London Times, 01 Nov 99, (Wednesday)

p5d The British India Steam Navigation Company states that the transport Zibenghla, which left the Mersey on Oct 2 with Field Artillery on board arrived at Cape Town on Monday.

The Union Steamship Co’s steamer Gaika, having 11 officers, 1 warrant officer 203 men, 120 horses and 53 wagons, forming an ammunition column, arrived at East London, Natal and landed the troops safely yesterday.

The P & O Co’s steamship Oriental arrived at St Vincent at daylight yesterday with the 1/Royal Welsh Fusiliers, and was to leave last night; and the same company’s steamer Malta which arrived at Las Palmas at daylight yesterday with the 1/CG from Gibraltar, left at 10 o’colck in the morning.

Dateline Las Palmas, Oct 31. The transports Mohawk and City of Vienna, with troops for the Cape on board, left here last night. The transport Britannic has arrived, and will leave for SA this afternoon.

Dateline St Vincent. Oct 30. The transport Aurania arrived here at about 10 am today


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 01 Nov 99 Missing paper


London Times, 02 Nov 99, (Thursday)

p5b. Dateline Brisbane, Nov 1. The Queensland contingent for service in SA embarked today on the steamer Cornwall, which has been chartered by the Government and specially fitted out as a transport.

The White Star Australian liner Medic, in which the Victorian and Tasmanian contingents left Melbourne on Saturday, and on board which the South Australian contingent embarked at Adelaide on Tuesday, left for Albany, where she is to take on board the West Australian contingent.

p5e. The Orient Line steamer Orient, having on board the Black Watch for SA, arrived at St.

Vincent yesterday morning and left in the afternoon.

p7a. About 10 o’clock last night the Houlder Line steamship Urmston Grange, which had

embarked at Birkenhead the 64th Battery RFA, a detachment of the Durham Light Infantry, and a section of the RAMC, steamed down the Mersey on her way to the Cape.

At Liverpool, the Rapidan is embarking a field troop of RE consisting of 118 men, Major Hunter Weston commanding. 80 horses, ammunition and tool carts were also loaded. 3 trains brought 260 men, ASC, and 380 horses, Captain Kemble commanding. A detail of RAMC were also embarked.

The steamer Briton will depart Southampton on Saturday with 2/Somersetshire Light Infantry, Lieutenant Colonel E J Galwey commanding. In addition there will also be 11 naval officers, 2 PO, 350 seamen and Marines.


London Times, 03 Nov 99, (Friday)

p5e. Dateline St Vincent, Nov 2. The Cunard Line steamer Pavonia left here this morning, and the Cephalonia arrived.

A Reuter telegram from Liverpool states that the Cunard transport Aurania, with 1,709 troops on board, which arrived at St Vincent on the morning of Oct 30, left for Cape Town on the 31st.

The Union Co’s steamer Trojan, which has been fitted up by the Government as a hospital ship, left St Vincent on Saturday afternoon, and is due to arrive at the Cape on the 10th inst.

The steamer Sumatra has been detained at Durban to convey wounded to Cape Town.


p10a & b The following list shows the names of the vessels, the ports and probable dates of

departure, the number of the transport and the troops to be carried:

SS Idaho, Chatham, Nov 3, #38, 73rd Battery RFA; Ammunition Column, 2nd Division ; Royal Artillery; #12 Company RAMC (Bearer Co)*.

SS Wakool, Tilbury Dock, Nov 3, #55, H Q and ½ 6th Dragoons**; Detachment, #4 General Hospital.

SS Briton, Southampton, Nov 4, (Freightship), 2/Somersetshire Light Infantry ; Detachment #4 General Hospital.

SS Formosa, Royal Albert Dock, Nov 5, #42, 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, Detachment #4 General Hospital.

* Detachment in SS Manchester Port.

** Remainder in SS Chicago

N B (i) Some staffs, ASC, RE, AO, and Medical Units have already embarked.

(ii) All transports, freight, and storeships call at Cape Town “for orders”


The Cunard steamship Servia steamed down the Mersey in a haze yesterday afternoon bound for the Cape. She had on board 45 officers and 152 men of the RAMC, 3 officers and 39 men from #2 Dtation Hospital, 33 members of the Army Pay Dept., and 11 civilian doctors attached to the RAMC The Servia calls at Queenstown to embark other troops and is expected to make passage to the Cape in 18 days.

