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The acknowledgements page was used between 2004 and 2010 to record changes to the site and to thank people for their contribution.  Once the site added the ability for users to add their own content and for changes to be automatically identified, the need for this page diminished and it stopped being updated.  It has been retained so that information on the past history and development of the site can still be accessed.

Nov 2011

The statistics for the site in the last year make interesting reading:

Visitors: 80,836.  64% are new visitors.  Represent 172 countries

Countries with the most visitors: 1.  UK.  2.  SA.  3.  Australia.  4. USA.  5. Canada.  6.  NZ

Visits: 124,074

Page views: 538,330

Average time on site: 4:45

51 - 100 visits in the year: 2,405 people

101 - 200 visits in ther year: 1,803 people

200+ visits in the year: 2,448 people

24 Nov 10

The 24th November marks the 6th anniversary of the start of the site.  In the last year the site has been visited a total of 74,866 times by 52,479 individuals (39,848 and 25,900 respectively in the previous year), viewing 345,403 pages (197,526 in the previous year).  1,161 users have visited between 51-100 times, 1,000 users have visited 101-200 times and 1,532 users have visited more than 200 times in the year.  The average time on the site of 5 minutes and 6 seconds.  Users from 189 counties have accessed the site in the last year.



14 Nov 10

The attestation papers for the Kimberley Horse, Eastern Province Horse and Settle's Scouts added.  This takes the number of attestation papers to 5,315.  Each image has been carefully catalogued by Malcolm Webster.  My grateful thanks to Malcolm for allowing the images to be used on the site. 

13 Oct 10

Attestation papers for the Railway Pioneer Regiment have been added.  This information has been made available through the hard work of Malcolm Webster who has allowed the images he captured to be reproduced on this site.  My thanks also to the National Archives for allowing them to be displayed.

30 Sep 10

This page has always been used in the past to identify new and changed information on the site.  As this is catered for in different ways now, the need for a page to explain what is new is diminished.  However, the page also acted as an acknowlement for the contribution that other people make to the site so I have renamed the page from 'What's New' so that these contributions can continue to be recognised.

27 Sep 10

The site now has 5,871 images and 1,822 articles or pages.  In the week since the launch there have been nearly 20,000 pages viewed.

26 Sep 10

Links added

20 Sep 10

New site launched

19 Sep 10

A last look at the old site's home screen:


The familiar home page of the site

27 Mar 10

Links to Australian War Museum corrected. Thank you to Jeff Hannan for spotting this.

26 Mar 10

Information on the Carolina Commando added.  My grateful thanks to Ian Cowie for this information.

22 Mar 10

Work started on the replacement website.

17 Mar 10
Correction made to the QSA roll for HMS Gibraltar. My thanks to Jeff Hannan and Jan van de Merwe for this information.

24 Feb 10
Attestation papers for members of the Railway Pioneer Regiment with Surname A added. These images have been made available through the work and generosity of Malcolm Webster.

18 Feb 10
Biography and portrait of Major Pomeroy Holland-Pryor added. Thank you to Peter Duckers for this portrait.

14 Feb 10
Biography of Oliver Julian CMG added. Picture added of the medals to E P Dorrien-Smith DSO and two groups to the SLI. My thanks to Peter Duckers for these images.

13 Feb 10
Biography of J Adye CB added. Final three chapters from Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added. Phew! More images added to the page of problem QSAs.

12 Feb 10
Chapters XXXVII and XXXVIII from Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

11 Feb 10
Chapter XXXVI from Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

10 Feb 10
Five more chapters from Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

9 Feb 10
Chapters XXIV, XXV, XXVII, XXVIII and XXIX of Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

8 Feb 10
Picture and medals of Sgt F C Farmer DCM added. My thanks to Rae Lambert for these images. Added additional pictures of Emily Hobhouse, including a lovely colour photograph. Elmarie, you are a star!

7 Feb 10
Portrait of Emily Hobhouse added.

3 Feb 10
Chapters XXI, XXII and XXIII of Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

2 Feb 10
Chapter XX of Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

1 Feb 10
Chapter XIX of Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

31 Jan 10
Biography of S S Binny DSO expanded.

30 Jan 19
Nominal list for Geoghegan's Scouts added. Thank you, Colin!

29 Jan 10
Nominal list for Rundle's Scouts added. Images of a QSA to Rundle's Scouts also added.

25 Jan 10
Nominal list for the PAGMI added.

17 Jan 10. Chapter XXVI of Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added. Page on the KSA to South African units added.

16 Jan 10
Nominal list for Warren's MI added. My thanks (again) to Colin Roe for these 668 names. Page on HMS Sybille expanded. List of Spion Kop casualties added.

15 Jan 10
Nominal list for Driscoll's Scouts added. My grateful thanks to Colin Roe for these 2,481 names.

14 Jan 10
Portrait picture of Captain F G Casson added. My thanks to Sean Buck for this image.

13 Jan 10
List of Kimberley defenders updated. The 5,458 names now include 999 recipients whose medals are known to exist.

12 Jan 10
Biography of Lt Col Lawley 7th Hussars added.

3 Jan 10
Correction made to the entry for E S C Willis DSO. My thanks to Lawney Martin for spotting my error.

2 Jan 10
Chapters XIV, XV, XVI, XVII & XVIII of Davitt's Boer Fight for freedom added.

1 Jan 10
Site updated for 2010.