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A Court-RepingtonCharlesLieutenant ColonelBorn in 1858 and entered Rifle Brigade, 1878; Brevet Lieutenant Colonel 1899. Staff service: Staff Captain (Intelligence.) Headquarters of Army, 1890-93; DAAG (Intelligence.) Headquarters of Army, 1893-95; DAAG, Egypt, 1897-98; Brig, Major Sudan Expedition Force, 1898; Military Attache (temp.) Brussels and The Hague, 1899; DAAG, South Africa, 1899-1900. War service: Afghan War, 1878 (medal with clasp); Nile Expedition 1898 (Despatches, May and September 1898; Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel; Egyptian medal with clasp; medal); Boer War, 1899-1900; with Ladysmith Relief Force; Spion Kop (Despatches, QSA (3)).
Source: List of CMG recipients. Various sources
AireyH P Lieutenant ColonelList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesNew South Wales contingent
BartonGMajor GeneralBorn 1844. Entered 1862; Major General, 1898. Staff service: Special Service, Ashanti Expedition, 1873-74; ADC to Brigadier-General, Aldershot, 1874-77 J Special Service, South Africa, 1878-79; DAA and QMG (commandant Foot Police); Expeditionary Force, Egypt, 1882; Assistant Military Secretary, China, 1884-85; Assistant Military Secretary to Lieutenant General, Expeditionary Force, Suakim, 1885; AAG Thames District, 1895-97, North-West District, 1897-98; Major General Infantry Brigade, South Africa, 1899. War service: Ashanti, 1873-74, wounded (Despatches; medal with clasp; promoted Captain); South African War, 1879 (Despatches; medal with clasp; Brevet of Major); Egyptian Expedition, 1882 (Despatches; medal with clasp; bronze star; Brevet of Lieutenant Colonel, 4th class, Osmanieh); Sudan Expedition, 1885 (clasp); South African War, 1899-1900; on Staff; wounded February 27, 1900. Played a prominent part on the relief of Ladysmith. During the guerrilla war, he operated in the western Transvaal and engaged de Wet at the battle of Frederikstad. In 1901, he commanded the garrison in Pretoria.
Source: List of CMG recipients. Various sources
Bathurst, EarlS HLieutenant ColonelList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesGloucestershire Regiment
BauchopALieutenant ColonelList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesNew Zealand contingent
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