London Times, 01 Dec 99 (Friday)

p5b The Catalonia and the Englishman arrived at Cape Town yesterday and the Gaul arrived at

Tenerife at 4 pm and departed 10 pm the 29th ult.


p6b The Canada embarked, at Liverpool, 68 officers, 7 warrant officers and 1,868 men

yesterday and will depart this morning for SA

The steamer Karami will leave Thames today with a heavy cargo of war material. There are 40,000,000 rounds of small-arm ammunition in 3,640 boxes; 7,000 rounds of shrapnel and common shell and 4,000 rounds of 5-inch Lyddite shell, in 2,000 boxes; 851 boxes of fuses, and 40 boxes of pistol ammunition. There is also on board a large quantity of star shell.

Major F I Maxse, Coldstream Guards, who is now employed with the Egyptian army, has been selected for appointment as a special service officer in South Africa.


p10b Article on modern military bullets, Mauser, Mark II, Mark IV, Dum-Dum.


London Times, 02 Dec 99 (Saturday)

p7b The Dictator, the Chicago and the Arawa arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Spartan,

with wounded from Durban also arrived at Cape Town yesterday.

The Englishman with 2 batteries of artillery, etc., left Cape Town for East London on Thursday. The Dunera arrived at Aden on Thursday.


p12a The Avondale Castle will embark at Southampton 2/Middlesex Regiment, 29 officers and

1,000 men, with 1 gun; a draft of 170 men for the 2/Yorkshire Light Infantry ; #11 Company (Field Hospital) RAMC and details. The Norman will leave today with 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, 30 officers, 1081 men and 1 gun, and a detail of #6(Bearer Co), RAMC The Dilwara will also leave today with the 2/Royal Lancaster Regiment, 29 officers, 298 men and one machine gun. She also carries drafts for the 5th Lancers; 2 officers and 85 men of the 9th Lancers; 1 officer and 90 men of the 19th Hussars; 85 men of the 2/Royal Berkshire Regiment; and 70 men and a bearer company of #6 Company, RAMC

Brevet Major C F S Vandeleur, DSO, Scots Guards, who is now employed with the Egyptian army, has been selected for appointment as a special service officer in South Africa.


London Times, 04 Dec 99 (Monday)

p5c Officer commanding the troops on board the hired transport Ismore telegraphs from Vredenburg, Dec 3:

Gone on shore this morning on the rocks in St Helena Bay. All troops safely conveyed from ship to shore. Horses still on board and difficult to land them. Men-of-war Doris and Niobe and hired transport Columbian, with 3 lighters, proceeded at once to render every assistance. Weather to all appearances calm.


On Friday the Idaho and Bavarian arrived at Natal; the Templemore arrived at Cape Town; the Mount Royal arrived at Cape Town on Friday and has departed for Port Elizabeth; the Colombian has arrived at Cape Town; the Catalonia and the hospital ship Spartan left Cape Town for Durban.

The Greek arrived at Cape Town yesterday.


Dateline New York, Dec 2. Since the outbreak of the war, the British Government has bought of American packers 300,000 cases of tinned meats, or 7,000,000 tins. One third of this amount has already been shipped.


p7a & b The 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, strength of 1084 embarked at Southampton in the Norman, the 2/Middlesex Regiment, with 30 officers and 1,000 men embarked in the Avondale Castle

and the Dilwara embarked ? 6 Bearer Company, RAMC and a draft of 70 men of the 1/Royal Berkshire Regiment.

The Pinemore embarks ½ the Household Cavalry, a detail of Ammunition Column, and a draft of 5th Dragoon Guards. She will also carry 359 horses, 14 four- wheeled and 3 two-wheeled vehicles.

Most of the troops embarking in the Avondale Castle were wearing their serges. The officers on board were: Lieutenant Colonel A W Hill; Majors N J R Blake, W Scott-Moncrieff, G B Lempriere; Captains G W W Savile, C R Dyer, R de H Burton, H M Eustace, C E Pemberton; Lieutenants R A Haviland, H E Foster, F A Gailbraith, C S D Fisher; Lieutenant & Adjutant H F MacEwan; and Second Lieutenants W G H Lawley, Osborne, Bentley, Bicknell, Wilson, and Stewart. Also there were Lieutenants Henry and Storr, RAMC

The Dilwara embarked the following officers of the 2/Royal Lancaster Regiment: Lieutenant Colonel

M E Crofton; Majors E W Yeatherd, F B Matthews, A J J Ross; Captains G A Carlton, C G Barton, W J Mangles, W Sandbach, M W Kirk, G L Palmes; Captain & Adjutant A R S Martin; Lieutenants G R Stephens, Morley, Pipe-Wolferstan, R G Parker, R H C Coö, N L S Lysons, Morrison; 2nd Lieutenants Vaughn, Parker, Nixon, Hausburg, and Grover; and Adjutant & Quartermaster and Lieutenant Jepson. Also aboard were: Major Winter, Captain Kelly, Captain Tyacke, and Lieutenant Knox, RAMC; Lieutenants E B Wilson and Clowes, 19th Hussars; 2nd Lieutenants Chance and Tyrrell, 5th Lancers and R V Wynn, 9th Lancers; 2nd Lieutenant E G Fellows, Suffolk Regiment; Captains Alexander and Bird and Lieutenant Kelly, FA; Major Smyth, AOD, and 2nd Lieutenant Cockerell, 2/Royal Berkshire Regiment

The Norman, since she had mails to carry, did not start until darkness had fallen. She carried some passengers also. They are: Lord & Lady Cavendish-Bentinck, the Hon. R Beresford, The Hon. Alister Hay, the Hon. Nevill Trevor, Captain Arthur Hill, M P, Mr W H Milton, Mr Justice Hopley and Mrs G H Makins. The Norman carried the 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, 1031 men and a small detail of ? 6 Company RAMC to which Dr. F Pope, civil surgeon? 4 General Hospital, is attached. The following were the officers of the 2/Lancashire Fusiliers: Lieutenant Colonel C J Blomfield, DSO; Captains C M Brunker, E C Tidswell, W F Elmslie, O C Wolley-Dod, J N Whyte, H V S Ormond, G H B Freeth, G M Stewart, Captain & Adjutant R B Blunt; Lieutenants J J R Mallock, H R Roffey, A J Allardyce, R S Wilson, E Fraser, D F Campbell,; 2nd. Lieutenants E I M Barrett, G H Hastings, M G Grofton, and Lieutenant & Quartermaster W W Ganly. Major Squire, RAMC, was also on board.

