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31 Dec 06
Biography of Rear Admiral W S Goodridge augmented.


21 Dec 06
Biographies and pictures of Boer personalities augmented.

13 Dec 05
15 pictures of concentration camps added.

12 Dec 06
Pictures of prisoners of war added. St Helena, Ceylon, India, Bermuda.

11 Dec 06
Pictures of blockhouses added. More maps added.

7 Dec 06
A further account of the engagement at Brakenlaagte/Baakenlaagte added.

6 Dec 06
More maps added.

5 Dec 06
Page on British Artillery and shell types added.

4 Dec 06
More maps added.

1 Dec 06
Page on philately added.

30 Nov 06
Information on the RAMC 1900 - 1901 added.

29 Nov 06
Ranks of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines and Army added. Page of maps reorganised and expanded. Page on blockhouses started.

28 Nov 06
Information and photographs on the Boer prisoner of war camps at St Helena, Ceylon, India, Bermuda and Portugal added. Biography of Emily Hobhouse added.

27 Nov 06
Concentration camp information split between concentration camps for Boers and concentration camps for Blacks. List of concentration camp cemeteries added. Boer casualty statistics added. Statistics for Boer prisoners added. Sample page showing records of Boer prisoners added. Details of British prisoners of war added.

24 Nov 06
The site's second birthday. Site site consists of 8,298 files, 5,467 images and 20,977 hyperlinks. Information of Prisoner of War camps and Concentration camps added. New pictures added to Gallery 1 and Gallery 2. Information on the RAMC's preparedness for war added. The page on Boer personalities had been separated into three pages with pictures added. These can be found at Boers A to D, Boers E to O and Boers P to Z.

17 Nov 06
Pages for the different types of hospitals added: General Hospitals, Stationary Hospitals, Temporary Hospitals, Civil Hospitals, Field Hospitals and Bearer Companies.

10 Nov 06
Picture of the Boer's Anglo Boer War Medal (ABO) added. Pictures of shoulder and slouch hat badges added.

8 Nov 06
Pictures of RN ships added. Page on medical services started. Pictures of nurses added.

22 Oct 06
Boer War information from Stalker's Natal Carbineers augmented and completed. A copy of the pages from 'Transport and Freight Ships for South Africa', dated 19 July 1900, listing all ships that arrived in Cape Town by date of arrival have been added.

21 Oct 06
Images containing a nominal roll of the CIV added.

19 Oct 06
Pictures of the Natal Carbineers added.

18 Oct 05
Text from Stalker's 'The Natal Carbineers' added.

11 Oct 06
Text from C H Thomas's 'Origin of the Anglo Boer War Revealed' added.

10 Oct 06
Text from W A J O'Meara's 'Kekewich in Kimberley' added.

5 Oct 06
Added to the pictures of officer's graves

21 Sep 06
Pictures of the Transport Medal and RRC augmented. A page on renamed QSAs has been started.

20 Sep 06
More QSA naming styles added.

19 Sep 06
Maps of Bakenlaagte, Wepener, Wagon Hill and Nooitgedacht added.

18 Sep 06
Account of Brakenlaagte (Baakenlaagte) edited. Pictures added.

17 Sep 06
Pictures of the memorials at Primrose Cemetery, Germiston, Transvaal added. These commemorate casualties who were previously buried a Baakenlaagte, Bethel, Boksburg, Boschmanskop, Devon, Leslie, Nooitgedacht, Oshoek and Springs.

27 Aug 06
Information on the Shropshire Light Infantry augmented.

26 Aug 06
Information added on the Hong Kong Plague Medal 1894.

21 Jun 06
Index provided for the Army mentions. Elandslaagte roll update removed. This will be available from Token Publishing from Oct/Nov 06.

20 Jun 06
Text and photographs from the book 'Besieged by the Boers' added.

19 May 06
Index from the Transvaal War Album added. The 361 photographs from this publication have also been added to the site. Total images in the web site is 1,073.

18 May 06
Information on Rimington's Guides augmented.

28 May 06
Completed the QSA medal entitlement information for the Ross Machine Gun Battery. Images for the book 'A Handbook of the Boer War' added.

21 May 06
Text and pictures from the book 'Pioneer, Soldier and Politician' added

14 May 06
Text and pictures from the book 'With the Boer forces' added.

13 May 06
Text from the Book 'Neutral rights and obligations in the Boer War' added.

12 May 06
Information on the Imperial Yeomanry units added.

9 May 06
Data on the QSA issued to the Cavalry added.

7 May 06
Information on Ross's Machine Gun Battery added.

6 Apr 06
Text from the book 'The Boer in peace and war' added.

4 Apr 06
Text from the book 'A Handbook of the Boer War' added.

3 Apr 05
Text from the book 'Regimental history of the 1st Battalion Devonshire Regiment' added.

21 Mar 06
South African General Service Medal 1877-79 medal roll index added. KSA medal roll index added. Queen's Mediterranean Medal roll index added.

20 Mar 06
QSA medal roll index for the National Archives added.

13 Mar 06
Pictures added to the RFA page and the CIV page. Pictures of transport ships added. Medal roll for war correspondents added.

10 Mar 06
Information on the King's Royal Rifle Corps expanded.

7 Mar 06
Details of the information available at the National Archives added. Also the location of the QSA/KSA rolls, enrolment and nominal rolls for the South African units added.

6 Mar 06
Information on the Natal Carbineers augmented and pictures added.

26 Feb 06
Request for information on HMS Dido added.

25 Feb 06
List of South African units reorganised into alphabetical order. Biography of Major A L Howard expanded.

25 Jan 06
Biographies of recipients of the Edward VIII DSO added.

20 Jan 06
Text of Butler's Native Races and the War added.

16 Jan 06
Information on King's South Africa Medals issued to the Navy added.

13 Jan 06
Index to pictures in the Illustrated London News for the period Aug 1899 to Jun 1900 added.

10 Jan 06
Text of Reitz's A Century of Wrong added.

9 Jan 06
Text from Wilkinson's Lessons of the War, Henty's With Buller in Natal and the Boer War extracts from Davis's Notes from a War Correspondent added.

8 Jan 06
Text for De Wet's Three Year's War added but not completed and the complete text for Warmelo's On Commando added.

7 Jan 06
Approximately 40 pictures added to the awards recipients and to the Imperial unit histories.

6 Jan 06
Civil CB recipient information expanded.

5 Jan 06
Biographies of CB recipients and CMG recipients expanded.

2 Jan 06
Biographies of GCB recipients completed