London Times, 01 Jan 00 (Monday)

p5e Dateline Calcutta, Dec 31. The steamer Uganda embarks 250 horses here on Jan 5 for Durban. Majors Dawson, 9th Bengal Lancers, Biddulph, 19th Bengal Lancers, and Armstrong, 14th Bengal Lancers; and Lieutenants Wigram, 18th Bengal Lancers, Cheyene, 8th Bengal Cavalry. 16 officers go altogether. Colonel Sinclair, RE and Captain Seagrim, R A, go to the Cape as special service officers.

The Majestic, which arrived at Cape Town on Saturday, left for Durban the same afternoon with the 1/York and Lancaster Regiment and drafts. The Wakool also left Cape Town for Durban with RAMC, horses and mules. The Dilwara arrived at Natal on Saturday. The Ingeli arrived at Cape Town with stores on Dec 28.


p10c The following embarked in the liner Moor from Southampton for the Cape: Lord Stanley, M P, Sir William Stokes, surgeon, a number of nurses, Mr Adalbert Hay, U S Consul at Pretoria, Lady O’hagan, the Hon. Mrs Maxse, Colonels W F Kelly, CB, F W Benson, H Cooper, O C Hannay, and J A F Nutt, RA; Lieutenant Colonel E Hegan, Brevet-Col Barker, and Majors Maxse ( this is the correct sailing on 30 Dec) and J T Johnson.

At the Royal Albert Docks, the Nomadic took on board 530 remounts and about 70 men of the Scots Greys, Captain Pennell-Elmhurst commanding.


p10e The Earl Of Denbigh mentioned here. At p10f Major F I Maxse ordered out on special service.


London Times, 02 Jan 00 (Tuesday)

p3c The Fremona arrived at Table Bay from Naples on Dec31 with mules. The Urmston Grange arrived at Cape Town on Dec 24 from Algoa Bay. The Manchester City arrived at Port Natal from Cape Town on Sunday.

The Roslin Castle arrived at Cape Town with 170 wounded from Durban.

Dateline Gibraltar, Jan 1. The transport Manchester Corporation is still detained here for repairs. Some of the horses on board have developed influenza.


p4a The Cymric, at Canada Dock, Liverpool embarked the following for SA: 16 officers and 510 men of the 76th, 81st, and 82nd Batteries of the RFA, under command of Lieutenant-Col McDonnell; 400 horses, 21 officers and 930 men of the 2/Gloucestershire Regiment, under command of Lieutenant Colonel Lindsell; 3 officers and 145 men of the 2/Scottish Rifles, under Lieutenant Macallan; and 251 men of the West Riding Regiment under Lieutenant Slordetachment She sailed Monday night.

The following will embark in the America at the Royal Albert Docks, Woolwich, tomorrow, for SA : Ammunition Column, 6th Division, 5 officers, 1 warrant officer, 128 men and 93 horses; Mounted Infantry 6th Division, 1/Royal Irish Regiment, 4 officers, 136 men and 183 horses; detachments of the 3rd Division Field Hospital and other details making a total of 11 officers, 1 warrant officer, 267 men and 276 horses.

The Kildonan Castle will leave Southampton tomorrow with 2648 officers and men, reinforcements for the artillery, and 18 inf. battalions, a general hospital, and details of departmental corps.


London Times, 03 Jan 00 (Wednesday)

p3d The Mongolian, with the 2/Middlesex Regiment, ex Avondale Castle, and the Atlantian arrived at Natal on Monday. The Victorian arrived at Cape Town on Monday evening; the Majestic and the Maplemore arrived at Natal from Cape Town yesterday.

Dateline Las Palmas, Jan 1. The Yoruba has taken all of the cargo from the Denton Grange and was to sail Tuesday.

The Warrigal from Sydney has arrived at Melbourne.

Dateline Gibraltar, Jan 2. The Manchester Corporation, having repaired her propeller and reshipped 380 horses, sailed for the Cape this afternoon.


p4d The Goorkha, 6287 tons, will leave Southampton tomorrow for SA She will embark the following: 14th Brigade Staff, 3 officers, 21 men and 3 horses; 2/ Line. (?) Regiment 29 officers, 1 warrant officer, 975 men and 5 horses; Regiment Staff, RE, 2 officers and 5 men; ? 9 Field Company RE, 7 officers and 201 men; 2/Cavalry Brigade, 5 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 34 men.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 03 Jan 00

p4 The Pinemore arrived Friday with part of Household Cavalry. The Atlantian also arrived Friday with 2 Batteries RFA The Maplemore sailed from here yesterday for Durban with "A, F, & G” of South African L H


p5 The Majestic arrived Friday evening and disembarked a few details and sailed for Natal with 1/York & Lancaster, drafts for the Rifle Brig. and Border Regiment and RAMC Troops on board, about 2,000.


London Times, 04 Jan 00 (Thursday)

p3f The Victorian left Cape Town yesterday for Durban. The Dunera left Cape Town yesterday for St Vincent and England yesterday. She is due at Southampton on Jan 27, and has on board 187 military invalids, also 1 officer and 11 men naval invalids. The Wakool arrived at Port Natal Jan 2 from Table Bay. The Jelunga has left St Vincent for Table Bay.


p4c The Kildonan Castle sailed yesterday from Southampton with 81 officers and 2,596 men for SA

The Goorkha sailing from Southampton will have on board the following officers: Major General Sir H C Chermside, RE, Maj, W M Marter, 1/DG, Lieutenant Colonel Maxwell, RE, Major Jerome, RE, Captain Young, RE, Lieutenants Hardcastle, Davis and Buckle, 2 Lieutenants Evans and Smith, RAMC, Field Hospital, RAMC, Major Franklin, Major Cummings, Lieutenant Stafford, and civil surgeon Collum.


London Times, 05 Jan 00. (Friday)

p5e Dateline Bombay, Jan 4. The Dwarka left here for Cape Town with the following: General Tucker, General H MacDonald, General Nicholson and othere general officers, as well as a number of reserve horses.