At Liverpool, Langton Dock, yesterday, the Atlantian embarked the 19th Battery RFA, for the Cape. The troops numbered 167, with 134 horses under command of Major Curtis. The Atlantian will call at Queenstown to pick up the 28th Battery, RFA, and an ammunition column consisting of 16 officers, 320 men, 250 horses and 6 guns.

The steamer Ruahine will leave London on Saturday with drafts of seamen and Marines for the Cape. She will arrive at Plymouth on Monday, the 11th Inst., and embark 56 seamen and 75 Marines.

The shipment of the armament of the siege train will begin today simultaneously in the Tantallion Castle, lying at the East India Docks, and in the Severn, moored off Woolwich Arsnel. The armament weighs over 5,000 tons, and includes 14 - 6 in., 8 - 5 in., 8 - 4 in., and 8 - 4.7 in. howitzers, with gun carriages and mountings complete, together with 100,000 rounds of shell. The garrison artillery going out to man the siege train will number over 1,500 officers and men.


London Times, 05 Dec 99 (Tuesday)

p5c From the Naval Commander-in-Chief at the Cape, dated Dec3. The Ismore struck on rocks off Columbine Point, near St Helena Bay, distant about 75 miles north of Table Bay, in calm, thick weather. The troops have been landed also a quantity of baggage, most of the guns, swords, carbines and ammunition. The men are reported to be comfortable, and plenty of food available.

The transport Canning arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The mule freightship Hurona has also arrived at Cape Town yesterday with 1190 mules from New Orleans.

Dateline St Vincent, Dec 4. The transport Simla left here today on her way to SA


London Times, 06 Dec 99 (Wednesday)

p5c The Catalonia arrived at Natal yesterday and the Algeria and Ranee arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Templemore arrived at Durban yesterday.

The Manchester City with 2,000 mules from New Orleans left St Lucia, Dec 3, for Table Bay.

Dateline Cape Town, by Lloyd’s Agency, Dec 1. The Armenian has fouled the Roslin Castle, damaging some rail and davits.


p7a The Denton Grange left Southampton at 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon. Beside Colonel Templer, Director of Steam Transports, Captain Gardiner, 2/Gloucestershire Regiment, 12 men RE, 9 horses and 149 remounts in charge of 25 men of the 19th Hussars, and Civil Veterinary Surgeon, C H Hylton-Jolliffe, she also carried the following: 7,200 tons of Government Stores, 13 traction engines, 2 steam ploughs, 60 ambulance vans, 170 buck wagons, 1,000 tons of hay, 1,000 tons of oats and bran, a large quantity of water pipes for water stations from Cape Town to Pretoria for the use of the traction engines, and a large number of Christmas gifts for the troops at the front, comprising tobacco, plum puddings, etc.

The departure of the Atlantian from Queenstown has been postponed until this morning.

She will carry the horses of the ? 5 ammunition column and the 28th Batty, RFA, and a large amount of stores, 47 ammunition wagons and carts, and 6 guns. Those embarking at Queenstown include 2 officers, 13 men and 13 horses of the Brigade Divisional Staff, RFA; 5 officers, 70 men, and 137 horses of the 28th Battery RFA ; 5 officers, 129 men and 93 horses of ? 5 Ammunition Column.

The P & O steamer Sumatra with Government invalids from the Cape for London, passed Prawle Point at 10 am yesterday, and may be expected to arrive at Royal Albert Docks about mid-day today.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 06 Dec 99

p2 Article on Modder River fight here. (col. 2) Captain Feilding mentioned.


p14 The Scot arrived Wednesday with the 1/Suffolk Regiment

The Formosa also arrived Wednesday with the 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

The Cheshire with the 1/Gordon High. also arrived Wednesday but did not dock until Thursday.

The Bavarian arrived here Tuesday but did not land troops but left yesterday morning for (?) Natal with the Connaught Rangers.

The Orient sailed for home with wounded.

The Sardinian with a Canadian Contingent (1,098 men) also arrived Wednesday. The following were named: Colonel Otter & Major Drummond of the SG (Attached), Trooper Des L’Auriers died on the voyage, Major Buchan, Captain MacDougall, Lieutenants McDonnell, Ogilvie, two war correspondents, Hamilton & Brown.

The Pavonia and Cephalonia arrived from "The coast” (Natal ?) and the Beacon Grange arrived here from Rosario with mules.

The Kent, with troops from NSW arrived Friday.

The Dictaror, from Queenstown, arrived Friday with the 1/R Scots Fusiliers

The Chicago arrived Friday from London, with detachments of 6/DG, "C” 2/DG, and detachments from #4 Gen Hosp.

The Arawa from Southampton also arrived Friday with 2/Shropshire Light Infantry, a detachment of 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry and detachment RAMC

The Catalonia landed Friday 5/Brig. Staff, 1/R Inniskilling Fusiliers, and a detachment RAMC

The Persia with Inniskilling Dragoons, put into Canary Isl. with a broken shaft.

The Ismore went ashore at Columbine Point with 63rd Field Bty., RA, "A” & "B” 10/Hussars, and a detachment of RAMC

The Greek arrived Sunday with 1/Essex.

The Kent arrived from Australia with a detachment of MSW Lancers.

The Colombian arrived with a detachment of 10/Hussars.


Here a list of Boer prisoners who have arrived here from the north on 26th Nov 35 are listed.


London Times, 07 Dec 99. (Thursday)

p5c Dateline Cape Town Dec 1. The hospital ship Spartan, with 100 wounded from Natal, arrived here this morning.


p10a & b. The Sumatra arrived yesterday at Albert Docks having on board 2 wounded officers and 126 invalided soldiers. In addition to the invalida the Sumatra carried 100 women and children belonging to the families of officers and men.

The Atlantian left Queenstown yesterday for Cape Town with details and a large quantity of war material, including 1,000,000 rounds of small-arm ammunition.

The Lismore Castle has been fitted up as a local hospital ship at natal.


London Times, 08 Dec 99 (Friday)

p5e The British Princess arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Norman arrived at Madeira Wednesday and left for Cape Town yesterday. The Cheshire arrived at Durban on Wednesday.

