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BullerFSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls39th Battery, RFA
BullerFSource: WO100/284Oudtshoorn TG
BullerHSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls2nd Battery, RFA
BullerHonourable W YardeSource: QSA and KSA rollsBritish South Africa Police
BullerJ2nd Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
Royal Warwickshire Regiment
BullerJ2nd Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
Northamptonshire Regiment
BullerJ ESource: QSA and KSA medal rollsColdstream Guards
BullerJ MSource: QSA and KSA medal rollsNew Zealand, 7th Contingent
BullerP T812APrivateSource: QSA medal roll in WO100/277Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles
BullerP T812PrivateSource: Supplementary medal roll in WO100/277Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles
BullerP T812PrivateSource: Supplementary medal roll in WO100/277Uitenhage Volunteer Rifles
BullerPatrickAlso listed as Buhler
Source: Attestation paper in WO126
Brabant's Horse
BullerPercy20519Trooper2nd Brabant's Horse
Source: Nominal roll in WO127
Brabant's Horse
BullerR HGeneralEntered 1858; Colonel, 1879; General, 1896. Staff service: DAAG, Ashanti Expedition, 1873-74; DAAG, Headquarters of Army, 1874-78; Special Service, Cape of Good Hope, 1878-79; ADC to the Queen, 1879-84; AA and QMG, North Britain; Aldershot, 1880-81; DA and QMG, South Africa, 1881; Brigadier-General, South Africa, 1881; DA and QMG, Intelligence Department, Expeditionary Force, Egypt, 1882; AAG, Headquarters of Army, 1883-84; Major General (Chief of Staff), Egypt, 1884-85; DAG to the Forces, Headquarters of Army, 1885-86; Special Service, 1886-87; QMG to the Forces, Headquarters of Army, 1887-90; Adjutant-General to the Forces, Headquarters of Army, 1890-97; Lieutenant General commanding troops, Aldershot, 1898-99; General Commanding-in-Chief, South Africa, October 1899 to January 1900; General Officer Commanding Natal, January 1900. War service: China War, 1860 (medal with clasp); Red River Expedition, 1870; Ashanti, 1873-74; wounded (Despatches, November 1873, March 1874; medal with clasp; Brevet of Major; CB); South African War, 1878-79 (thanked in General Orders; Despatches, 11th, 18th June 1878; 5th, 15th, 28th March; 7th May, 21st August 1879; medal with clasp; Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel; ADC to Queen; VC, CMG); Egyptian Campaign, 1882-84 (Despatches; medal with clasp; bronze star, 3rd class Osmanieh; KCMG); Sudan, 1884 (Despatches, March, April, May, 1884; 2 clasps; promoted Major General for distinguished service); Sudan, 1884-85 (Despatches, March, August, 1885; clasp; KCB); South African War, 1899-1900. Sir Redvers Buller, born in 1839, was the son of Mr J W Buller and the daughter of Lord H M Howard. He married in 1882 the daughter of the 4th Marquis Townshend and widow of the Honourable G T Howard. The General's character has been much discussed, and it is universally allowed that for pluck, obstinacy, and bluntness he cannot find his match. The deeds that won him the Victoria Cross are now world-famous, but the public is less acquainted with the story of his gallantry at El-Teb, and the way he saved the situation at the desperate little battle of Tamai. Of this Mr Charles Lowe, in his interesting book of 'Our Greatest Living Soldiers', says: "Buller's square, composed of the 'Gay Gordons,' the Royal Irish, and the 60th Rifles, amongst the ranks of whom he had first won his spurs, had been assailed in the same furious manner as that of Davis, but had blown away all opposition to its advance, about five hundred yards on the right rear of its fellow-brigade, to whose support it now moved up, steady and machine-like, as if on parade. Encouraged by the splendid steadfastness of Buller's embattled men, Davis's disrupted square was quick to rally, and then the two brigades began to rain such an infernal fire of bullets on their savage foe that the latter were forced to break, and the day was won”. Of his obstinacy an amusing anecdote is told. While he and Lord Charles Beresford were serving together in Egypt, an argument arose as to the direction to be taken by the river steamer. Each doggedly defended his own opinion, but finally, on gaining the day, Sir Redvers triumphed. “I was right' after all!" he cried, when his programme had been fulfilled. "And so was I," replied Lord Charles. “I merely recommended the other because I knew you would go against anything I said!"vvVC, GCB, GCMG, 1887 Jubilee, China (2) Taku Forts 1860 Pekin 1860, Canadian GSM (3) Fenian Raid 1866 Fenial Raid 1870 Red River 1870, AGS (1) Coomassie, Zulu (1) 1878-9, Qgypt (4) Tel El Kebir Suakin El Teb Tamaii The Nile, QSA (6) CC TH OFS RL LN Belf, Khedive Star, Turkey Order of Osmanieh 3rd class. RHQ
Source: List of GCMG recipients. Various sources
BullerR HCaptain and Brevet Lieutenant ColonelFrontier Wars. SAGS (1) 1878-9. VCKing's Royal Rifle Corps
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