The Severin arrived at Cape Town, Jan 2, with Government stores. The Roslin Castle arrived at Cape Town from Natal Thursday morning. The Moor arrived at Madeira Jan 4. and left at noon. The Mexican arrived at Cape Town on Wednesday.


p10a The Assaye, (7,370 tons), the Goorkha and the Braemar Castle sailed Jan 4 from Southampton for SA

The Goorkha carries the 2/Linconshire Regiment, 7 officers, and 201 men of the RE, and a Cavalry Brigade Hospital. Total was 46 officers and 1,236 men

The Braemar Castle sailed with 29 officers and about 1,000 men of the KOSB, 3 companies of ASC, and details of RE and RAMC for a total of 39 officers and 1,343 men.

The Assaye sailed with 2,025 officers and men.


London Times, 06 Jan 00 (Saturday)

p5f The Harlech Castle arrived at East London on Wednesday and left on Thursday for Natal. The Dunera left Cape Town for England Jan 1, and has on board Lieutenant Grant, CG, in charge, 4 civilian nurses, 1 man Cape Medical Staff Corps for duty on voyage, Major Duff, 2/Black Watch, Captain Fetherstonhaugh and Lieutenant Chamley, 2/Seaforth Highlanders, Lieutenant Gillatt, 1/A & S Highlanders, and 2nd Lieutenant Hill, 2/Royal Fusiliers, sick and wounded; Master Gunner Rouse, Garrison Artillery, on medical certificate, 187 men various corps invalids, 2 men, 2 women and 2 children indulgence passengers.


p10a The Lycia left Victoria Docks, London, yesterday with ammunition for SA Besides 100 military wagons and a large quantity of small-arm ammunition, she is taking 8,000 rounds of lyddite shell for the howitzer batteries, 15-pounder field guns, and 4.7 inch quick-firers.


London Times, 08 Jan 00 (Monday)

p3f & 4a Dateline Sydney, Jan 6. The NSW Government has made the following arrangements for shipment of troops to SA: the Southern Cross will take 17 officers, 442 men, and 592 horses; the Surrey will take 14 officers, 321 men and 367 horses. This is a combination of the troops from South Australia, WA, NSW and the Australian Horse. The Moravian will take the Tasmanians and the NSW Medical Corps, in all 19 officers 162 men and 10 nurses.

Dateline Brisbane, Jan 6. The Maori King will take the Queensland contingent to SA Dateline Bombay, Jan 6. The 16th Lancers left this afternoon for SA in the transports Landula, Fazilka and Narrung.

The Victorian arrived at Natal Saturday. The Gascon arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Nomadic arrived at Las Palmas Saturday. The Orient arrived at St Vincent on Saturday, left yesterday for the Cape.

Dateline Madeira, Jan 7, The Kildonan Castle arrived here at 7 am today and left at 3 pm for Cape Town.

Dateline Madrid, Jan 6. The Maine arrived at Las Palmas on her way to the Cape.


p8a, b, & c The Britanic sailed from Southampton Jan 7 with the following: 2/Cheshire Regiment ( 27 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 962 men); 2 officers of the RE: 3 officers and 12 men of the Army Pay Dept. ; 3 officers and 57 men of the ? 19 Bearer Company RAMC, and 4 officers and 31 men Hospital Staff, 5th Division

The America (5,158 tons) sailed from Royal Albert Docks on Friday. She had on board 10 officers, 1 warrant officer, 286 men and 279 horses along with the ammunition column for the division.

The British Prince, transport #75, (7,327 tons, 470 feet l., 56 ft. 6 in. w., 35 ft. d. ) sailed Saturday from the Royal Albert Docks. She had on board mounted infantry companies of the 2/Gloucestershires, 2/Worcesters, and the 2/ Royal West Kent Regiment, in all 13 officers, 403 men, and 347 horses.

Among the passengers landed by the Dunvegan Castle at Southampton on Saturday was Major General Yule who was invalided home.


London Times, 09 Jan 00 (Tuesday)

p5c The Avoca arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Simla left Durban for Cape Town on Thursday and the Harlech Castle arrived at Durban on Friday evening from Cape Town. The Kelvindale arrived at Las Palmas at 1 pm Sunday.

Dateline Bombay, Jan 8. The transports Muttra and Urlani, with a battery of Horse Artillery and reserve horses, have left for SA


p10b Major C S O Monck, 2/CG, had graduated from Staff College.


London Times, 10 Jan 00 (Wednesday)

p5d The hospital ship Princess of Wales and the Tintagel Castle arrived at Cape Town on Monday.

The Siberian, with troops and horses ex Denton Grange, has left Las Palmas for Cape Town.

The Cymric passed St Vincent yesterday. The Goorkha arrived at Tenerife yesterday afternoon and left for SA in the evening.

The Assaye arrived at Las Palmas 9:30 am Jan 9.

Dateline Bombay, Jan9. The Pekin left here this afternoon with Horse Artillery and 284 horses for SA


p10c At Tilbury Docks, the Manchester Port is embarking a brigade division of field artillery consisting of 83rd, 84th and 85th Batteries, with divisional brigade staff, the whole consisting of 545 officers and men, 427 horses and 18 guns.

The Glengyle, at South-West India Dock, is embarking the ammunition column for the batteries embarked in the Manchester Port. The Glengyle is taking on 132 officers and men, 93 horses, and 25 wagons.

At Southampton, the Bavarian is to embark 2,206 men - the 1/East Lancashire Regiment, 1,060 men, and the 2/South Wales Borderers, 1,111 men and a field hospital.

To-morrow the Aurania, at Southampton, is to embark the 2/North Staffordshire Regiment, 1,050 men.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 10 Jan 00 Nothing Noted


London Times, 11 Jan 00 (Thursday)

p3a The following announcement was issued by the War Office at 9 o’clock last night:

A telegram has been received reporting the arrival today at Cape Town of Field-Marshal Lord Roberts and his staff on board the Dunottar Castle.