Dateline Zanzibar, Dec 7. The Dunera arrived here yesterday.


p10a The Tantallon Castle, loading at East India Docks, has taken on 8 - 6inch howitzers, 4 4.7 inch quick-firing guns and some 9 lb. and 7 lb. muzzle loaders. She also carries 20 pontoons and wagons, 12 ammunition and forage wagons and 2 general service wagons. The ammunition being placed on board consists of 5,000 boxes of shell, 400 cases of 4.7 inch quick-firing cartridges, 80 cases of 15 lb. gun cartridges, 220 cases of fuses and tubes, and 3 cases of Lyddite exploders. Also for the naval ordnance there were 14. 5 tons of quick-firing ammunition, 11 tons of small-arm ammunition, 12.5 tons of fitted shells, 19 ft. of fuses, etc. She also carries a large amount of stores and other materials. She should sail this morning for Southampton where she will embark 471 officers and men of the RGA A list of officers she will take on board at Southampton includes: Lieutenant Colonel T Perrott, Captain & Adjutant A C Currie, Majors E G Nichols, J R H Allen,; Captains H B Roberts, H S de Brett, DSO, H B Strange, G R Galbraith, G A Travers (RE); Lieutenants C H Vyse, R L Barton, C D Crozier, A H Webb, D Clapman(RE); 2nd-Lieutanants J A C Forsyth, P R Pinnett, G H W Dobbyn, H U Ballingall, C W P Dalyell(RE), G F S Tuke(RE), B E Cummings(RE).

Among the other passengers are Lord and Lady Cavendish-Bentinek, Captain Bagot, M P, and Mrs Bagot, Major H J Crufurd, Mr R Crosbie, Mr W G Sprigg, Captain Godson, and Miss Russell, Miss Cox Davies, Miss Pretty, and Miss Davis(Nursing Sisters).


London Times, 09 Dec 99 (Saturday)

p7d The Narrung arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The British Princess left Cape Town yesterday for East London and Natal. The Avondale Castle left Las Palmas yesterday morning for the Cape.

Dateline St Vincent, Dec 8. The Maplemore and the Canada have arrived here on their way to SA

Dateline Bombay, Dec 8. The Palamcotta left for Durban with 7 officers, 557 men and 45 horses. The troops include 70 men of the 5/DG, 106 of the Devons, 123 of the Gordon Highlanders, 56 of the Gloucestershire Regiment and 77 of the King’s Royal Rifles.

Dateline Cape Town, Dec 6. The Aberdeen arrived here from Sidney this morning with a third detachment of the New South Wales Mounted Rifles and infantry numbering 200 men.

Dateline Buenos Ayres, Dec 8. Seven steamers here are taking on board horses and fodder for Cape Colony.


p9a Disposition of units in South Africa. Location of units.


London Times, 11 Dec 99 (Monday)

p7f The Rapidan, Antillian and Cougella arrived at Cape Town Saturday. The Sicilian, Goth and Guelph arrived at Cape Town yesterday. On Saturday the Montfort sailed from Cape Town for East London and Natal and the Narrung sailed from Cape Town for Natal. The Britanic and the Glengyle sailed from Cape Town for England on Saturday

Dateline St Vincent, Dec 9. The Canada and Maplemore left here today for the Cape.

Dec 10. The Dilwara has arrived here on her way to SA and the Nomadic arrived here on her way home.

Dateline Cape Town, Dec 7. All hope for salvaging the Ismore has been abandoned.


p9b A detachment of Royal Marines will embark in the Rauhine for service in SA Captain Hire and Lieutenant Poë and a detachment of Royal Marine Artillery, Lieutenant Clutterbuck and a detachment of Royal Marine Light Infantry and a party of bluejackets arrived here from Portsmouth last night. The contingent consists of 3 officers and 121 men.

Major F S Maude, CG, is resigning his appointment as Brigade Major of the Home District so that he may rejoin his regiment in SA


London Times, 12 Dec 99 (Tuesday)

p5c The Cornwall with the Queensland contingent arrived at Port Elizabeth yesterday and proceeded to Cape Town. The freight transport Bulawayo arrived at Cape Town last Friday.

Dateline St Vincent, Dec 11. The Dilwara has left for Cape Town and the Nomadic for England.


p10a The Union Steamship Company has offered to convey the chocolate which her Majesty is sending to the troops in SA, free of charge. The first consignment will be taken in the Mexican, leaving Southampton next Saturday.


London Times, 13 Dec 99. (Wednesday)

p7b The Sicilian left Cape Town for East London on Monday and the Narrung arrived at Natal yesterday. The Iona arrived at Cape Town on Monday.

Dateline Las Palmas, Dec 12. The Atlantian arrived here at 8 am today.

From her Majesty’s cruiser Furious, dated Las Palmas, Dec 12. The freight ship Denton Grange grounded abreast Catalina Castle.

A Lloyd’s telegram from Cape Town, dated Dec 11, states that the transport Rapidan, on leaving the docks, grounded in the roadstead and was assisted off by a tug. Damage not yet ascertained.


p12a The War Office issued the following further particulars of the embarkation of a field force for SA :

Ss Victorian, ? 56, Southampton, Dec 13; 14th Hussars HQ and A & C sqdns. *; 20th Battery RFA; Detachment 19th Battery RFA †; Draft 1/Durham Light Infantry; Draft 2/ Royal West Surrey Regiment; Detachment ? 16 Company RAMC (Field Hospital)‡.

Ss Avoca, ? 6, Southampton, Dec 16. ; Drafts for: 1/Royal Scots, Devonshire Regiment, 1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 1/Welsh Regiment, 1/Gordon Highlanders, 2nd Royal Irish Rifles, 1/Connaught Rangers, 1/A &S Highlanders, Detachment ? 5 General Hospital, and details.

Ss Manchester Corporation, ? 70, Southampton, Dec 19. : T & Q Battery RHA, Draft 2/Royal Irish Fusiliers, Detachment ? 5 General Hospital.

Ss Jelunga, ? 10, Southampton, Dec 21: Drafts for: 2/Northumberland Fusiliers, 2/West Yorkshire Regiment, 2/Scottish Rifles, 1/Essex Regiment, 2/Shropshire Light Infantry, 1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Detachment ? 5 General Hospital, and Details.

Ss Cestrian, ? 71, Southampton, Dec 21: Detachment 14th Hussars( B Squadron)||, Brigade Divisional Staff, RHA, U Battery RHA, Detachment T Battery RHA, Ammunition Column, Drafts: 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers, 1/Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Detachment ? 5 General Hospital.

* B Squadron in SS Cestrian

† H Q in SS Atlantian

‡ H Q in SS Canada

§ Detachment in SS Cestrian (item not found)

|| H Q in SS Victorian

H Q in SS Manchester Corporation

The Admiralty have specially requisitioned the steamer Gascom, 6288 tons, for conveyance of 1,600 officers and men of the 6th Division to SA The Gascom will leave Southampton on Saturday next.

