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11 Dec 08
Details of extant Transport Medals expanded.


7 Dec 08
Nominal roll images for the Protectorate Regiment added.

6 Dec 08
Image of the Boer leader Colenbrander added. My thanks to Elmarie Malherbe for this image.

5 Dec 08
Correction made to the biography of General Lemmer. My thanks to Dale Schultz for this information.

26 Nov 08
The site's 4th birthday. In the last 12 months, the site has been visited by 23,677 people of which 16,727 have been unique individuals. The average is 60 visits per day. Over 1,000 people have visited over 25 times in the year. 140 people have visited over 200 times in the year. The visitors came from 134 countries.

The top 7 countries for visitors are:
1. United Kingdom 11,629
2. South Africa 3,803
3. United States 2,513
4. Australia 1,557
5. Canada 1,145
6. New Zealand 445
7. Ireland 301
22 Nov 08
Nominal roll images for the South African Light Horse added.

15 Nov 08
Home page altered to advertise the new book by Charles Aikenhead on the VC won around Ladysmith.

14 Nov 08
Defence of Kimberley recipient roll refreshed to reflect more QSAs that have come to light.

13 Nov 08
The biography of H K Jackson corrected. My thanks to Nick Symes for this information.

10 Nov 08
Nominal roll for Thorneycroft's Mounted infantry added. This is in the form of images taken from the WO127 information held at the National Archives. My grateful thanks to Frankie Hastings for her help with arranging the licence to be able to reproduce these images. My thanks also to Kevin Asplin for his permission to use the images.

9 Nov 08
Information on the National Scouts, Farmer's Guard and Fingo Levies added.

8 Nov 08
Page containing QSA naming examples expanded.

4 Nov 08
The existence of GCHGSMs was updated. My thanks to Adrian Ellard for this information.

3 Nov 08
Information on the Canadian Scouts revised. Biography of A V Jenner corrected.

21 Oct 08
Roll of recipients of the CGHGSM added. Permission to reproduce this list of 5,154 recipients has very kindly been given by Marty Wagner and I am very grateful for the chance to add this information to the site. Neil Raaff was also greatly involved in the creation of this information. There is a new page listing the number of CGHGSM medals by unit and another page listing the CGHGSM clasps by unit.

18 Oct 08
Text from L March Phillipp's book With Rimington added.

14 Oct 08
Biography of Henry Crandon VC expanded. My thanks to Elmarie Malherbe for this information.

11 Oct 08
Information on the 18th Hussars expanded.

10 Oct 08
Biography of Henry Ponting Northcott expanded.

9 Oct 08
Biographies of F C Stanley DSO, S De B Lockyer, D L Maxwell DSO expanded. My thanks to Martin Daniels for this information.

8 Oct 08
Biography of A Collier DCM expanded. My thanks to Chris Collier for this information.

7 Oct 08
Page containing QSA naming examples expanded.

30 Sep 08
Biography of JBB Dickson expanded.

29 Sep 08
Biography of Sidney Chapin DSO created. Biography of Count Gleichen updated.

28 Sep 08
Page containing QSA naming examples expanded.

20 Sep 08
Correction made to the entry for Andrew Uniacke DSO. My thanks to S Stacey for alerting me to this mistake.

18 Sep 08
Links updated with a link to the Leicester Imperial Yeomanry page added. This site has some great photographs and a nominal roll.

16 Sep 08
Page containing QSA naming examples expanded. The page containing the names of the defenders of Kimberley has been amended to indicate those recipients whose medals are known.

