHenry JohnBSACM Mashonaland 1890 (1) Matabeleland 1893. 1893: Cpt. Salisbury Horse.
Source: BSACM rolls
Pioneer Corps
BorrowdaleS2nd Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
(Duke of Edinburgh's) Wiltshire Regiment
BorrowdaleT2nd Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
(Duke of Edinburgh's) Wiltshire Regiment
BorrowdaleW1st Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
(Queen's Own) Cameron Highlanders
BorrowmanA A3704PrivateQSA (6).
Source: QSA medal rolls
1st (Royal) Dragoons
BorrowmanJ5565SapperTwo clasps for QSA issued 14 Aug 1903.

QSA (3) CC SA01 SA02

TNA ref 155/48; 155/54
Royal Engineers, Fortress Company, 6th
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