Early yesterday morning the transport Rapidan, with 360 men and 380 horses of the ASC, a number of RAMC and a field troop of RE left the Mersey for SA


London Times, 04 Nov 99 (Saturday)

p7b Dateline Sydney, Nov 3. The departure of the second section of the New South

Wales contingent of infantry and mounted rifles for SA on board the Aberdeen was marked by an enthusiastic demonstration of loyalty.


p8b, c & d The following list shows the names of the vessels, the ports and probable dates of

departure, the number of the transport, and the troops to be carried:

SS Algeria, Chatham, Nov 7, #47, Brig. Division Staff, RFA,Corps troops; 38th Batty, RFA; Ammunition Column (Howitzer); Detachment #4 (General Hospital)

SS Arawa, Southampton, Nov 7, # 48, 2/Shropshire Light Infantry; Detachment 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry*; #5 Company RAMC (Field Hospital). **

SS Chigago, Royal Albert Dock, Nov 8, #56, ½ 6th DG ***; “C” Squadron 2/Dragoons****; Det #4 (General Hospital).

SS Cheshire, Liverpool (Harrington Dock), Nov 9, #43, 1/Gordon Highlanders; ASC (Reservists); #7 Company RAMC (Field Hospital).

SS Templemore, Liverpool (Langton Dock), Nov 10, #61, 13th Hussars*****; Det #4 (General Hospital).

SS Greek, Southampton, Nov 11, Freight-ship, 1/Essex Regiment; Detachment #4 (General Hospital)

SS Scot, Southampton, Nov 11, Freight-ship, 1/Suffolk Regiment; Detachment #4 (General Hospital)

SS Dunera, Southampton, Nov 11, #1, 1/Derbyshire Regiment, Malta, Cyprus; Detachment #4 (General Hospital) ******

SS Montfort, Liverpool, (Toxteth Dock), Nov 11, Queenstown, Nov 14, #53, Troop 13th Hussars*******; ½ 61st Battery RFA (Howitzer)********; 79th Battery RFA; Detachment #4 (General Hospital)

* H Q in SS Formosa.

** Detachments in SS Pindari, SS Englishman, SS Dictator, SS Ranee

*** H Q in SS Wakool

**** H Q in SS Ranee. One troop of these numbers will sail in SS Canning.

***** Less troop in SS Montfort

****** Ship takes 1/South Staffordshire Regiment to Gibraltar, and Reservists, 1/Derbyshire Regiment to Malta.

******* H Q in SS Templemore

******** H Q in SS Sicilian

N B (i) Some Staffs, ASC, RE, AOC, and RAMC have already embarked; (ii) all transports, freight, and store ships call at Cape Town “for orders”.


Dateline Chatham, Nov 3. The embarkation of the Carabiniers (6th DG) in the Wakool (#55) was carried out smartly this morning. Total number on board, including the usual RAMC detachment is 18 officers, 255 men, and 261 horses.

The Idaho embarked 73rd Battery RFA, the Ammunition Column of the 2nd Div, excess dets. of the RA and a bearer company of the RAMC - in all 18 officers, 636 men, 232 horses, 6 guns and 59 vehicles, including 11 ambulance wagons.

The Englishman, at Liverpool embarked the 77 the Battery and the 74th Battery RFA The 74th was comprised of 170 men and 137 horses, Major R G McLeod commanding. Several unattached officers were also embarked: Lieutenant Cookson, 1st Life Guards; Captain Gough, 16th Lancers; and Captain the Hon. R H de Montmorency, V C, 21st Lancers.

The Catalonia left the Mersey yesterday for Queenstown. She carried 1 officer, and 30 men of the No. 11 Company AOC

150 men of the 9th Field Hospital left Dublin yesterday for Queenstown.

The steamer Briton will convey the following officers of the 2/Somersetshire Light Infantry to Cape Town: Lieutenant Colonel E J Gallwey, commanding; Majors R B Williams and CB Little; Captains F N Peacock, S L V Crealock, L G T Chandler, E G Elger, W P Braithwaite, A B Whatman, and W J Bowker, DSO, Lieutenants V F A Keith-Falconer, J B C Thompson, CB Prowse, P M Wardlaw, A H Yatman, T B Maddocks, and R H M C Miers; 2nd. Lieutenants A W S Patterson, H G R Burges-Short, H J R Alfrey, J C Parr, C H Little, W H M Freestun, A R S Sale Hill, E W Worrall and J S N Harrison; Captain & Adjutant E H Swayne, Lieutenant & Quartermaster P Morgan and Captain Holt, RAMC


London Times, 06 Nov 99 (Monday)

p6a The hospital ship Spartan arrived at Cape Town on Friday. The steamer German which

left Southampton on Oct 28 for SA arrived and departed Tenerife Friday.


p7a, b, c & d The Kildonan Castle, the Briton, and the Pembroke Castle left Southampton

Saturday for SA The Pembroke Castle is a regular passenger ship but was carrying some volunteers for the Imperial Light Horse and some others.

The Kildonan Castle left with the 1/Welsh Regiment there were 29 officers, 827 men and the same regimental goat that was presented to them by the Queen. The 2/Northumberland Fusiliers were 29 officers, 981 men. There was a detail of Black Watch; 5 officers and 41 men of the 3rd Stationary Hospital, 21 officers and 143 men of the 2nd General Hospital, 4 officers and 141 men of the pontoon troop,RE and the 1st Battalion section of the RE

The Briton carried the 2/Somersetshire Light Infantry and a detachment of seamen for replacements along with some Marines.