Dateline Melbourne, Jan 10. The Euryalus will depart here next Saturday with 262 Victorians and 300 horses for SA

The Cestrian arrived at Cape Town yesterday and the Sumatra on Tuesday. The Braemar Castle arrived at Las Palmas yesterday.

The transport Simla arrived at Cape Town from Durban, Jan 7. The transport Lawada left Bombay Jan 10 for Durban with 204 horses.


London Times, 12 Jan 00 (Friday)

p5b & c Dateline Ottawa, Jan 11. The rejection of the Montezuma as a troopship will cause delay in the embarkation of troops. Another transport will have to be secured.

Lord Strathcona offers to raise and maintain in the field 400 men. Cost will be upwards of $1,000,000.

The Braemar Castle left Las Palmas Wednesday afternoon. The Cheshire left Table Bay for Southampton yesterday.

The Warrigal left Adelaide on Wednesday for London (?) She has on board part of the Australian contingent for the Cape.

The Ujina left Bombay for Durban Jan 11. She carries J Battery RHA and spare horses.


p10a & b Dateline Southampton, Jan 11. Shipping is being delayed because of coaling problems. At Southampton coaling is done by basket from lighters and railway trucks into scuttles in the side of the ship. The difficulty is due to a labour shortage.

The Unbria (#77) and the Nile (#82) are ready to depart.

The Nile, 5,945 tons and will accommodate about 1,400 men, while the Umbria, 8,127 tons, will accommodate about 2,200 men.

Victualing is accompolished at a cost of a shilling a head, including medical comforts. A menu follows and includes milk with tea or coffee.

Sunday: Breakfast: Porridge, milk, bread, butter, and coffee.

Dinner: Roast beef, potatoes, vegetables, plum pudding.

Tea: Tea, biscuits, and jam.


Monday: Breakfast: Irish stew, bread, and coffee.

Dinner: Soup, hotpot, potatoes etc, and rice pudding.

Tea: Tea, biscuits and butter.


Tuesday: Breakfast: Porridge, molasses, bread, butter and coffee.

Dinner: Pea soup, pork & beans, potatoes etc, prunes, and rice.

Tea: Tea, biscuits and cheese.


Wednesday: Breakfast: Vegetable stew, bread and coffee.

Dinner: Roast mutton or pork, potatoes etc, apples and rice.

Tea: Tea, biscuits and butter.


Thursday: Breakfast: Porridge and milk, bread, butter, and coffee.

Dinner: Salt beef and suet pudding, potatoes etc

Tea: Tea, biscuits and jam.


Friday: Breakfast: Porridge and milk, bread, butter and coffee.

Dinner: Ling fish, egg sauce, hotpot, potatoes etc, and sago pudding.

Tea: Tea, biscuits and marmalade.


Saturday: Breakfast: Irish stew, bread, coffee.

Dinner: Soup, boiled mutton, potatoes etc, prunes and rice.

Tea: Tea, biscuits and butter.


The Nile carried 26 officers and about 700 men of the 4/Royal Lancaster Regiment The Nile will call at Queenstown to embark an equal number of 9th King’s Royal Rifles.

The Umbria embarked 89 officers and 2,034 men belonging to the 4/Derbyshire Regiment, and the 3/Durham Light Infantry

The Briton, due to leave next Saturday will carry Colonel A G Wavell, C O 15th Brigade and his A D C Captain C S Davidson, South Staffordshire Regiment and the following other officers of the M I section of the CIV: Lieutenant Colonel H C Cholmondeley, Captains J W Reid, & Waterlow, Lieutenants B Moeller, C W Wilson, and Henderson, 2nd Lieutenants Berry & E A Manisty, and Lieutenant and Q M Ridler.

The Glengyle left South West India Dock at 6:30 am yesterday for SA She carried the ammunition column for 83rd, 84th and 85th Batteries of Field Artillery and a number of officers. The troops consisted mostly of Hussars and RA with a few Dragoons, about 140 officers and men. Also 230 horses, 14 large wagons, and over this number of smaller wagons.


London Times, 13 Jan 00 (Saturday)

p5c The Assaye left Las Palmas Jan 9. The Simla left Cape Town Jan 11 and the Sumatra has left Cape Town for Port Elizabeth. The Harlech Castle left Durban Jan 9 for Delagoa Bay.


London Times, 15 Jan 00 (Monday)

p5e Dateline Brisbane, Jan 13. The second Queensland contingent, consisting of 160 officers and men and 175 horses embarked today on the transport Maori King.


p6a The Gaika (with 2/E Kent Regt & 1/Oxfordshire Light Infantry) and the Ottoman (with remounts) arrived at Cape Town yesterday.

The Britannic has arrived at St Vincent.

The Prah and the Roysten Grange, from Buenos Ayres, with horses and fodder have arrived at Cape Town on Jan 9.

The British Prince has arrived at Las Palmas and the transport Umta left Bombay for Durban, Jan 12, with 325 horses.


p10c The Briton (10,248 tons, 530 ft. l., 60 ft. w., and 40 ft. d. ) left Southampton for the Cape on Saturday. She carried the following: In addition to the officers already listed she carried 250 men of the CIV

The Garth Castle (3,660 tons) also left Southampton on Saturday for the Cape. She carried Captains R B Shipley and Brailey, Lieutenants Mulvey, Concanon, Benson and Wellby, and Captain & Adjutant Bell.


p11b The Pindari (5,674 tons) sailed from Royal Albert Docks on Saturday with 2 companies of M I and a number of remounts. She carried 12 officers, 333 men and 387 horses. The M I consisted of Oxford Light Infantry and the West Riding Regiment The remounts were in charge of 1 officer and 68 men of the Inniskilling Dragoons.

The Persia is due to sail today from here.