The Gaika, 6,288 tons, will leave Southampton on Friday 22nd inst. She will convey 1,600 officers and men of the 6th Division to SA


p12d etc Listing of Field Forces in South Africa and a Diary of the war here.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 13 Dec 99

p8 Dateline Magalapye, Nov 28. Colonel Holdsworth and 75 mounted men raided Boer Laager on the 24th at Sequani. Dateline Nov 27. The Boers have evacuated Bryce’s Store.


London Times, 14 Dec 99 (Thursday)

p5c The British Princess, the Montfort and the Langton Grange (with horses from Australia) arrived at Natal yesterday.

The Tantallon Castle arrived at Madeira at 8 am yesterday and departed in a few hours.

Dateline Las Palmas, Dec 12, from Colonel Templar on board the Denton Grange: Ship in no immediate danger; shall land horses to-night if necessary.

Dateline St Vincent, Dec 13. The Pinemore on the way to SA, has arrived here. The America and the Orient have arrived here on way back from the Cape.


p10 b, c & d The Majestic sailed from Liverpool yesterday with the following on board: 3 offficers and 210 men of a draft for the 1/Somersetshire Light Infantry; a 180 man draft of 1/Border Regiment; 470 men for the King’s Royal Rifles,; and 230 from the Rifle Brigade. The 1/York and Lancaster Regiment was also embarked. Total embarked was 60 officers and 2,008 men, and 1 passenger, the Spanish Military Attaché.

At Southampton, the Victorian embarked A & C Squadrons of the 14th Hussars, 414 officers and men and 336 horses, a draft of 150 men for the Durham Light Infantry, 175 officers and men, and 137 horses of the 20th Field Battery, and 50 men of the West Surrey Regiment She departed in the late afternoon.

At Plymouth, the Ruahine, embarked 75 Royal Marines for SA The men embarked in the tender Traveler for conveyance to the Rauhine awaiting in the Sound.

A detachment of 7 officers and 214 men of the 2/Wiltshire Regiment will embark in the Gascom on Saturday at Southampton. The 2/ Bedfordshire Regiment will embark in the Sumatra at Royal Albert Docks. The 2/Worcestershire Regiment and 7 officers and 214 men with horses and vehicles will embark in the Tintagel Castle at Southampton on the 17th Inst.

The Jelunga, with wounded from SA, was expected at Southampton yesterday but has not yet arrived.

Major F S Maude, CG, is to embark on Saturday for SA


London Times, 15 Dec 99 (Friday)

p7c The Dunera arrived at Natal yesterday and the Norham Castle arrived at Cape Town on Wednesday.

The Manchester Port left Table Bay Dec 12, for London and the Cheshire left Durban Dec 12, for Cape Town.

Dateline St Vincent, Dec 14. The America sailed today for England, on the way back from the Cape.

The Pinemore left for the Cape.


p9 c & d The Jelunga, from Cape Town, arrived at Southampton yesterday bringing a wounded officer, Captain Rice, 1/Royal Irish Fusiliers and 20 wounded men. She also brought 114 women and 237 children, the wives and families of men stationed in SA 6 children died on the voyage home.

The War office issued yesterday the following further particulars of embarkation for SA:

Ss Gascon, (Freight ship), Southampton, Dec 15; 12th Brigade Staff, 1/Royal Irish Regiment/ 2/Wiltshire Regiment*, Detachment ? 4 Company RAMC (Field Hospital)†.

Ss Sumatra, (Freight ship), Royal Albert Dock, Dec 16; 2/Bedfordshire Regiment, ? 7 Company ASC, Det ? 3 Company RAMC(Bearer Co) †.

Ss Tintagel Castle, (Freight ship) Southampton, Dec 17; 2/Worcestershire Regiment, Detachment 2/Wiltshire Regiment ‡, ? 10 Company ASC, ? 23 Company ASC, ? 3 Company RAMC (Bearer Co) §, ? 4 Company RAMC (Field Hospital) ||, RE Regimental Staff, 6th Division, 38th Field Company RE,.

Ss Gaika, (Freight ship) Southampton, Dec 22; 13th Brig. Staff; 2/East Kent Regt, 1/Oxfordshire Light Infantry, Detachment ? 7 Company RAMC(Bearer Co)

* Detachment in SS Tintagel Castle.

† H Q in SS Tintagel Castle.

‡ H Q in SS Gascon

§ Detachment in SS Sumatra

Detachment to go later.


The Gascon will take out to SA 42 officers, 5 warrant officers, 1,500 men and 6 horses composed as follows: 12 Brigade Staff, 3 officers, 3 warrant officers, 18 men and 3 horses; 1/Irish Regiment, 20 officers, 1 warrant officer, 874 men and 3 horses; 2/Wiltshire Regt, 18 officers, 1 warrant officer and 605 men; RAMC, 1 officer and 3 men.

The Tintagel Castle will take about 50 officers and 1,500 men.


Dr. Edghill, Chaplain-General, mentions that there are 14 chaplains in the field at present. They are: Reverends E H Goodwin, T F Falkner, Norman Lee, AAGedge, A Armitage, W C Haines, W F Sorsbie, C F Baines, E G F Macpherson, J Benoy, A V C Hordern, J G W Tuckey, S Smith, and F A Hill.


Re. Rations: The Sumatra, carrying about 1,200 men and listed under "Troop Stores” is carrying the following: 6,000 lb. preserved meat, 14 tierces of salt beef, 21 barrels of pork, 2,500 lb. preserved potatoes, 400 lb. compressed mixed vegetables, 100 lb. mustard, 672 lb. salt, 60 lb. pepper, 150 gal. vinegar, 100 lb. pickles, 1,250 lb. rice, 1,300 lb. split peas, 300 lb. suet, 900 lb. raisins, 140 barrels of flour, 6,000 lb Demerara sugar, 113 lb. chocolate, 1,300 lb. coffee, 4,500 lb. oatmeal, 1,300 lb. syrup, and 10,800 lb. biscuits.