14 Sep 08
QSA to Pte C Holland added to the 5th Lancers page.

7 Sep 08
List of the 5,462 defenders of Kimberley added.

5 Sep 08
Correction made to the entry for P J Probyn DSO. My thanks to Adrian FitzGerald for this information.

28 Aug 08
Links updated.

25 Aug 08
Links updated.

5 Aug 08
Facsimilies of Army Order 94 authorising the QSA and Army Order 232 authorising the KSA added.

27 Jul 08
Text and illustrations from Viljeon's Reminiscences added.

26 Jul 08
Text and illustrations from Filson Young's book on the Relief of Mafeking added.

18 Jun 08
Images on QSA unit names expanded.

17 Jun 08
Image of a KSA named to the Provisional Transvaal Constabulary added. My thanks to Ed Hunter for this image.

16 Jun 08
A page on the Provisional Transvaal Constabulary added.

13 Jul 07
Information on Settle's Scouts added.

7 Jul 08
Article on the Scandinavian Volunteers by Stellan Bojerud added.

6 Jul 08
Picture of the DCM group to W Stainforth added.

24 Jun 08
Portrait and biography of J B Backhouse CB added.

23 Jun 08
Biography and portrait of William Stainforth DCM added.

22 Jun 08
Added the diary of Joseph Lindsay who served in the 64th RFA in the Natal operations. My thanks to Richard Lindsay for the permission to reproduce this information.

19 Jun 09
An account of imprisonment by the Boers added. My thanks to the Curator of the Museum of the Gloucester Regiment for allowing the article, from the archives, to be reproduced.

16 Jun 08
Information on the Gloucester Regiment expanded.

15 Jun 08
Biography of Herbert Capel Cure extended. My thanks to Bob Lynes for supplying some additional information and to the Gloucester Regimental Museum for the source information.

13 Jun 08
Information on M S Thring's award of the QSA added.

9 Jun 08
Link to a book on the Boksburg Commando added. My thanks to Kevin Mills for this information.

31 May 08
Information on DCMs and Transport Medals added.

21 May 08
Correction made to the 9th Lancers QSA recipients. I would like to thank Dave Bean for pointing this out.

17 May 08
Biography of Herbert Raitt expanded.

15 May 08
Correction made to the list of QSA recipients in the 19th Hussars. My thanks to Clive Strugnell for bringing this to my attention.

12 May 08
Additions made to the biography of Frank Aubrey Jones. My thanks to Lynne Turner for this information.

27 Apr 08
The page on Queen Victoria's scarves has been updated. My thanks to Norma Bethune for this information.

26 Apr 08
Correction made to the entry for Richard Henry Ewart. My thanks to Alix Baker for this correction.

25 Apr 08
Biography of John Laing enhanced.

24 Apr 08
Home page updated.

7 Apr 08
Correction made to the biography of George Richey DSO. My thanks to Philip Clark for this information. A page added listing men from HMS Terrible who gained both the RoL and Relief Of Pekin clasps added. Many thanks to David Humphry for this excellent information.

6 Apr 07
Correction made to the naming of the unit Strathcona's Horse. My thanks to Wyn van der Schee for pointing out this error.

31 Mar 08
Information and pictures on the Nooitgedacht battle added.

28 Mar 08
Biography of J A E MacBean expanded.

27 Mar 08
Biography of H Capel Cure expanded.

21 Mar 08
Home page changed and information about the book The Colonials at Talana added.

18 Mar 08
DCM information updated.

7 Mar 08
Picture of the monument to the engagement att Moolmaanspruit, near Ficksburg, added and a picture of the monument at Onverwacht added. Biography of Ignatius Ferreira added. Portraits of HP Airey, Lord Kitchener, Evelyn Wood, Hector MacDonald, E T H Hutton, R S S Baden Powell, Frederick Kitchener, H J T Hildyard, R A P Clements, F W E F Forrestier-Walker, W D Otter, Lord Methuen and R Pole Carew added. My grateful thanks to Elmarie Malberbe for this information and pictures.

6 Mar 08
Links updated and corrected.

29 Feb 08
Biography of William Scott DSO expanded.

10 Feb 08
Examples of QSA unit namings expanded.

26 Jan 08
Added new DCM information.

22 Jan 08
Added new DCM and FID information. Links updated.

21 Jan 08
Added new DCM information.

16 Jan 08
Information on David Humphry's new book Siege added to the home page.

15 Jan 08
Picture of a Scandinavian medallion for Magersfontein added. My thanks to Mike Clare for these images.

9 Jan 08
Information on the Scandinavian Corps and a nominal roll of Scandinavian participants added. My grateful thanks to Lars Ahlkvist for this information.

8 Jan 08
Details of DCMs and Transport Medals added.

2 Jan 08
Site updated for 2008.