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This information is taken from the Natal Almanac of 1899. The Almanac contains a page of information on the Natal Police including its structure and the names of the main post holders.

Chief Commissioner—Colonel J. G. Dartnell, C.M.G.

Assistant Commissioner—G. Mansell, C.M.G.


Inspector—F. A. Campbell.

Inspector and Paymaster—F. H. S. Sewell.

Sub-Inspector and Assistant Paymaster—W. E. Ives.

Sub-Inspector and Adjutant—O. Dimmick

Sub-Inspector and Quartermaster—W. D. Campbell

Sub-Inspector and Quartermaster, Eshowe—J. Hamilton.

Sergt.-Major—E. W. Brown.

Paymaster Sergt.—C. D. Pearce.

Quartermaster-Sergeant—J. D. Johnson.

Three Sergeants.

Criminal Investigation Department—Inspector W. J. Clarke (in charge).


Five Inspectors—W. F. Fairlie; F. L. Phillips; A. Prendergast; G. L. Mardaal; W. V. Dorehill

Sixteen Sub-Inspectors—W. C. H. George; A. G. Petley; J. Strutt; J. E. Rose; A. G. Abraham; L. Meiners; W. E. Lyttle; R. Keating; C. E. Fairlie; J. B. Marshall; F. Evans; F. A. Fynney; R. S. Maxwell; H. H. West; A.

Clifton; F. R. Mansell.

Sixty-five Sergeants.

Five hundred and sixty-three Mounted European Constables.

Forty Indian Constables.

Eight hundred and eighty-two Native Constables, Mounted and Dismounted.

The Colony is divided into seventeen Police Districts, as follows:—

A.-Newcastle Division—Headquarters, Newcastle. Sub-Inspector Petley.

B.—Dundee and Umsinga Divisions—Headquarters, Dundee. Sub-Inspector Lyttle.

C.—Klip River and Upper Tugela Divisions—Headquarters, Ladysmith. Inspector Dorehill.

D.— Estcourt and Weenen Divisions—Headquarters, Estcourt. Sub-Inspector West.

E.—Unvoti, Kranzkop, and New Hanover Divisions—Headquarters, Greytown. Inspector Prendergast.

F.—Inanda and Ndwedwe Divisions-Headquarters, Verulam. Inspector Mardall.

G.—Lion's River and Impendhle Divisions—Headquarters, Howick. Inspector Phillips.

H.—Umgeni and Upper Umkomanzi Divisions—Headquarters, Maritzburg. Sub-Inspector George.

I.—Ixopo and Ipolela Divisions-Headquarters, Ixopo. Sub-Inspector Strutt.

K.—Umlazi and Alexandra Divisions—Headquarters, Durban. Sub-Inspector Rose.

L.—Alfred and Lower Umzimkulu Divisions.—Headquarters, Port Shepstone. Sub-Inspector Keating.

M.—Lower Tugela and Mapumulo Divisions—Headquarters, Umhlali. Sub-Inspector Meiners.

N.—Eshowe, Umlalazi, and Lower Umfolosi Divisions—Headquarters, Eshowe. Sub-Inspector Mansell

O.—'Nkandhla and Nqutu Divisions—Headquarters,'Nkandhla. Sub-Inspector Marshall.

P.—Mahlalatini and Entonjaneni Divisions—Headquarters, Melmoth. Sub-Inspector Maxwell

Q.—Inshoandwe and Hlabisa Divisions-Headquarters, Nongoma. Sub-Inspector Evans.

R.—Ingwavuma, Ubombo, and Maputa Divisions—Headquarters.


Superintendent—G. E. Tatum.

Thirteen European Constables.

Twenty-four Native Constables.


Superintendent-W. Bousfield.

Three European Sergeants.

Seven Eurpoean Constables.

Thirty Native Constables.

Five Indian Constables.


Maritzburg (City), J. T. Gutridge; Umgeni, S. Kenmuir; Durban, J. Smedley; Umlazi, P. Farrell; Lion's River, A. J. S. Young; Richmond, C. Williams; Ixopo, J. B. Stone; Ipolela, H. J. Gazzard; Umvoti, M. Foley; Estcourt, T. J. Nunn; Dundee, A. Graham; Lower Tugela, H. A. Clark; Inanda, C. F. M. Sparks.


Central Gaol, Maritzburg: Governor, J. R. Thomson.

Central Gaol, Durban: Governor, Captain A. M. Smith.

Other Gaols, with Gaolers' names: Greytown, J. Davis; Umsinga, W. M. Hearn; Ixopo, A. J. Elliott; Dundee, R. Mahon; Richmond, W. J. Brown; Newcastle, J. H. Lewis; Umzinto, W. S. Malley; Verulam, J. Beckett; Estcourt, A. C. Bell; Stanger, J. Delvin; Ladysmith, J. Lotter; Ipolela, W. E. Phillips; Howick, W. H. Deavin; Weenen, W. F. Parsons; Harding, W. E. Wikens; Port Shepstone, C. Milne; Upper Tugela, E. A. Taylor; Mapumulo, Trooper R. F. Longlands; Ndwedwe, H. Swan; Eshowe, D. Deane; Nqutu, R. D. Talbot; 'Nkandhla, H. Speed; Enton-janeni, H. A. Elliott.

Forty-two European warders and guards.

Two hundred and twenty-six Native warders and guards.


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