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27 Dec 07
Biography of R J Geddes DSO expanded.

12 Dec 07
Biography of A L Green DSO corrected and expanded.

30 Nov 07
Pictures of Brakenlaagte augmented. More pictures of blockhouses added.

26 Nov 07
Attestation papers and Discharge papers for Pte T Wilson, 2nd Dragoons, added.

24 Nov 07
The site's 3rd birthday. The site now consists of over 10,000 component files and nearly 25,000 internal hyperlinks. According to Google's statistics in the last year, there have been 16,664 visits to the site from 8,639 individuals. There have been 72,086 pages accessed on the web site in the last year. The most popular page is medals awarded, followed by personalities and other information. 37% of visitors have used the site more than once. In the last year, 551 visitors have visited more than 100 times, 311 over 200 times.

23 Nov 07
Correction made to the information about the Irish Guards. My thanks to Conor Breslin for this information.

28 Oct 07
Biography of T W J W Howard expanded. Casualty list for the siege of Kimberley added.

27 Oct 07
Nominal roll for the Natal Volunteer Hotchkiss Battery added. My thanks to Brian Conyngham for this information.

21 Oct 07
Photographs added of the RGA Mountain Batteries, Durban Light Infantry, Thorneycroft's Mounted Infantry, Natal Volunteer Veterinary Corps, Natal Royal Rifles, Natal Field Artillery, Natal Carbineers and Natal Naval Volunteers. Page created for Murray's Horse and the Colonial Scouts. Page on the Army Post Office Corps added. Information on railways added. To celebrate the anniversary of the battle of Elandslaagte, two new accounts have been added.

20 Oct 07
New pages created for the the Natal Field Artillery, Natal Mounted Rifles, Border Mounted Rifles, Natal Naval Volunteers, Durban Light Infantry, Natal Volunteer Medical Corps, Natal Volunteer Veterinary Corps, Natal Police, Umvoti Mounted Rifles and Natal Volunteer Hotchkiss Detachment. The pages on the Natal Royal Rifles and Natal Carbineers have been expanded. Page on E S Kirkman now includes the papers related to his application for the Rhodesia 1896 Medal.

19 Oct 07
Page on the Natal Volunteer Indian Ambulance Corps added.

18 Oct 07
Information about the units linked to Kimberley has been separated out into individual pages; Diamond Fields Artillery, Diamond Fields Horse, Kimberley Light Horse, Kimberley Regiment, Kimberley Town Guard, Kimberley Volunteer Regiment and Kimberley Mounted Corps. Photographs add to the pages.

17 Oct 07
Information on the South African General Service Medal or Zulu Medal added.

15 Oct 07
Biography added of S Cownie who received the DCM during the Boer War and subsequently received the MM and bar to the DCM. Biography of Lt Noel Moir Tod, who was killed at Wagon Hill, has been expanded.

13 Oct 07
Corrections made to errors on the St John Ambulance Brigade Medal and the Umzimkulu Reserve page.

12 Oct 07
Pictures added of R W Oakden and the 62nd Co IY. My thanks to Graham Wood and Michael for allowing these three photographs to be shown.

11 Oct 07
Pictures added to the biography of Admiral Arthur Moore.

10 Oct 07
Additions made to the DCM entries. Biography of H Forbes DSO augmented. Updates added to the biography of W F Bonham DSO and my thanks to Pete Hawkings for these. Transport medal information added to with information received from Bryan Williamson. Links updated.

7 Oct 07
Added to the photographs of QSA unit names. Picture of a group to BMI added. Picture of the QSA to Pte J Nesbitt of RIF added.

3 Oct 07
QSA roll for Umzimkulu Reserves added. Sample page from the QSA roll for the FID added.

26 Sep 07
Details added to the DCM recipients. Biography of Charles Lawrie DSO augmented.

25 Sep 07
Biography of Archibald Lamb added. Further examples of defective QSAs added.

24 Sep 07
Images of the St John Medal for South Africa added.

14 Sep 07
The page on medals to men involved in the Jameson Raid has been expanded.

2 Sep 07
Page showing the period of engagement by unit added.

1 Sep 07
Nominal roll of the FID for 1900 added.

28 Aug 07
Index of the National Archives information in WO108 added.

27 Aug 07
Navigation errors in two of the Imperial unit accounts have been corrected. My thanks to Colin Roe for identifying these.

26 Aug 07
A nominal roll of Jameson Raiders has been added. I am indebted to Cliff Rogers for allowing his work to be reproduced on this site.

13 Aug 07
Transport Medal recipient information augmented.

4 Aug 07
Information on the Jameson Raid expanded. A new account of the raid has been written by Chris Biggins. A page containing medals to Jameson raiders added. An account of the trial also added.

2 Aug 07
Biography of H F White DSO expanded.

1 Aug 07
Biography of H C Warre expanded. More pictures added to the page on problem QSAs. Correction made to the information on the units involved in the Natal 1906 rebellion. My thanks to Don Klancher for this information. Corrections also made to the page on the NW Canada Medal. Grateful thanks to Don Klancher for his help with this page. More information is available in the book 'The North West Mounted Police and the North West Rebellion' by Donald J Klancher, 1997 {revised 1999}.

31 Jul 07
A new page on problems with QSAs started. Photographs added to the biography of CGH Sitwell, DSO.

30 Jul 07
Text from J P Fitzpatrick's 'The Transvaal from Within' added. This is a book about the Jameson Raid in 1896.

29 Jul 07
Text and pictures from Lady Wilson's book 'South African Memories' added. This books covers the siege of Mafeking.

26 Jul 07
Pictures of the grave of Brig Gen C F Winter added. My grateful thanks to Mark Reid for these pictures. Example of the Boer documents Form A and Form B added. Further documents relating to the career of E S Kirkman added.

25 Jul 07
Details of the British South Africa Company Medal and the Cape of Good Hope General Service Medal added.

24 Jul 07
Pictures of a bronze QSA added. More pictures added to the QSA clasps page.

23 Jul 07
Occurrences of British South African Police corrected to British South Africa Police. My thanks to Will Cornell for bringing this error to my attention.

14 Jul 07
Picture added to the biography of C F Winter. Biography of E S Kirkman added. Pictures of the NW Canada Medal added.

8 Jul 07
Biography of Herbert Chermside expanded and details of his group added.

1 Jul 07
Biography of F A H Eliot DSO corrected with information received from Gordon McGregor.

27 Jun 07
Page on soldiers papers added. Portraits of Magersfontein casualties and VC winners have been added. These pictures are made available through the generous contribution of Elmarie Malherbe.

26 Jun 07
Designs and pictures for the prototype of the QSA, provided by Mike Clare, have been added.

25 Jun 07
Medal roll for the Van Alen American Field Hospital added.

30 May 07
A page on the Royal Indian Marine created.

10 May 07
Personalities section re-structured to give each surname its own page.

20 Apr 07
Text and photographs from Princess Catherine Radziwill's 'Cecil Rhodes - Man and Empire-maker' added.

19 Apr 07
Biography of Capt W F Bonham DSO expanded.

18 Apr 07
Text from Mahan's 'Story of the War in South Africa 1899 - 1900' added.

14 Apr 07
Biographies of CB recipients expanded.

12 Apr 07
Revisions made to the biography of Atherton Powell based on information provided by the family. Biographies of surname T - V, surname W enlarged.

10 Apr 07
Biographies for surname N, surname O, surname P, surname R and surname S enlarged.

9 Apr 07
Biography of Lt Col CGH Sitwell expanded.

27 Mar 07
Biographies for surname L and surname M enlarged. Also added to the Boers surname L to O, CMG and CB recipients. Account of HMS Sybille added. Naval personnel page enlarged.

26 Mar 07
Added to the biographies of surname K.

25 Mar 07
Added to the biographies of surname G, surname H and Surname J. Page added for Cecil Rhodes.

24 Mar 07
Added to the biographies for surname E, surname F and Civil CB.

23 Mar 07
Biographies with surname C and surname D augmented. Page for J Chamberlain added.

22 Mar 07
Portraits of DCM winners, kindly supplied by David Humphry, added.

21 Mar 07
Biographies with surname B added to, mainly on the personalities surname B page but also recipients of the CB & CMG.

20 Mar 07
Biographies of Surname A augmented.

17 Mar 07
Pictures from Bethlehem cemetery added. My thanks to Phil Scot for allowing his pictures to be reproduced. Request for information on the Defence of Kimberley clasp added to the home page.

16 Mar 07
Information on the FID augmented.

28 Feb 07
RN ships given their own page (for future expansion).

24 Feb 07
Prices added to the groups on Photo Gallery 1 and Photo gallery 2. More photographs added to both galleries. Pictures of miniature QSAs added to Photo gallery 3.

21 Feb 07
Biography of C F Winter added. Also his diary of life in the Egypt campaign.

18 Feb 07
Text and pictures from Johanna Brandt's Petticoat Commando added.

16 Feb 07
Extracts fro H Rider Haggards' 'Days of my life', volume II added. These extracts contains references to Cecil Rhodes, Ian Hamilton and F R Burhnam.

11 Feb 07
Text and pictures from C R De Wet's Three Years War completed.

10 Feb 07
Text and pictures from Nevinson's Ladysmith - Diary of a siege added.

9 Feb 07
Text and pictures from Churchill's London to Ladysmith via Pretoria added.

8 Feb 07
Text and pictures from Steevens's From Capetown to Ladysmith added.

6 Feb 07
Map showing the location of all Boer prisoner of war camps added. My thanks to Elmarie for this map.

3 Feb 07
Photograph of Marshall's Horse officers added. My thanks to John Bailey for permission to use this image.

31 Jan 07
Details of the Natal 1906 Rebellion Medal added. List of units who took part in the rebellion also added.

27 Jan 07
Pictures of Boer personalities greatly expanded. My grateful thanks to Elmarie Malherbe in Bloemfontein for these images.

26 Jan 07
Information and picture of Corporal Horswell DCM added. More pictures of KSAs added. More information included on RRC recipients.

25 Jan 07
Sample pages from the Elandslaagte Medal Roll update #1 added.

24 Jan 07
Recipients of the RRC added as a page rather than a PDF. RRC pictures added.

21 Jan 07
Page on the awards of the Order of St John of Jerusalem for the Boer War added.

11 Jan 07
Added Childers' account 'In the ranks of the CIV'.

10 Jan 07
Boer personalities expanded and re-organised into 6 pages for surnames A - B, C - D, E - K, L - O, P - S, T - Z.

7 Jan 07
Account and pictures from the relief of Mafeking added.

6 Jan 07
Pictures from the siege of Mafeking added.

3 Jan 07
Picture of the officers of the Irish Guards added.

1 Jan 07
Three recipients added to the information on raised date QSAs.