The Nile embarked at Queenstown Saturday the 9th KRRC, the 1/Irish Militia Regiment

At Southampton, the Bavarian embarked the 1/East Lancashire Regt, 1060 strong, 2/South Wales Borderers, 1,111 strong and the 13th Company RAMC

The 47th Company RE, the 2/North Staffordshire Regiment and Nos. 6 and 10 companies AOC will embark in the Aurania today at Southampton.


London Times, 16 Jan 00 (Tuesday)

p3d The Gascon and Sumatra arrived at Port Elizabeth from Table Bay and the Hyades, from Natal Jan 12.

The Severn from Southampton, with Government stores, has left Cape Town for Durban.

The Pendower, with horses and fodder from Buenos Ayres, has arrived at Cape Town.

The British Prince left Las Palmas on Friday for Cape Town. The Umbria has arrived at Las Palmas. The America has arrived at St Vincent. The Britannic has sailed.

Dateline Bombay, Jan 15. The Nankin and the Pundua have left for Durban with horses.


p5b The Aurania left Southampton yesterday with the 2/North Staffordshire Regiment, ? 47 (Fortress) Company, RE, 4 officers and 129 men, ? 6 Company of the Army Ordnance Corps, 2 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 80 men, ? 10 Company AOC, 2 officers and 80 men RE (Survey Section), 1 officer and 10 men from Southampton(?), drafts of the 2/Berkshire Regiment, 104 men of the 1/Manchester Regiment, and details of RAMC, 1/Warwickshire Regiment, 2/West Riding Regiment, 2/Royal Scots, 2/Middlesex Regiment, and 16th Lancers. The total was 48 officers, 4 warrant officers, and 1,590 men.

The Persia, with cavalry and remounts for SA left Albert Docks yesterday afternoon. Those on board consisted of: draft of 12th Lancers (60), under command of Lieutenant Dunlop, Mr J O Scevington, civil surgeon and a civil veternary surgeon, Major MacLaughlin in charge of the 184 remounts.


London Times, 17 Jan 00 (Wednesday)

p3d & e Dateline Sydney, Jan 16. The Maori King reached here this afternoon and will resume her voyage to-night.

The Sumatra, from Port Elizabeth, arrived at Cape Town on Monday morning with sick. The Avoca, from Table Bay, has arrived at Port Elizabeth on the 14th. The transport Severn arrived at Durban on the 14th.

The Royston Grange, which recently arrived at Cape Town from Buenos Ayres with nearly 700 horses, did not lose any animals in transit.


p5a The City of Rome embarked 950 men of the 3/South Lancashire Militia and departed at about 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon for Queenstown. The officers on board were: Colonel I Blackburne, Majors Tarbet, Smythies, and M H Hall; Captains Eckersley, Skirrow, Postlethwaite, and E K Heath; Lieutenants Conran, Vaughan, and Stevens; and 2nd Lieutenants Hanbury, Winser, Spooner and Parker.



"Arrangements are being made for Army medical officers

to address personally all men of the Militia, Yeomanry,

and Volunteers going to South Africa on the importance

and advisability of submitting to inoculation against

Typhoid fever before embarking.”


p8c Coldstream Guards. – Sec. Lieutenant G Stewart to be Lieutenant, vice F D Farquhar, seconded.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 17 Jan 00

p3 The following arrived on Wednesday: Lord Roberts, Lord Kitchener, Major-Gens. Kelly Kenny, C T Pretyman, Colonel the Viscount Down, the Earl of Errol, A E Goldsand, Lieutenant Colonel Gubbins, Commander the Hon. H S Fortescue, R N, Majors H V Cowan, Henderson, Hume, Gorringe, H Hamilton, C Munro, Watson, I Caunter, Captain A C M Waterfield, Lord. H Scott, Lord Lettrington, W H Booth, Lieutenant Cowen, R N, Lieutenant & Commander D’Oyley, R N, Sub. -Lieutenants R N, L T Jones, W G Way, Surgeon Lobb, R N & Mr S McCullock, R N


p4 Dateline Durban, Jan 14, foreign military attaches, accompanied by Colonel Ivor Herbert, arrived this morning from the front and will sail tomorrow by Harlech Castle for Cape Town. Listed were: Colonel Slocum, U S, Baron Lottritz, Ger., Captain Trenimel, Aust., Colonel Stakhovitch, Rus., Captain Hirvka, Jap., Major Gentillius, Italy, Major Estaben, Spain, Comte. A Demade, France.

p5 Dateline Mochudi, Jan 5. Captain Llewellyn with the armored train went to 4 miles south of Gaberones.


p11 The Gaika arrived yesterday brought part of the shipment of the Queen’s Chocolate for the troops. There were 800 boxes from Rountree, 300 boxes from Fry & Sons, & 411 boxes from Cadbury.


London Times, 18 Jan 00 (Thursday)

p5d & e Dateline Sydney, Jan 17. The second New South Wales Contingent for the Cape, numbering nearly 700 officers and men, embarked today in the steamers Moravian, Southern Cross and Surrey. The contingent consisted of 44 officers, 644 men, 14 hospital nurses, a medical corps, and 756 horses. The Moravian left today and the other two will probably follow tomorrow.

Dateline Malta, Jan17. ? 5 Company, Southern Division, RA, left today in the transport Anubis for Gibraltar, where it will be transferred to the City of Rome for passage to the Cape. The Anubis carries a consignment of oranges contributed locally for the sick in SA

The Harlech Castle left Natal on Tuesday for Cape Town and the Dunottar Castle arrived at Natal at noon yesterday.

The Clan Ranald has arrived at Port Natal, the Clan MacArthur arrived at Cape Town on Thursday, and the Mortlake, from Rosario, left Cape Town yesterday for Port Elizabeth.

The Avoca arrived at Durban on Tuesday. The Minho, with government stores for the Cape arrived at St Vincent yesterday and the Dunera for Southampton, has left St Vincent.

