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DwylrJ1st Battalion
Source: Medal rolls
Royal Munster Fusiliers
DyallH3914PrivateQSA (1). Invalided to England.
Source: QSA medal rolls
9th (The Queen's Royal) Lancers
DyamondGeorge Bemjamin550PrivateSource: OZ-Boer databaseVictoria, 3rd Bushman's Contingent
DyasTrooperFrontier Wars. SAGS (1) 1877-8. Medal returnedBolotwa Tembus
DyasA5th Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
Royal Warwickshire Regiment
DyasA C24701CorporalLater to 2nd Field Troop in South Africa. QSA (4) issued 19 Oct 1903.

QSA (4) CC OFS Tr SA02

TNA ref 156/94
Royal Engineers, Field Company, 12th
DyasCOrdinary SeamanQSA (1) CC. Ref: 196.133.
Source: QSA medal rolls
HMS Magpie
DyasESource: QSA and KSA medal rolls(King's) Shropshire Light Infantry
DyasE J5941Lance CorporalPrisoner. Belfast, Tr, 8 January 1901
2nd Battalion. Released
Source: South African Field Force Casualty Roll
(King's) Shropshire Light Infantry
DyasEdward Arthur27753TrooperSource: QSA Medal Rolls30th Company, 9th Btn, IY
DyasFrank8006Source: Medal rollsCanada, 2nd Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry
DyasJ R2nd Battalion
Source: QSA and KSA medal rolls
Royal Warwickshire Regiment
DyasWSource: QSA and KSA medal rollsNative Labour Corps
DyaskiFSource: QSA and KSA medal rollsNew Zealand, 8th Contingent
DyasonACaptainCGHGSM (1) Basutoland
Source: Roll of the CGHGSM
Richmond Burghers
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