The canteen stores are provided with the following: 200, 1 lb. tins of corned beef, 1,500 lb. lunch biscuits, 896 lb. of sweetened biscuits, 1,008 lb. of ginger nuts, 700 tins of bloater-paste, 300 1 lb. tins of brawn, 1,000 ½lb. tins of butter, 1,500 lb. of American cheese, 60 1 lb. tins of haddocks, 400 1 lb. tins of fresh herrings, 200 1 lb. tins of kippered herrings, 150 1 lb. tins of lobsters, 60 1 lb. tins of mackerel, 2,000 1 lb. tins of assorted jams, 800 1 lb. tins of marmalade, 250 half-pint bottles and 1,000 quarter-pint bottles of pickles, 1,000 1 lb. tins of salmon, 60 quarter-lb. tins of sardines, 1,000 penny bottles of sauces, 120 1 lb. tins of sausages, 600 tins of potted meats, 30 half-sacks of flour, 36 lb. candied peel, 200 lb. currants, 200 lb. Valencia raisins, 784 lb. moist sugar, 30 lb. lard, 120 1 lb. tins sherbet, 96 bottles of Eno’s fruit salt, 800 seidlitz-powders, 350 clay pipes, 1,500 tins Anglo-Swiss milk, blacking, boot & shoe laces, lead pencils, 180 tablets soap, 150 lb. tobacco, 350 bottles vinegar, 10 lb. cream of tartar, 10 lb. carbonate of soda, and 14 lb. sweets.

The "Medical Comforts” for use of the sick include the following: 99 lb. preserved meat, 153 pints of prepared soup, 305, quarter-pint tins of essence of beef, 27 lb. arrowroot, 214 lb rice, 481 tins of preserved milk, 293 bottles of lime juice, 1,056 lb. Demerara sugar, 550 lb. refined sugar, 66 pints of vinegar, 144 lb. of preserved potatoes, and 99 lb. compressed mixed vegetables.


London Times, 16 Dec 99 (Saturday)

p7c The Cornwall, from Australia, arrived at Cape Town Dec 12 with the Queensland contingent.


p12c The Gaika, 6288 tons, leaving Southampton on Friday the 22nd will convey the following officers and men to SA: 13th Brigade Staff, 3 officers, 18 men and 3 horses; 2/East Yorkshire Regiment, 22 officers, 1 warrant officer, 854 men, and 3 horses; 1/Oxfordshire Light Infantry, 21 officers, 1 warrant officer, 626 men, and 3 horses; Details, 57 men.

The Lycia has been chartered by the Admiralty to convey stores and ammunition to the Cape.

The Kildona has been chartered by the Government to convey 1,500 mules from New Orleans to the Cape.

Netley Hospital has been alerted to expect 107 invalids who should arrive Christmas Day on the Kildonan Castle.


London Times, 18 Dec 99 (Monday)

p6d & e The Doune Castle with the 1/Yorkshire Regt, arrived at Cape Town on Friday evening.

The transport Nineveh left Sydney Dec 15 for Melbourne, Durban and Cape Town.

Dateline Cape Town, Dec 15. The Cephalonia and the Aurania left here today for Southampton.


p10a & b. The 2/Bedfordshire Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel W O Cavenagh, commanding left Aldershot by special trains on Saturday for Royal Albert Docks to embark in the Sumatra for the Cape. The 1/ Royal Irish Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel H W N Guinness, commanding, and part of the 2/Wiltshire Regiment with the 12th Brigade Staff left later the same day for Southampton to embark in the Gascon. The 2/Worcestershire Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel F S Allen, commanding, and part of the 2/Wiltshire Regiment also left by special train for Southampton to embark in the Tintagel Castle.

The Gascon is taking out the following troops: 12th Brigade Staff, 3 officers, 3 warrant officers, 4 men and 3 horses; PO Corps, 4 men; M Foot Police, 10 men; 1/Royal Irish Regiment, 20 officers, 1 warrant officer, 874 men and 2 horses; 2/Wilts Regiment, 18 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 605 men; RAMC, 4 men. The following were the officers: Staff, Major General R A P Clements, DSO, ADC Captains Oxley & Moody, RAMC, Majors Tuckey & G H Thomas; 1/R Irish Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel H W N Guinness, Captains W Gloster, J B S Aldersen, and G N Grogan, Lieutenants A W Brush, L L Farmer, G A Elliot, 2nd Lieutenants H F A S Boyce, G Holland, E L Norwood, and J L O Marsergh, Captain & Adjutant H J Dowring and Lieutenant & Quartermaster F P Reger; 2/Wiltshire Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel H M Carter, Majors F C Beatson, F R Macmillen, and H A Stock, Captains, W N Bolton, the Hon. L Holmes-a’Court, W E Macham, and E Vincent, Lieutenants W P Rogers, and L O F Mellish, 2nd Lieutenants D G N J Wimberley, H B Fisher, R M T Gillson, E L W Henslow, and C F Thornton, Lieutenant & Adjutant E Evans and Lieutenant & Quartermaster A J Yardley.

The Avoca which sailed yesterday at half-past 4 o’clock is taking out the following:

1/Royal Scots, Lieutenant Gordon and 50 men; Devon Regiment Lieutenant Sutherland and 2nd Lieutenant Elliot and 210 men; 1/R Inniskilling Fusiliers, Lieutenant Evans and 2nd Lieutenant Hutton and 115 men; 2/Duke of Cornwalls Light Infantry, Lieutenant de La Condamine and 2nd Lieutenant Oliver and 125 men; 1/Welsh Regiment, Captain Prothero, Lieutenant Smith and 2nd Lieutenant Yorkington and 260 men; 1/Gordon Highlanders, Lieutenant Wedderburn and 2nd Lieutenant Arbuthnot Leslie and 185 men; 2/R Irish Rifles and 1/Leicestershire regt., Lieutenant Alston and 2nd Lieutenant Beamish and 210 men; 1/Connaught Rangers, Lieutenant Horton and 2nd Lieutenant Wratislaw and 230 men; 1/A & S Highlanders, Lieutenant Macdonald and 2nd Lieutenant Faskelly and 50 men; RAMC, (Detachment ? 5, Gen’l Hospital) 3 men; Civil Surgeons, Mr E A Brown and Mr L Cooper; CG, Major Maude; SG, Captain de K Stewart; R G A, Lieutenant Nichol and 1 man.

The following sailed in the Tintagel Castle today from Southampton: 2/Worcester Regiment, 21 officers, 1 warrant officer, 945 men and 3 horses; Detachment 2/Wiltshire Regiment, 7 officers, 214 men and 3 horses; ? 10 Company ASC, 2 officers, 1 warrant officer and 59 men; ? 23 Company ASC, 3 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 45 men; ? 3 Company RAMC (Bearer Co), 2 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 54 men; 1 warrant officer RAM Corps; ? 4 Company RAMC (6th Field Hospital), 4 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 31 men; RE Division Staff, 6th Dn., 2 officers and 5 men; 38th (Field) Company RE, 5 officers and 150 men.

Royal Albert Docks, December 16. The Sumatra sailded today with the following on board: 2/Bedfordshire Regiment, ?7 Company ASC, and ? 8 Company RAMC, 25 officers and 966 men total.


London Times, 19 Dec 99(Tuesday)

p5a The Gaul arrived at Cape Town on the 16th and the Simla arrived yesterday. The Hyades left Buenos Ayres on Dec 16th for Durban. The Urmston Grange, from Durban arrived at Port Elizabeth on Dec 16th; and the Langton Grange left Durban for East London on Dec 14th.

Dateline Las Palmas Dec 17. The Denton Grange is still discharging her cargo. The Yoruba is engaged to take this cargo, which is chiefly machinery and ammunition. The horses are to be conveyed to the Cape by the Dinian.

Dateline St Vincent, Dec18. The Kildonan Castle has left on her way back to England. The Armenian has arrived here from Table Bay.


p10a The P & O Company’s liner Assaye, 7,376 tons has been chartered by the Government. The Goorkha, 6,288 tons has been taken up by the Admiralty and will leave Southampton for SA with about 60 officers and 1,600 men.


London Times, 20 Dec 99 (Wednesday)

p5a The Simla left Cape Town for Durban Monday. The Victorian arrived at Las Palmas Monday and left the same day for the Cape. The Majestic and Severn arrived at St Vincent Dec 19, and the Armenian left on Dec 18.


p6c Dateline Southampton, Dec 19. The Manchester Corporation docked at Southampton this morning and departed at 4:45 this afternoon after embarking the following:

Q Batty, RHA, 204 officers and men; T Batty, RHA 193 officers and men; 140 men of the Royal Irish Fusiliers; 381 horses; 12 guns; and 22 - 4 wheeled vehicles.

The officers of Q Batty were: Major E J Phipps-Hornby, Lieutenants E B Ashmore and C C Barnes. The officers of T Batty were: Major F B Lecky, Captain R W Breeks, amd Lieutenants R F Ruck-Keene, A Lascelles, and C St M Ingham. The three officers of the Royal Irish Fusiliers were Lieutenants Cracroft, Welsh and one other.


The SS Braemer Castle, 6,266 tons, has been requisitioned by the Government for conveyance of troops to the Cape of some 1,600 officers and men. She will leave Southampton on Thursday, Jan 4.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 20 Dec 99

p4 Captain J Sterling, CG, mentioned here as wounded at Magersfontein


p8 Major Jarvis’s action toward Bryce’s Store, Nov 18. Killed Tprs. Geo. Cooke, and Geo. Henry Perrett. Marcus Barthropp, missing.

Plumer’s recon. toward Pietersburg 1 Dec.  Captain Pilson establishes a post at Pont Drift.


p16 First hand account of action at Bryce’s Store here.


London Times, 21 Dec 99 (Thursday)

p5b Dateline Sydney, Dec 20. The Battery of New South Wales Artillery will leave here by the steamer Warrigal on the 27th inst.

We are informed by the Admiralty that the Norman, with the 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, arrived at Cape Town on Tuesday evening. The troops were transferred to the Roslin Castle, which then left for Durban.

The transport Canada arrived at Cape Town yesterday.

A telegram from Lloyd’s agent at St Vincent, dated Dec 20., states that the transport Britannic has arrived and the Majestic has left.


London Times, 22 Dec 99 (Friday)

p3b Dateline Ottawa, Dec 21. The Allan Liners Parisian, Laurentain, and Pomeranian have been chartered to carry the new Canadian contingent to SA

The date of departure for the Warrigal has been set at 30th inst.


p3d The transport Canada sailed for Durban yesterday; and the Princess of Wales, hospital ship, arrived at St Vincent yesterday morning.

The Britannic left St Vincent for Southampton on Wednesday afternoon.

The Kildonan Castle passed Madeira at 9 o’clock yesterday morning for Southampton with some invalided troops on board. She sails again from England, Jan 3.

Dateline Buenos Ayres, Dec 21. The Prah left yesterday for the Cape with 580 horses and the Pendower leaves tomorrow with 350 horses.


p4e & f. Dateline Southampton, Dec 21. The Cestrian carried of the 14th Hussars 165 men and 161 horses; of the RHA Brigade Divisional Staff, 15 men and 18 horses; of U Battery RHA, 179 men, 196 horses, 6 guns, and 11 4-wheeled vehicles; a small detachment of T Batty, of which the rest are in the Manchester Corporation; of the Ammunition Column, 79 men, 93 horses, 8 2-wheeled and 10 4-wheeled vehicles; 210 men of the 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers; 50 of the 1/Royal Welsh Fusiliers; 25 of the Post Office Corps; and the ordinary RAMC party. The officers on board are: Of the Hussars, Captain R G Brooksbank, Lieutenants W Henry and W J Lockett, and 2nd Lieutenants J B Walker and B M Dawes; of the RHA, Brigade Divisional Staff, Lieutenant Colonel A N Rochfort, and Captain & Adjutant W B Norwood; of RAMC, Major Halloran; Veterinary Major C Rutherford; of U Batty, RHA, Captain H Rouse, and Lieutenants L C L Learmonth, and E G Carbutt; of Q Batty, Captain Humphreys; of the Ammunition Column, MajorE C F Holland, Capt J C Wray, and Lieutenants G H A White, F H G Stanton, and H R Peck; of 1/Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Lieutenant E T LeMarchant; of the 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers, Captain H S Sykes, Lieutenant H S L Alford, and 2nd Lieutenants F J Simpson, H C Fraser and E O N Leggatt ; of the Army Pay Dept. Lieutenant Colonel S Churchill and Captains C V Hale, A E Beadon and A I Lean. She departed at 4:20 P M

At 4:35 P M the Jelunga sailed from Empress Dock with 30 officers and 1,302 men on board. 5 officers and 250 men of the RGA and men of the 2/Cameron Highlanders were bound for Gibraltar. The rest for Cape Town. The 2/Northumberland Fusiliers, Captain C Jatman, 2nd Lieutenants Bromfield and Barcley, and 400 men; the 2/West Yorkshire Regt, Captain Tew, 2nd Lieutenant Fryer and 150 men; 2/Shropshire Light Infantry, Lieutenant English, 2nd Lieutenant Delmé-Murray and 175 men; 1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Captain Venour, Lieutenant A V Hill, 2nd Lieutenant Bradford, and 300 men; and the usual contingent of the RAMC, plus 10 mounted police. Other officers on board are: Captain Codrington, 1/Dorset Regiment; civilian surgeons Mr A Robertson and Mr R B Stamford; Captain Vawdrey, ASC; Lieutenant & Q’trmstr Cauvin; 6th Infantry Division Staff, Majors Wilkinson,& B M Skinner, Lt Bennett Stuart, the Reverends F B N Norman-Lee and S E Smith; Special Service officers, Bvt. Lieutenant Colonel W H Sitwell, Major F I Maxse (not so, sailed with his wife 30 Dec), DSO, Bvt. Major C F S Vandeleur, DSO, and Captains H C Smith and G E E G Cameron.