The Briton left Madeira at 10 o’clock yesterday morning for the Cape.

The Majestic left Cape Town, Jan 17, for England with 170 wounded, including General Featherstonhaugh, Major Dalrymple Hamilton, and Mr Knight, of the Morning Post. The Harlech Castle takes 190 Durban wounded.


p6b & c The Pavonia, with sick and wounded, arrived at Southampton early yesterday morning. There were 11 officers and 73 men. The wounded officers included : Major Dashwood, Major Earle, Lieutenant Fernybough, Captain Earle, Lieutenant Hill, Lieutenant Cornwallis-West, Lieutenant Colonel Dobie, and Lieutenant Colonel Verner. Staff Surgeon Whelan was medical officer in charge.

The Brigade Divisional of RFA, 7th Division is to embark today, at Tilbury Dock, in the Manchester Port. They consisted of the 83rd, 84th, and 85th Batteries and a detachment of ASC The equipment consisted of 18 guns and 34 wagons. The rest was 545 officers and men and 427 horses.

The City of Rome embarks at Queenstown today 25 officers and 800 men of the 4(Militia)/A & S Highlanders and 3 officers and 191 men of the 32nd Company Southern Down RGA for Gibraltar to relieve the 2nd and 4th Companies RGA She will sail at 4 p/m/ today.


p6d A roll of the CIV granted freedom of the city.


London Times, 19 Jan 00 (Friday)

p5c Dateline Halifax (N S ), Jan 18. There are 800 men of the second Canadian contingent in Halifax. The transport Laurentain has embarked 2 batts. artillery and the artillery staff, horses, guns and ammunition and is due to sail Saturday afternoon.

Dateline Sydney, Jan 18. The Maori King left last night a few hours after the the Moravian. The Southern Cross left this morning and the Surrey is leaving at noon tomorrow.


p5e The Jelunga and the Dwarka arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Majestic left Cape Town yesterday for Southampton. She has on board 170 military invalids. The Garth Castle arrived at Madeira yesterday morning and left at 11 am The umbria arrived at St Vincent yesterday. The transport Dunera, for England, left St Vincent Jan 17.


p6b & c Dateline Tilbury, Jan 18. The Manchester Port sailed from Tilbury between 4 & 5 this afternoon. She sailed with 20 officers, 565 men, 449 horses, 18 guns, and the compliment of ammunition wagons.

The transport City of Rome left Queenstown for SA yesterday afternoon. She shipped at Queenstown a large quantity of ammunition and stores and embarked 27 officers and 800 men of the 4/A & S Highlanders, who arrived by special steamer from Dublin under command of Colonel A C D Dick. The other officers of the battalion include Lieutenant Colonel M D Campbell, Major & Adjutant J Deane, Captains the Hon. T H A E Cochrane, J T Scott, W Mure, B A Cuninghame, L G Pearson, G C Grahame, W Hall, and H H Houldsworth; Captain and Q M A McRae; Lieutenants, Napier, Clarke, Campbell, Preston, G G Gilligan, W A Gordon, C C Walker, the Hon. R Bruce(the Master of Burleigh), W A Orr-Ewing, and H A Duncan. 5 officer’s chargers were shipped. Also embarked for Gibraltar were 3 officers and 191 men. At Gibraltar the City of Rome will embark 8 officers and 300 men of the RGA


London Times, 20 Jan 00 (Saturday)

p8a The Moor arrived at Cape Town Thursday morning and the Umbria left St Vincent yesterday. The Nile arrived at St Vincent yesterday afternoon. The Fultala, with 280 horses contributed by Indian Princes, left Bombay for Durban yesterday.


London Times, 22 Jan 00 (Monday)

p5e Dateline Wellington, Jan 20. The second New Zealnad contingent for SA, left here today in the Waiwera. They were commanded by Major Cradock and numbered 242 officers and men and 300 horses.

Dateline Halifax, Jan 20. The Laurentian, with the second Canadian contingent on board, sailed at 5 o’clock this afternoon.


p6b The Cymric and the Maine arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Kildonan Castle arrived, Jan 20 at Cape Town. The Orient has also arrived at Cape Town. The Inyati arrived at Port Natal Friday. The Glengyle left St Vincent on Saturday for Table Bay and the Bavarian has passed St Vincent. The Aurania left Las Palmas at 4 am yesterday.

Dateline St Vincent, Jan 20. The Nile left here at 11 am today for SA

Dateline Las Palmas, Jan 20. The Garth Castle left here at 2 pm yesterday for Cape Town.

Dateline Bombay, Jan 20. The Purnea left today for Durban with horses and a reserve battery consisting of 6, 15-pounders.


p10a A committee of Danish farmers have donated 12,000 boxes of Danish butter as a gift for British soldiers. The butter will be distributed among the sick and wounded.

A third contingent of 24th Middlesex(Post Office) Rifle Volunteers, belonging to the Telegraph Reserve of the RE, and a draft of Regulear Reserves, embarked in the St Andrew for SA The detachment numbered 60.


p10d & e Dateline Southampton, Sunday. The passenger list for the Kinfauns Castle includes the following: Duke of Marlborough, Sir Simon Staurt, Sir Reginald Beauchamp, Captain Cecil Grenfell, Lady Lilian Grenfell, the Hon. J Ward, Mr Burdett-Coutts, M P, Mr & Mrs Rudyard Kipling, Admiral Maxse, Colonel Browne, Colonel Graham, Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Forrester, Civil Surgeon Lowe, Major Baird, Major Crampton, Major L A Gordon, Brevet Major Shore, Brevet Major Ryder, Captain J M Camilleri, Captain F J Moberly, Captain W E Lloyd, Captain Creagh, Captain Cobbe, Captain Knight, Captain H H F Turner, Lieutenants W M Guthrie-Smith, R J T Stewart, W A Light, W T Barry, A St J Cooke, C R Harbord, F D Russell, C C Newnham, and Superintendent Nursing Sister Oram, with 11 nursing sisters; Mr H C Newton and Mr Watson.

