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The Van Alen hospital was the smallest of the donative hospitals and was formed by a Mr Van Alen, an American Citizen.  He agreed to provide all necessary equipment and transport for the small hospital at its own expense.  The War Office agreed to transport it to South Africa and return it when it was no longer required.  The hospital operated in the area near Kimberley.

Captain E Powell RAMC was in charge of the hospital. 

There is a mention in The Times History, Vol 6, p 533:

An American citizen, Mr. Van Alen, equipped Mr. Van and took out a section of a field hospital, which went to Kimberley in March, 1900, and accompanied Lord Methuen in his operations north and west of that town in April. It was subsequently handed over to the military authorities at Paardekraal in July, 1900.

There are two mentions in despatches:

1.  Hospitals - The heavy strain on the Army Medical Department was further much relieved by the patriotic efforts of the several committees and individuals who raised, equipped, and sent out complete hospitals: the Van Alen Hospital, under Mr S Osborn, FRCS.

2.  Van Alen Hospital - Mr Van Alen.

16 Medals were issued to the unit.  The clasps were CC, OFS primarily and included one instance of an additional Tr.  WO100/225p239 refers.

See the forum posts on Samuel Osborne and his account of his time in South Africa.

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 Surname   Forename/inits   Regimental no   Rank   Notes 
BlackbandW1st Grade OrdQSA (2) CC OFS
GrahamW1st Grade OrdQSA (2) CC OFS
GuthrieWalter MurraySecretaryQSA (2) CC OFS.  Note says left Hospital and went to Pretoria with Roberts's Army
GuyF J VCompounderQSA (2) CC OFS
HancockJ EWard MasterQSA (2) CC OFS.  Note says transferred to SAC
HitchinsJ BServantQSA (2) CC OFS
JenningsChasCookQSA (2) CC OFS
KenyonJ W2nd Grade OrdQSA (2) CC OFS
LaneC W2nd Grade OrdQSA (2) CC OFS
LingardJ1st Grade OrdQSA (2) CC OFS
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