The 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry embarked in SS Formosa at Royal Albert Docks, Sunday at a few minutes past noon. The regiment numbers 20 officers and 909 men.

The transport Idaho departed Chatham shortly before noon on Saturday. She carried 20 officers and 732 men and included the 73rd Field Batty, RA, an ammunition column for the 2nd Division ; an excess ammunition column consisting of 6 officers and 379 men; and a bearer co. consisting of 2 officers and 66 men of RAMC

The steamship Ismore left Birkenhead Dock for SA about midnight Saturday. First on board were 2 officers and 40 men of the 63rd Field Battery RA, with 6 guns and 11 vehicles, stores, etc. The the 11 Bearer Company RAMC with 51 men and many ambulance wagons and fittings. Next were 3 officers, 130 men and 140 horses of the 63rd Field Battery RA The men included 60 married reservists who had rejoined. Then “A” & “B” Squadrons 10th Hussars with 120 men and horses. The Ismore is expected to leave the Mersey today.


The Colombian departed yesterday from Langton Dock with a second contingent of 10th Hussars consisting of 17 officers and 260 men and horses. Also embarked were Lieutenant Williams, 18the Hussars and Lieutenant Lord Kensington, 2nd Life Guards. A detachment from the Life Guards and the Royal Horse Guards were to act as escourt for 5 military attaches representing, Italy, France, Russia, America, and Austria-Hungary also embarked.

The steamer Rapidan (#51) which left Liverpool at 3 o’clock on Thursday morning put back to the Mersey on Saturday having sustained damage in the gale.

The transport Ranee left Glasgow yesterday with “B” Squadron, 2nd Dragoons. The squadron consisted of 213 officers and men and 170 horses.

The Servia embarked at Queenstown, 91 men of the A & S Highlanders, 5 officers and 78 men of the Medical Field Hospital Corps; the 2/King’s Royal Rifles consisting of 1,100 officers and men. She departed yesterday morning at 7 o’clock.

The Catalonia arrived yesterday morning and embarked 28 officers and 1,000 men of the Inniskilling Fusiliers. besides small drafts from other corps. She departed last evening.


London Times, 07 Nov 99, (Tuesday)

p5b The steamers Braemar Castle and the Dunolly Castle arrived at Durban on Friday. The

steamer Carisbrook Castle passed Cape Verde for Cape Town Saturday.


p10c & d The troops en route to the Cape. The following does not profess to give a

complete list of the transports now on their way to SA and Cape Town.

The following sailed October 20:

Yorkshire, 2/Royal West Surrey, & Detachment RAMC Arr. Cape Town Nov10

Roslin Castle, 2nd Brig. Staff, 2/Devonshire, 2/West Yorkshire, & Details. Arr. CT, Nov8

Harlech Castle, Detachment 2/E Surrey, HQ 2/N’hamptons, & Details. Reported Las Palmas Oct 27, Arr. CT Nov 8

Lismore Castle, HQ 2/E Surrey, & Details. Rptd. Cape Verde, Oct 30, Arr CT Nov 8

Manila, 2/Devons & Details. Rptd. St Vincent. Oct 30. Arr CT Nov 13.

The following sailed October 21:

Nubia, Half 2/N’hamptons, & Details. Rptd. St Vincent, Oct 30, Arr. CT Nov 12

Gascon, 2/CG, RE Companies & Details, Rptd. Tenerife, Oct 27. Arr. CT Nov 10

Goorkha, 1st Brig. Staff, 3/Grenadier Gds. & Details RE, Rptd Tenerife Oct 29. Arr. CT Nov 11

Mongolian, 2/Seaforth Highlanders, & Details. Arr. CT Nov 10

The following sailed October 22:

Malta, 1/CG, MI Staff, & Details, Rptd. Las Palmas Oct 31. Arr. CT Nov 15

Pavonia, 2/ Royal Fusiliers, 2/Scots Fusiliers, & Details. Rptd. St Vincent, Nov 2, Arr. CT, Nov 12.

p10c The transport Colombian which left Liverpool on Sunday was detained in the Mersey due

to the gale and problems with the Rapidan. The horse stalls would be strengthened.

The transport Englishman at Queenstown,completed embarkation of the 3rd Infantry Division Ammunition Colonel RFA and sailed at 3 pm The column comprises 5 officers and 128 men.

The transport Dictator embarked the 1/Royal Scots (29 officers and 1050 men) and sailed for the Cape.


London Times, 08 Nov 99 (Wednesday)

p5c The White Star Australian twin-screw steamer Medic left Albany yesterday direct for

Cape Town, with the Victorian, Tasmanian, South Australian and Western Australian contingents for service in SA on board, amounting to over 600 troops and nearly 200 horses.


p6c & d To the list of ships mentioned above at London Times, 07 Nov 99 at page 10c & d, add the

following to October 23 sailing:

City of Vienna, 1st Cavalry Brig. Staff, 12th Lancers, & Details, Rptd. Las Palmas, Oct 30, Arr. CT Nov 12

Mohawk, 12th Lancers & Details. Rptd. Las Palmas, Oct 30, Arr. CT Nov 11

Jamaican, “B” Squadron 14th Hussars & Details, Arr. CT Nov 12

City of Cambridge, 2/Scottish Rifles & Details, Arr. CT Nov 12

Oriental, 6th Brig. Staff, 1st R W Fusiliers, & Details, Rptd. St Vincent Oct 31, Arr. CT Nov 12.

Harwarden Castle, 3rd Brig. Staff, 2/Royal Irish Fusiliers, Rptd. Las Palmas, Oct 29, Arr CT Nov 12.

Aurania, 3rd Brig. Staff, 1/Highland Light Infantry, & Details. Rptd. St Vincent, Oct 30, Arr. CT Nov 11

Nomadic, Remounts and RE, Rptd. Tenerife, Oct 30, Arr. CT Nov 11


p6b Dateline Chatham, Nov 7. The Algeria (47) is embarking the 38th Battery RFA, a

howitzer ammunition column and the Brig. Division Staff consisting altogether of 12 officers, 282 men, 228 horses, 6 guns and 44 vehicles.

The 2/Shropshire Light Infantry, 29 officers and 752 men, 5th Field Hospital Company, 3 officers and 22 men, and details from 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 9 officers and 18 men, embarked in the hired transport Arawa at Southampton

Due to a heavy gale the transport Ismore was delayes as she put into Moelfre Roads to ride it out.

The hired transport Duke of Fife landed at the North Wall, Dublin yesterday, 200 officers and men and a number of horses of the Scots Greys from Edinburgh for SA via Queenstown.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 08 Nov 99 Nothing Noted


London Times, 09 Nov 99.

p7a & b Dateline Tilbury Nov 8. The Chicago departed from Albert Dock this

afternoon with the second ½ of the 6th Dragoon Guards and a detachment of the Shropshire Light Infantry on board, in all 12 officers, 377 men and 397 horses.

The steamer Bavarian (#16) left Liverpool yesterday afternoon having embarked 7 foreign military attachés, 6 officers and 215 men of the 12th Field Company, RE, 5 officers and 35 men of the RAMC, the 3rd Infantry Division Staff, RE, several officers of the General Staff and a number of naval officers. She will call at Queenstown to embark the 1/Connaught Rangers, 1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers and detachments of Nos. 10 & 16 Companies RAMC She is expected at the Cape on 28th inst.

The steamer Algeria departed Chatham yesterday afternoon and carries 9 officers and 183 men of the Brig, Div, Staff; the 38th Battery Field Artillery with 141 horses, 6 guns and 14 wagons; and a howitzer ammunition column comprising 3 officers, 106 men, 87 horses and 30 wagons.

The West India and Pacific Steamship Co’s new ship Atlantian has been chartered by the Government.

The steamer Cheshire will depart Liverpool, Harrington Docks, this morning for SA She carries 1 officer and 40 men from #7 Company RAMC, 2 officers, 3 warrant officers and 372 men ASC;

Brig. Division Staff, RFA; Corps troops, 1/Gordon Highlanders, #7 Field Hospital.

The steamer Montford will depart Toxteth Dock, Liverpool with ½ 61st Battery RFA, a troop of the 13th Hussars and a detachment of #4 General Hospital. The ship will call at Queenstown fir the 79th Battery, RFA


London Times, 10 Nov 99. (Friday)

p5c The Transport Roslin Castle (#26) attived at Cape Town yesterday. The Hyades, with

mules from Naples, arrived at Cape Town on Nov 6, and the Southern Cross, with mules from Gibraltar, arrived at Cape Town on the 8th.

The steamer Kildonan Castle arrived at Madeira at 11 pm on Wednesday and left at 7 am yesterday for the Cape.

The Briton arrived at Madeira at 1 pm on Wednesday and left at 6 pm for Cape Town.

Dateline Gibraltar, Nov 9. The transport Mount Royal, with 1902 mules on board, has arrived here from Valencia. She embarked 450 more mules, and will sail tomorrow for SA

Lloyd’s Agent at St Vincent, Cape Verd, telegraphs, Nov 9, 8. 30 a. m., as follows: “The steamer Persia, H M transport Number 54, has been towed in here by tug Blazer. Distance towed 22 miles. She was picked up close to rocks St Antonio with thrust shaft broken and other damage.” