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Castletown, LordB E BLieutenant ColonelBorn in London in 1849 and in 1857 attended a private school in Ashridge and then went went on to a private tutor. Spoke French and a little Gaelic and went to Dresden to learn German. In 1861, went to Eton and afterwards to Brasenose College Oxford. In 1871, completed a second class BA in Law and Modern History and then went on to join the 1st Life Guards. In 1870 he witnessed the Franc-Prussian War as an ambulance worker with the Wurtemburg Regiment, touring the battlefields with General William Fielding. In 1874 he married and set up home in Granston Manor which was a gift of his father-in-law. In 1880 elected an MP for Portarlington (Ind, Conservative). In 1881 returned to soldiering in the 1st/2nd Blues for the Egypt Campaign of 1882 and was present at Kassassin and Tel el Kebir. Returned to UK on the ‘Lybian Monarch' to a triumphant welcome in London being the first deployment abroad of the Household Cavalry since Waterloo. In 1899 returned to the army and sailed to South Africa onboard the SS ‘Servia' on Lord Robert's Staff as AAG. From 1906-10 he was chancellor of the Old Royal University of Ireland of which he was an honorary LLD. In 1907 he was appointed Knight of Saint Patrick and in 1908 was sworn of the Irish Privy Council. In the Great War he did admirable recruiting work and his coolness, courage and devotion were remarkable in the troubles that followed. As a landlord he owned about 20,000 acres. He died in 1937 at the age of 87.
[KP], CMG (b/b). Egypt (1) Tel el Kebir (Lt Hon BEB Fitzpatrick RE Surrey Yeo Cav), QSA (4) CC OFS Joh DH (Lt Col Lord Leinster Regt),Khedive's Star 1882.
Source: List of CMG recipients. Various sources
Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadia
CavendishA E JMajorCMG, QSA (3) CC Tr Witt, KSA (2), 1914 Star + Bar, BWM, VM + MID, 1897 Jubilee, 1911 Coronation.
Source: List of CMG recipients. Various sources
(Princess Louise's) Sutherland and Argyll Highland
CayleyHSurgeon GeneralList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesScottish National Hospital
ChamierGeorge DanielMajor He was born in the E Indies, Sep 24, 1860, and is son of Lt. General S H E Chamier, CB. He was educated at Cheltenham College and the RMA. Woolwich, where he was gymnastic champion in 1879. He has won numerous prizes at tent-pegging, lemon-cutting, etc., and as an amateur rider and owner of horses between 1880-90, including the challenge cup for the best all-round man at games and skill at arms, in 1888. He took up golf in 1890, and won several prizes from the scratch marks, including the championship of the Cape-Peninsular (Robertson trophy) in 1898. He served in the Royal Horse and Field Art. in India, 1880-5, at Gibraltar in the R Garrison Art. in 1888-90 and 1891-97, and from 1891-6 as Adjt. in the Lancs Art. He took part in the Boer War, and commanded the Artillery in the defence of Kimberley, with the local rank of Lt. Colonel, was commandant of Kimberley (graded as DAAG), 1900-01, defended Schweitzer Reinicke, in the Transvaal, and commanded a mobile column in the attack on Petrusburg, ORC, in 1901, when the town was captured. Appointed Commandant and Special Commissioner in the Bloemhof District, Transvaal, in 1901-2 (QSA with three clasps, KSA with two clasps, CMG). Recreations: cricket, golf, billiards, and hunting. He married, in 1903, Amy St Leger, widow of the Hon James Buchanan, and daughter of H J Bertram, of Queenstown, South Africa.
CMG converted b/b. QSA (3) DofK OFS Trans (Maj CMG RGA). KSA (2) (Maj CMG RGA). BWM (Brig Gen). Kimberley Star (a). Spink Oct 99. £2650 est. No sale. Spink Apr 00 No 904
Source: List of CMG recipients. Various sources
Royal Artillery
ChamneyHMajorList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesLumsden's Horse
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