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Staff officers tended to be senior officers who provided the interface between the commanding officer and the troops.  Staff officers had combat and non-combat roles such as headquarters duty and planning etc.  Note that noty only officers served on the staff.

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A Court-RepingtonCharlesLieutenant ColonelBorn in 1858 and entered Rifle Brigade, 1878; Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 1899. Staff service: Staff Captain (Intelligence.) Headquarters of Army, 1890-93; DAAG (Intelligence.) Headquarters of Army, 1893-95; DAAG, Egypt, 1897-98; Brig, Major Sudan Expedition Force, 1898; Military Attache (temp.) Brussels and The Hague, 1899; DAAG, South Africa, 1899-1900. War service: Afghan War, 1878 (medal with clasp); Nile Expedition 1898 (Despatches, May and September 1898; Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel; Egyptian medal with clasp; medal); Boer War, 1899-1900; with Ladysmith Relief Force; Spion Kop (Despatches, QSA (3)).
Source: List of CMG recipients. Various sources
AllenR EColonelList of CB recipients. Various sources
AllenRalph EdwardMajor GeneralAAG South African Field Force. Entered 1865; Colonel, 1896. Staff service: Brigade Major, Belfast, 1884; DAA and QMG, South Africa, 1884-85; Brigade Major, Eastern District, 1886-87; DAAG, Chatham, 1887; AAG, Curragh, 1896-97; AAG, South Africa, 1899-1900. War Service: Bechuanaland Expedition, 1884-85 (honourably mentioned; Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel); South African War, 1899-1900; on Staff. Major General Alien, born in 1846, was the son of Major R Shuttle worth Alien, JP, DL, and the daughter of Sir Samuel Cunard, Baronet.
AlthamEdward AlthamColonelCB, (1904), CMG (1901), 3rd Class Order of the Sacred Treasure (Japan), of 114, Earl's Court Road, London, SW, and of the Junior Naval and Military Club, Lond; was born Apr 13, 1856, at Wilton, Somersetshire, and is the second son of Major W S Altham, of Bridgwater. The Althams are a very old family. A younger son was Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer in Queen Elizabeth's reign, and a daughter of one of the Altham line was wife of Sir John Bankes, who pluckily held Corfe Castle—under historic circumstances—against a siege by Roundheads during the Civil Wars. Colonel Altham was educated at Winchester, and Christ Church, Oxford. He joined the Royal Scots in 1876, and was employed with the MI Company of that regiment through Sir Chas. Warren's Bechuanaland expedition in 1884-5; was District Adjt., Cape Town, 1885-7; PSC, 1889; DAAG, I NW District 1893-6, and was employed in the Intelligence division of the War Office from 1896 to 1899, except from July, 1896, to Mar, 1897, when he was Military Secretary, to the GOC in South Africa, Sir W Goodenough. During the Boer War Colonel Altham served as AAG for Intelligence on Sir George White's staff up to the relief of Ladysmith, and subsequently on Lord Methuen's staff in the OFS (medal with four clasps, and promoted Lt. Colonel); was appointed AQMG of the strategic branch of the War Office on the re-organisation of the HG Staff in 1901, and retired on half-pay in 1904. Colonel Altham married in 1880 Emily Georgina, daughter of W Macpherson Nicol, of Inverness.
AptharpK PMajorWas educated at Charterhouse, and entered the Royal Irish Regiment in 1881. He took part in the Nile Expedition in 1885 (medal with clasp and Khedive's star); the Black Mountain Expedition in 1888 (medal with clasp); acted as ADC to the Lieutenant-Governor of the Punjab from 1889-91, Special. Service Officer at Lucknow from 1892-94, and Adjutant in the Oudh Light Horse from 1894-99; served in the Boer War in 1900-1, including the operations in the Orange Free State and Cape Colony (despatches, medal with two clasps and Kings medal). In 1900 he was appointed a District Commissioner in the Orange River Colony; joined the South African Constabulary in 1901; appointed Secretary, of the ORC Land Settlement Board in 1901, and Director of Land Settlement in 1905.
AstonG GBrig GenOn the Staff
10 of 580 awards
AvaA J L TLieutenantDemise: Died of wounds 11 Jan 1900
Place: Ladysmith, Wagon Hill
Source: In Memoriam by S Watt
AvaEarl ofLieutenantQSA (3)
Source: List of QSAs with the clasp Elandslaagte
BabingtonJ MMajor GeneralEntered 1873; Colonel, 1896. Staff Service: AAG, Punjab, 1896-99. War service: Bechuanaland Expedition, 1884-85 (Despatches); Boer War, 1899-1901; AAG, afterwards Commanding 1st Cavalry Brigade. Second Biography. From Transvaal War Album: General Babington is in command of the 1st Cavalry Brigade, which has done such splendid work on the Western Frontier. When Colonel Pilcher inflicted his crushing blow upon the Boers at Sunnyside on January 1, 1900, General Babington moved out from the Modder River Camp in support, and after doing much fine work' on the Free State Border, he joined Major-General MacDonald at Koodoosberg, utterly discomfiting the Boers who fled as he approached. Afterwards the brigade took a notable part in the invasion of the Free State. The gallant officer's regimental service was with the 16th Lancers, which he joined as a subaltern twenty-six years ago. After nineteen years' service he attained the command of his regiment, which he held for four years, afterwards relinquishing it to take up the appointment of A.A.G. in the Punjab command. His promotion had been rapid, for he had command of a troop after seven years' service, during nearly three years of which he was adjutant, and he was a captain for ten years, being A.D.C. to the General Officer in Command at Aldershot before he was promoted to his majority, a rank which he held only two years. General Babington left the Punjab to assume the command of the Cavalry Brigade in South Africa. This is not his first service in the country, for he went through the Bechuanaland Expedition of 1884-85, and was mentioned in despatches for his good service. He will now reap the benefit of his former experience in South Africa, and it is to be hoped add to the laurels gained by him in that country fifteen years ago against the then troublesome and rebellious Bechuanas.
Baden PowellRobert Stephenson SmythMajor GeneralHe was born on the 22nd February 1857. In 1869 he changed his last name to Baden-Powell in honour of his late father, Professor Baden Powell of Oxford. He was a godson of Robert Stephenson, the celebrated engineer. In 1870 he was nominated by the Duke of Marlborough for Charterhouse, where he distinguished himself not only by his mental but moral qualities, while his irrepressible spirits caused him to be looked upon as the life of the school. In addition to his other accomplishments he was a polo-player and pig-sticker, good shot and artist. His favourite mottoes were "Don't flurry; patience gains the day" and "A smile and a stick will carry you through any difficulty in the world". He entered 13th Hussars, 1876; Major General, 23rd May 1900. Staff service: ADC to GOC Cape of Good Hope, 1888; AMS and ADC to GOC Cape of Good Hope, 1888-90; AMS and ADC to Governor of Malta, 1890-93. Special Service, Ashanti, 1895-96; South Africa, 1899-1900. War service: Operations in Zululand, 1888 (honourably mentioned); Ashanti Expedition, 1895-96 (honourably mentioned; Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel, Star); Operations in South Africa, 1896 (Despatches; Brevet of Colonel); South African War, 1899-1900; Mafeking. His troops nicknamed him 'Bathing towel' because of his open bathing habits during the Siege. Afterwards on Staff. Promoted Major General for distinguished services in the field. In 1900 Milner entrusted him with raising and training the South African Constabulary. In 1910 he retired to devote most of the rest of his life to the Boy Scouts Movement started in 1908 as a result of his periodical Scouting for Boys.
Source: List of CB recipients. Various sources
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