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BoydFList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesEdinburgh Hospital
BrayC AMajor List of CMG recipients. Various sourcesArmy Pay Department
Brazier CreaghGeorge WashingtonMajorGeorge Washington Brazier-Creagh was born on 20 June 1858, the son of George Washington Brazier-Creagh of Buttevant and Creagh Castle, Doneraile, Co. Cork. As a youth he was awarded the RHS Bronze Medal. Educated at Trinity College, Dublin, he was commissioned a Surgeon in July 1881 and promoted to Surgeon-Major in July 1893. He conducted missions to SE Persia, 1893-94 and to Seistan, Persia, 1896-97, bring both to a successful conclusion. He conducted extensive explorations of little-known regions throughout Eastern Persia and Beluchistan, and opened up the Seistan-Nushki trade route, for which he received the thanks of the Government of India. He accompanied the Pekin Syndicate throughout North China, 1898-99, and was noted as having rendered valuable services. In the Boer War he was present at the relief of Ladysmith, including the action at Colenso, operations of 17-24 January 1900, action at Spion Kop, operations of 5-7 February 1900, action at Vaal Kranz, operations on Tugela Heights and action at Pieters Hill. Further operations in various theatres of war to May 1902 followed, for which he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel, awarded the CMG and three times mentioned in despatches (London Gazette 8 February 1901 (Sir R Buller 30 March and 9 November 1900) and 29 July 1902). Retiring in 1911, he was re-employed for the Great War, serving 14 August 1914-4 April 1919. Again distinguishing himself, he was promoted to Colonel, awarded the CB and four times mentioned in despatches (London Gazette 17 February 1915, 4 January 1917, 29 May 1917 and 30 December 1918). A horse-loving Irishman, during operations in Natal early in 1900, he sent a ‘clear the line' message announcing the result of the Grand National, which he explained would cheer the troops! Colonel Creagh-Brazier died on 10 October 1942.
CB (Mil) n/b, CMG b/b, IGS 1895 (1) Punjab Frontier 1895 (Major), renamed, QSA (6) CC TH OFS RofL Tr LN (Major, C.M.G., RAMC), KSA (2) (Lt. Col., CMG, RAMC), 1914 Star, with copy slip-on clasp (Lt Col, RAMC), BWM, VM & MID (Col.), Royal Humane Society, small bronze medal (successful) (Geo. W. Creagh, 10th January 1871). DNW Dec 06 £1,100.
Source: List of CMG recipients. Various sources
Royal Army Medical Corps
BridgeC HLieutenant ColonelList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesArmy Service Corps
Bru-de-WoldHTMajorList of CMG recipients. Various sourcesNatal Volunteer Staff
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