The original proposal to organise regiments of Yeomanry for service in the Boer War was made by Lord Chesham and other Yeomanry officers in Oct 1899.  On 13 Dec 1899, the War Office decided it would allow a contingent of volunteer forces based on the standing yeomanry regiments to serve overseas. 

Under a Special Army Order of 4 Jan 1900, a committee of Yeomanry officers was constituted to administer the force.  The committee was dissolved in May 1900, the administration being taken over by the War Office.

The standing Yeomanry regiments were asked to provide service companies of around 121 men each. The new Imperial Yeomanry (IY) were to be raised on a county basis with the core being the men of the existing volunteer units.  The remaining numbers were to be recruited from individuals that met the necessary service criteria.

Simultaneously with the establishment of the IY, Volunteer Service Companies, each of which contained 116 men, territorially affiliated the the Infantry, were also established.  66 Volunteer Service Companies (7,427 men) served during the Boer War.

There were 3 contingents:


First Contingent

10,242 men

Early 1900


Second Contingent


Spring 1901


Third Contingent


Dec 1901

The medal entitlement can be found in the book "The Roll of the Imperial Yeomanry, Scottish Horse and Lovat's Scouts.  2nd Boer War.  Being an alphabetical list of the 39,800 men of these volunteer forces who enlisted for the 2nd Boer War.  Listing regimental details, clasps to Queen's South Africa Medal and casualty status".  Compiled by Kevin J Asplin.  Second edition available from DP&G Publishing, PO Box 186, Doncaster, S Yorkshire, DN4 0HN.

The awards received by the IY were: 1 VC, 10 CB, 1 CMG, 96 DSO, 113 DCM.

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-1 # Where do I find the records of the 4th CJohnz825 2011-08-08 06:53
Where do I find the records of the 4th Company Glamorgan Imperial Yeomanry, I am looking for the details of my Great-Uncle Herbert Emerson, Can anyone help pleaae.
# I have received some info'about HerbertJohnz825 2011-10-30 16:07
I have received some info'about Herbert Emerson, that he was promoted to Sergeant and his Army or Regimental No, was 9926 I know that he was back in Wales for 1902, because he was married in Cardiff that year.
# Also add in ANDERSON, Laurence, 2nd Scotalexpat 2012-06-03 11:57
Also add in ANDERSON, Laurence, 2nd Scottish Horse, Trooper, 28887.
QSA, Clasps for Cape Colony, Orange Fre State, Transvaal, South Africa 1901 & South Africa 1902.

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