The Kinfauns Castle departed at 5:30 pm Saturday.

On board the Gaul are the following: Colonel the Earl of Albemarle, Captain the Hon. J R Bailey, Surgeon-Captain E St V Regan, Captain C W Berkeley, Lieutenant F Treffy, Lieutenant E D Townroe, Lieutenant B W Garnett, Lieutenant J W Cohen, and 300 men of the CIV The Gaul departed Saturday afternoon.

The Aristo(1,500 ton) sailed Sunday with 500 officers and men of the CIV.

The American departed Sunday at about 4:30 pm with 2 batteries of Field Artillery, the 8th and 68th, the 13th Brigade Divisionalal Staff, and a contingent of RAMC, in all 350 men and 300 horses. Officers on board include: Colonel L A Chapman, Captain A H S Goff, Civil Surgeon C C Simpson, Civil Veterinary Surgeon G T Jackson, Major H Chance, Captain G Laird, 2nd. Lieutenants J W Scott, G Lowther, and R H Lascelles, Major W G Massy, Captain G G S Carey, 2nd. Lieutenants J E Rich and A D Harrison, RAMC 112 men and Lieutenant-Col B W Somerville-Large, Majors R Jennings and J Osburne, and Lieutenant H R Hine. The American will call at Queenstown for more troops. It is noted that Colonel Stackpole has rejected and condemned the meat supplied under contract to the American. So they will eat corned beef in place of fresh beef on the way out.


p11b The Greek arrived at Southampton on Saturday with 28 wounded and invalided soldiers from SA


London Times, 23 Jan 00 (Tuesday)

p5d The Nomadic, with remounts. arrived at Cape Town on Sunday. The Kildonan Castle sailed for Durban. The transport Carinthia, with 1354 mules, left New Orleans for Cape Town on Sunday. The Nairung and the Lindula, both from Bombay arrived at Durban and have left on Jan 21. The Gascon left Cape Town on Saturday for Southampton. The Severn has left Durban for Cape Town. The Harlech Castle arrived at Cape Town, Jan 20, from Natal.

Dateline Gibraltar, Jan 20. The City of Rome has arrived at Gibraltar.


p10b & c Dateline Albert Docks, 22 Jan The Saint Andrew (6,914 tons & a main deck of 440 feet in length) sailed from the Albert Docks this morning at 5:30 am with artillery and ammunition. The Saint Andrew was taking 2 batteries of field artillery, an ammunition column and the guns and ammunition for a siege train, besides some other trifles. She had to stow 360 tons of guns and vehicles and 200 tons of explosives before embarkation proper began. She carries 15 officers, 496 men, 347 horses, 20 guns, and 65 vehicles besides the ammunition and explosives mentioned above.


p10e & f The Canada arrived at Southampton yesterday morning with over 200 sick and wounded from SA The officers on board were: Captain Keith Fraser, Lieutenant Beckwith, Lieutenant Goodson, Captain Macnab, Lieutenant Douglas, Captain Buckley, Captain Godley, Lieutenant Elwes, Lieutenant Clive, Lieutenant Graham, Lieutenant Scott, Lieutenant Baker Carr, and Captain McLeod.

The Majestic has left Cape Town for England, Jan 17, with the following wounded or sick on board: Major Askwith is in charge, with 4 nurses and 1 civil surgeon, Major General Fetherstonhaugh, Lieutenant Gethin, LieutenantsMaxwell and Vaughan, 2nd Lieutenant Follett, Major Dalrymple Hamilton, Lieutenant Fishbourne, 2nd Lieutenant Innes, 2nd Lieutenant Ackroid, Lieutenant Waterhouse, and 168 men.

The Hotel Cecil has donated 1,000 tins of turtle soup for use in the hospitals in SA

Messrs. Wilson and Valdespino have sent 25 cases of their brandy to Surgeon-Major McCormack, in charge, base hospital Durban.


London Times, 24 Jan 00 (Wednesday)

p5d & e Dateline Melbourne, Jan 23. The transports Maori King and Moravian have started for SA

The Assaye arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Pindari left St Vincent yesterday. The City of Rome left Gibraltar Jan 23. The Yoruba has arrived at Cape Town.


p10b The Ulstermore left Langton Dock, Liverpool, yesterday afternoon with reinforcements for the Cape. There were 10 officers, 340 men and 274 horses for the 39th and 88 Batteries, RFA The Brigade Staff and an ammunition column with 10 officers, 110 men and 100 horses. Also a medical unit from ? 6 General Hospital. 12 15-pounder guns and about 50 road vehicles, 20 of them ammunition wagons.

The American arrived at Transport Wharf, Queenstown, yesterday at 5 pm She embarked Lieutenant Bolton and 100 men of the 2/Yorkshire Light Infantry; Lieutenant Williams and 260 men of the 2/Wiltshire Regiment, with Major Du Buisson in charge; Lieutenant Fox and 100 men of the 1/Liverpool Regiment, Captain Tonge, Norfolk Regiment in charge; 100 men of the 1/Leicester Regt, Captain Banks, Dorset Regiment in charge; also 4 men of the APC and 3 men of the 3/South Lancashire Regiment


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 24 Jan 00

p5 Dateline The 1,016th Mile-Post, undated. Colonel Plumer has arrived at mile-post 1,016, near Mochudi with some of the Tuli garrison.


p12 Dateline Gaberones, undated. Lieutenant Wallis has rebuilt the bridge 3 miles south of Gaberones. Enemy encamped at Sequani and Crocodile Pools.

Dateline Mochudi, Jan 14. Boer position located about one mile south of Crocodile Pools station. Bridge over Metswaswani River damaged.