The Gaika, leaving Southampton today, is taking out the second shipment of the Queen’s chocolate gifts to the troops. There are 800 from Rowntree, 300 from Fry & Sons, and 411 form Cadbury. She also takes out the following: 13th Brigade Staff, 3 officers and 4 men; Post Office Corps, 14 men; 2/East Kent Regiment, 22 officers, 1 warrant officer and 881 men; 1/Oxford Light Infantry, 21 officers, 1 warrant officer and 626 men; ? 7 Company RAMC, 3 officers 1 warrant officer and 57 men; RGA, 2 officers.

The Moor, which leaves Southampton on Saturday, Dec 30, takes out the following Nursing Sisters to Cape Town: Miss M Thomas, ( Superintendent), A Noble, K Moxon, A Teesdale, G Morgan, M Herring, E Kitching, J Willetts, M Bindloss, and 2 female servants.

The steamer Umbria has also been chartered for transport service.

The transport Orient arrived at Southampton yesterday with 136 invalids. The following are ships returning with invalids: Kildonan Castle arr. Southampton Dec 24 with 94 invalids, 24 women and 43 children; the Garth Castle with 37 invalids, Dec 29; the Aurania, Jan 5 or 6, with 139 invalids.


London Times, 23 Dec 99 (Saturday)

p5 c & d The Simla arrived at Natal yesterday. The Siberian left St Vincent for Las Palmas yesterday. The Gascon arrived at Tenerife yesterday morning and left in the afternoon. The Glengyle arrived at St Vincent, Dec 22 on her way from Table Bay to England.


p7a & b Dateline Southampton, Dec 22. The Gaika sailde today with the 2/East Kent Regiment (881 men) and the 1/Oxford Light Infantry, 4 men of the 13th Brigade Staff, 4 of the Post Office Corps, 10 Military Foot Police, 57 men of ? 7 Company RAMC, 3 warrant officers, 1 Company of RAMC and 9 horses.

The officers were as follows: 1/Oxfordshire Light Infantry; Lieutenant Colonel Hon. A E Dalzell, Majors R W Porter, G F Mockler, and C R Day; Captains F G L Lamotte, E A E Lethbridge, RE Watt, F J Henley and K R Hamilton; Lieutenants S F Hammick, F H Stapleton, J A Ballard, Hon. G W F S Foljambe, C F Henley, and A G Bayley; 2nd Lieutenants H L Wood, J F C Fuller, V A Ball-Action, and Sullivan; Captain & Adjutant C H Cobb, Lieutenant & Q M W Ross. 2/East Kent. Regiment Colonel R A Hickson; Major J B Backhouse; Captains A R Eustace, R G Marriott, F W B Dynem, W H Trevor, and F Godfrey-Faussett; Lieutenants E H Finch-Hatton, C D K Greenway, C A Worthington, G Mc. B Ronald, H H C Baird, and F S Firth; 2nd Lieutenants Greatwood and Houblom,; Captain & Adjutant A G Geddes; Lieutenant & Q M G Boom. RGA, Captains Thomas and Prendergast. RAMC, Majors Pike, Geddes, and Fayle; Captain Chambers; Lieutenant Rattray. 13th Infantry Brigade Staff, Major-Gen Knox, Captain R Thompson, and Captain O H E Marescaux.

The SS Ottoman left the Mersey for the Cape yesterday evening with about 100 men of the RHA and Dragoons, with Prince Francis of Teck, 1/Royal Dragoons commanding. Some 450 horses were dispatched by the Remounts Department.

By order of the Government, the Royal Mail steamer Dunottar Castle, which leaves Southampton today with Lord Roberts and staff, to call at Gibraltar, on her way to the Cape, to take on board Lord Kitchener and his staff.

The steamer Nile has been taken by the Government for conveyance of troops to SA


London Times, 25 Dec 99 (Monday)

p3c Dateline Wellington, Dec 23. The New Zealand contingent sails for the Cape in the Waiwera on January 15.

The Canada arrived at Natal Saturday; and the Algeria left Cape Town for Durban with the 63rd Battery Field Artillery.

The hospital ship Princess of Wales left St Vincent for the Cape on Saturday. The Avoca arrived yesterday morning at St Vincent.

The Europe and the Sumatra arrived at Las Palmas Saturday.

Dateline Cape Town, Dec 22. The Dunera arrived here today.

Dateline Las Palmas, Dec 24. The Tintagel Castle left here today.


p8b The Dunotter Castle sailed from Southampton at 6:15 pm Saturday with Lord Roberts for SA The following officers also sailed in the Dunotter Castle: Field-Marshal Lord Roberts, V C, Major General G T Pretyman, Colonel Viscount Downe, C I E, Major H V Cowan, Captain A C M Waterfield, Major J F R Henderson, Major C V Hume, Bvt. Major G F Gorringe, DSO, Colonel Lord Erroll, Commander the Hon. S J Fortescue, R N ( naval adviser to Lord Roberts), Captain Lord Herbert Scott and Captain Lord Settrington.

Sixth Division Staff, Major General Kelly-Kenny, Captain W H Booth, Major H Hamilton, DSO, Colonel A E W Goldsmid, Major C C Munro, Major J H Caunter, and Lieutenant Colonel Gubbins, RAMC

Among the other passengers were: Major Maxse, (not so, sailed 30 Dec) C G, Sir Ellis Ashmead-Bartlett, M P, and the following Nursing Sisters: Mrs Kelso-Hamilton, Miss F Bell, Miss A Davidson, Miss E McCarthy, Miss L Tippetts, Miss N Strangman, Miss M Greenham, Miss C Evans, Miss C S McGowan and Miss E Becker.


p8d The cruiser Isis, from Alexandria, arrived at Malta yesterday, bringing Lord Kitchener, Major Watson and Lieutenant Cowan. They left in the cruiser Dido for Gibraltar to meet the Dunotter Castle.


London Times, 26 Dec 99 (Tuesday)

p3a & b The 63rd Batty Field Artillery has embarked at Cape Town for Natal, Dec 23 in the Algeria. The Maplemore arrived at Cape Town Sunday. The Avoca left St Vincent Dec 25.

Dateline Ottawa, Dec 25. The Government have chartered the Montezuma for the transport of part of the 2nd Canadian contingent.


p9b The Kildonan Castle arrived at Southampton from Cape Town yesterday morning. It brought Captain Melvill, 1/Manchester Regiment, 4 nurses for duty on board, 24 soldiers’ wives, 43 children, 94 invalids and wounded, 19 prisoners, 22 men on duty service and a few details.

Private gift of Maxim guns. Lieutenant Colonel Thorneycroft, Scots Fusiliers, special service officer in South Africa has received from members of his family, at a cost of £ 1,300, two Maxim guns, 20,000 rounds of ammunition, and a number of field glasses.


London Times, 27 Dec 99 (Wednesday)

p3d The Dilwara arrived at Cape Town on Monday. The Avondale Castle, the Tantallon Castle, and the Manchester City arrived at Cape Town yesterday.

Dateline Gibraltar Dec 26. The transport Jelunga has arrived here and disembarked the ? 10 Company RGA and embarked the 36th Company RGA for the cape. The Manchester Corporation has put in here to have her propeller repaired.

Dateline Buenos Ayres, Dec 26. The Pendower has saild for the Cape with 348 horses, 24,081 bags of bran, and 9,840 bales of hay. The Royston Grange has also sailed with 700 horses and a quantity of fodder.


p5a Lord Kitchener arrived at Gibraltar yesterday afternoon on board the cruiser Dido.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 27 Dec 99

p1 Here a list of names of Boer casualties at Belmont.


p2 The Guelph arrived Durban with 6 foreign attaches (Not Named)

Dateline Durban Dec 20. HMS Forte brought in as a prize the Norwegian barque Regina form Java with 40,000 railway sleepers as cargo.


p3 Casualties at defence of Bryce’s Store on 2 Nov were: Wounded, Trooper Carr and Trooper Jones, BSA Police, not dangerously, Trooper Harkney, R R not dangerously. Missing, Troopers Gubbins and Cooper, BSA Police. Lieutenant Hazerick, Reverend Leary, Troopers Waller, Hyde, Vaneyson, and Pierce, R R Reverend Leary and Trooper Hyde are known to be wounded.


p4 Dateline Tuli, Dec 16. Lieutenant Trevor reports that there are no Boers at Brak River,

Dateline Mochudi, Dec 13. Repairs to the rail line is ongoing between Gaberones and Crocodile Pools, under Engineer Wallace. Boers are in considerable force at Crocodile Pools and have 2 cannons and 2 machine guns.



London Times, 28 Dec 99 (Thursday)

p3a Dateline Gibraltar Dec 27. The Dunottar Castle, with Lord Roberts on board arrived here last evening. Lord Kitchener having embarked, the steamer left here at 1 o’clock A M for the Cape.


p4a The Dilwara, with 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, the Mongolian, with the 2/Middlesex Regiment, ex Avondale Castle, and the Manchester City with mules, have left Cape Town for Durban on Tuesday.

The Cestrian arrived at Las Palmas yesterday. Lloyd’s Agents at Durban telegraphs, under date of Dec 21, that the transport Palamcotta, from Bombey has arrived with reinforcements for the Indian contingent, detachments of the 6th DG, Devonshire Regiment, Gordon Highlanders, Gloucestershire Regiment, and King’s Royal Rifles.

Dateline Gibraltar, Dec 27. The Menes has arrived from Malta with ? 16 Company RGA They were transshipped on board the Jelunga, which yesterday embarked ? 36 Company RGA from here. The Jelunga, with both companies, leaves to-night for the Cape.


p5a The Woolloomooloo has been taken up by the Admiralty to convey stores to SA The Montezuma has been chartered to convey part of the Canadian contingent, probably 800 men and 600 horses to SA from Halifax.


London Times, 29 Dec 99 (Friday)

p3e The Algeria arrived at Natal yesterday. The Roslin Castle, from Cape Town, with 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, ex Norman, arrived at Natal Dec 23. The Gaika arrived at Tenerife at 8 am yesterday and left at 2 pm for Table Bay.

The Lloyd’s agent at Las Palmas telegraphed yesterday as follows: "British transport Siberian (previously reported arrived from Cape Town to embark horses ex steamer Denton Grange) furnace crowns distilling boiler collapsed. Is repairing.”

Dateline Madeira, Dec 28. The Dunottar Castle, conveying Lord Roberts and Lord Kitchener to SA, arrived here at 3 pm today and leaves at 10 pm for Cape Town.

Dateline Gibraltar, Dec28. The Jelunga left here this morning for SA

Dateline Madrid, Dec 28. The Garth Castle and another British transport have arrived at Las Palmas from the Cape with 184 wounded soldiers on board.


p5b& c The liner City of Rome has been chartered by the Government for transport service. She is expected to embark 110 officers and 1,950 men about Jan 10.

The Union Steamship Company’s Royal Mail twin-screw steamer Briton, leaving Southampton on Saturday, Jan 13, will convey 250 officers and men of the regiment(CIV) to SA, free of charge.

The Honourable Artillery Company. Mention here of the Earl of Denbigh.


London Times, 30 Dec 99 (Saturday)

p5d Dateline Bombay, Dec 29. The British India Steamship Company has offered its fast steamer Dwarka to convey General Hector MacDonald, Major-Gens. Tucker, and Nicholson, Colonel Chamberlain and 14 other officers as guests, free of charge. They will sail Jan 4.

The Pinemore and the Atlantian arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Atlantian proceeded to Durban.

The Roslin Castle left Natal for Cape Town on Thursday. The Woolwich has arrived at Cape Town and the Mohawk at Durban on Dec 25. The Ottoman arrived at Las Palmas on Dec 28 and the Clan Cumming arrived at Cape Town, Dec 24.

Dateline Sydney, Dec 28. The Moravian has been engaged to convey 18 officers, 136 men and 72 horses to SA Departure about Jan 15.


p6a & b The Orient sailed this afternoon (Dec 29) from Southampton, on her second trip as a troopship, for SA She sailed with 1,275 officers and men as follows: 21 officers and 776 men of the West Riding Regiment; 2 officers and 170 men of the 1/Essex Regiment; a draft of 110 men from the Dublin Fusiliers; 90 gunners; 50 men of the St John Ambulance Brigade, ? 6 Company RAMC; and a number of details.


p7c LG Dec 29. CG Lieutenant F D Farquhar is seconded for service in SA

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