Dateline Mochudi, Jan 12. Armored Trains under Wallis and Llewellyn near Gaberones mentioned here.


p14 Here a log of the scouting trip into the Transvaal (2 cols. ) Officers mentioned: Plumer, Rolt, Villers, Pilson, Pringle, Bird, Harland, McLaren, Kinsman, Shepstone, White, Bodle, Spain, Trevor, Stone, McClean


p21 The Carisbrook Castle arrived yesterday. Colonel Sir C E Howard Vincent, KCMG, CB, MP, was among the passengers.


p24 Dateline London, Jan 16. A new Naval Brigade has been formed consisting of 720 men, 8 4.7 guns, 24 Maxims, and 10 12-pounders.

Dateline London, Jan 17. N S W Contingent left Sidney. No ship mentioned.

Dateline London, Jan 19. 12 Batteries of artillery, 3,710 men, 2,210 horses are ready to embark for South Africa.

Dateline London, Jan 20. 300 Canadians with 2 batt. of artillery have sailed from Halifax on board the Laurentian. The Second N Z Contingent of 242 men and 300 horses bemarked on board the Waiwera and sailed for South Africa. The 2nd group of 900 Imperial City Vols. has sailed from Southampton for South Africa.


p32 The Kildonan Castle has arrived with 5 officers and 2,592 men.

The Cymric has also arrived with 3 Batteries of RFA (76th, 81st, & 82nd. ), 2/Gloucester Regiment total of 5 officers and 1,493 men and 430 horses. 7 men died of pneumonia on the voyage. The Maine arrived yesterday.


London Times, 25 Jan 00 (Thursday)


p5c Dateline Rangoon, Jan 24. 350 mounted infantry left with Burma ponies today on the Palamcotta for Durban under command of Major Cruickshank, Essex Regiment

The Kinfauns Castle left Madeira at 10 am yesterday for the Cape. The Simla, for Southampton, left St Vincent at 6:40 pm Tuesday and the Persia, for Table Bay arrived at Las Palmas at 5:40 pm Tuesday. The Micmac, from Boston, arrived at St Vincent on Tuesday and left for the Cape yesterday.

Dateline Cape Town, Jan 23. News has been received here that the transport Manchester Corporation, with troops and guns on board, which was due here today, was sighted on the 13th inst. 8deg. south, apparently disabled. The transport Cymric has been despatched to her assistance.


p10a The Manhattan, at Royal Albert Dock, is to begin today to embark the Brigade Divisional of Field Artillery, which she is to take out to the Cape, as part of the artillery reinforcement of 12 batteries which is being sent off during the present week. Embarking are the 17th Battery, the 15th Brigade Ammunition Column with the staff of the brigade division, making 284 officers and men and 239 horses. On Saturday the Manhattan will embark, at Queenstown, the 5th and 9th Batteries, increasing her load to 637 officers and men, 513 horses, 18 guns, and 51 carts and wagons.

The Howitzer Brigade Divisional, completing the 12 batteries, will embark on Saturday at the Royal Albert Dock in the Canning and the Englishman.

Listing of names of more of the CIV


London Times, 26 Jan 00 (Friday)

p5b The Kildonan Castle and the Jelunga arrived at Natal yesterday. The Fazilka, from Bombay, arrived at Durban Wednesday and the Persia left Las Palmas Wednesday.


p6b & c Dateline Albert Docks, Jan 25. The Manhattan (8,003 tons) sailed from here this afternoon as transport 81. Details were covered in yesterday’s column. The Manhattan will only be able to carry a 6 day’s supply of fresh meat and then take on another two day’s supply at St Vincent. For the first 6 days the men will have Irish stew for breakfast and fresh meat for dinner and then the same for two days after St Vincent. The rest of the voyage will be:

Sunday breakfast Fried ham, Dinner Soup and bouilli, Chicago beef, and plum pudding.

Monday breakfast Curried beef and rice, Dinner Pea-soup and salt pork

Tuesday breakfast Porridge and golden syrup, Dinner Soup and bouilli, salt beef

Wednesday breakfast American dry hash, Dinner Pea-soup, salt pork

Thursday breakfast Curried mutton and rice, Dinner Soup and bouilli, salt beef

Friday breakfast Salt fish, sauce and potatoes, Dinner Pea-soup and salt pork

Saturday breakfast Porridge and golden syrup, Dinner Soup and bouilli and salt beef.

Tea - Cold meats, margarine, jam or marmalade, tea. Coffee every day at breakfast and at 6 am Fresh bread and fresh potatoes every day and other vegetables 3 times a week.


London Times, 27 Jan 00 (Saturday)

p7b Dateline Adelaide, Jan 26. The South Australian contingent for SA sailed today in the Surrey.

The Goorkha and the Manchester Corporation arrived at Cape Town Thursday. The Gaul arrived at Tenerife yesterday and left later for the Cape. The Manchester Port has arrived at Las Palmas. The Ottoman left Cape Town for England Jan 25.


London Times, 29 Jan 00 (Monday)

p5e Dateline Halifax (N S ), Jan 27. The Pomeranian left for South Africa at 6 o’clock this evening with 350 men of the 2/Canadian Mounted Rifles.

The Braemar Castle arrived at Cape Town on Friday. The Britannic arrived at Cape Town on Saturday evening. The Siberian and the British Prince arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The City of Rome has arrived at St Vincent and the St Andrew passed Las Palmas yesterday. The Pekin, from Bombay arrived at Durban on the 25th.

Dateline Bombay, Jan28. The Upada left today for Natal with 320 reserve horses, a transport section, 12 15-pounder guns, and six 4.7 naval guns. Colonel Mackenzie, Suffolk Regiment commanding.


p10b The third contingent of the CIV left London, for Southampton, Saturday morning. There were 135 officers and men. They embarked in the Pembroke Castle and sailed for South Africa Saturday afternoon.

The Scot also sailed Saturday with the following passengers: Colonel Viscount Valentia, Major the Earl of Dudley, Lord Wolverton, Captain the Hon. Walter L Bagot, Sir Charles Hunter, Colonel Edmondstone, Colonel Nixon, Brevet Colonel Le Gallais, Major Rankin, Captain Fane Tucker, and Mr F R Burnham, scout.

Dateline Southampton, Jan 28. The Cephalonia sailed today having on board the 1/Berkshire Regiment, 736 men, 3/Royal Fusiliers, 120 men, and RGA, 120 men, some women and children for Gibraltar. The officers were Lieutenant ColonelF C Carter, Majors E H Burney and C M Edwards, Captains H L Lee, R G Chase, A J W Dowell, J R Wigan and G H Arbuthnot, and six Lieutenants and 2nd Lieutenants of the Berkshire Regiment. Captains Turner and Edwards are going to Gibraltar.

A further contingent of Imperial Yeomanry embarked in the Winifredian (#78) yesterday at Langdon Dock, Liverpool, yesterday. She embarked Nos. 9, 10, 11, and 12 of the I Y, a total of 578 men with 457 horses. No. 9 Company, the Yorkshire Hussars, numbered 122 men under Captain Trench Gascoyne, and Lieutenants McKillop, Beresford-Peirse, and Wilson. No. 10 Company, the Sherwood Rangers, 121 men under Capt Dawson and Lieutenants Peacock, Sheriffe, and Williams, Lieutenant Wilson will join them at the Cape. No. 11 Company, the Yorkshire Dragoons, 115 men under Captain Younghusband and Lieutenants Crichton-Browne, Doxat, and Jeffcock. No. 12 Company the South Notts, under Captain Rolleston, and Lieutenants Starkey, Birkin, Knowles, and Tristram. Other officers of the staff of the 3rd, 4th, & 5th Battalions going out are: Lieutenant Colonels Myrick and F G Blair, Major Braithwaite, Captains Anderson, E J Piper, Ewing, and S Wombwell, Lieutenant Duncombe, Lieutenant & Q M J Humphries, and Veterinary -Lieutenant F Douthwaite.

A Derbyshire contingent of 116 under Captain Dugdale, with Lieutenants Byron, Gisbourne, Bagshawe and Power, Dr. Wilson, and Veterinary -Lieutenant Aulton. embarked in the Cavour (#83) at Langton Dock. The Staffordshier contingent of 116 men under Captain Bromley-Davenport, M P with Lieutenants Moat, Wright-Boycott, Gardner, and Clay embarked about mid-night Saturday. She also took on board ? 6 and ? 8 Companies of Imperial Yeomanry. The Cavour sailed at 4 o’clock in the morning for South Africa.


p10e The 12th Brigade Divisional of Artillery, consisting of the 43rd, 86th, and 87th Batteries (Howitzer) RFA, with the brigade staff and some details sailed from the Albert Docks yesterday morning in the Englishman and the Canning.

The Englishman embarked the 43rd and the 86th Batteries and the staff, Lieutenant Colonel Waldron commanding. She takes a draft of 2 officers and 90 men of the Northamptonshire Regiment, and has on board 16 officers, 496 men, 341 horses, and 12 guns.

The Canning carries 87th Battery, Major Balfour commanding, some remounts, ? 5 Stationary Hospital, and a quantity of stores for the Yeomanry Hospital, her load being 9 officers, 230 men, 203 horses, 6 guns and 12 vehicles.

The transport Manhattan reached Queenstown at 9 o’clock yesterday morning. She took on the 5th and 9th Batteries, RFA, composed of 9 officers, 340 men, 274 horses, 12 guns, and 22 vehicles. The officers of the 5th Battery are Major Lane, Captain Stewart, and Lieutenants Gray and Roberts; and the 9th Battery Major Wedderburn, Captain Wilson, and Lieutenants Bird, Addison, and Hamilton. Civil Surgeon George Mowat also joined.


p11b The Carlton Hotel Company has donated for the use of the base hospitals in Natal and the Cape 4,500 quarts of beef tea and chicken broth.


London Times, 30 Jan 00 (Tuesday)

p5d The Ariosto has arrived at St Vincent yesterday. The Ujina, Nairung, and the Lawada arrived at Port Natal on the 26th, all from Bombay. The Kildonan Castle left Natal for Cape Town on the 26th.


p6b The Manhattan left Queenstown yesterday afternoon for Cape Town after embarking 13 officers, 340 men 300 horses, and 12 guns of the 5th and 9th Batteries, RFA She now carried altogether 637 officers and men, 513 horses, 18 gins, and 51 field carts and wagons.


London Times, 31 Jan 00 (Wednesday)

p5c The Umbria and the Briton arrived at Cape Town on Monday evening. The American has left Las Palmas and the Ariosto has left St Vincent.


p10c & d The Dictator is to leave Southampton tomorrow and Queenstown on Saturday with reinforcements for 2/Lincolnshire Regiment, 1/Royal Irish Regiment, 2/Hampshire Regiment, 2/Norfolk Regiment, 2/Gloucestershire Regiment, 1/Lancashire Regiment, and 2/North Staffordshire Regt, a total of 835. At Southampton on Saturday the German will take on ? 14 Company and ? 17 Companies RGA.


p14 a, b & c The Defeat and Death of the Khalifa. From the London Gazette of Jan 30, 1900. Lord Kitchener’s report. Maxse mentioned.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 31 Jan 00

p3 Dateline Gaberones, Jan 17. Captain MacLaren has found the Boer main laager 10 miles south of Gaberones. He also found Boers on Basuto Kopje. In the afternoon British occupied Basuto Kopje.

Dateline Lourenco Marques, Jan 23. The Russian Ambulance Corps ( 33 members) arrived here today on board the Gironde


p5 Dateline Melbourne, Jan 23 The Maori King and Moravian sailed for South Africa today with the Queensland and NSW parts of the Second Contingent.


p12 The Briton arrived on Monday with 251 CIVunder Colonel Cholmondeley. The Garth Castle is due today with a Battalion of CIV.

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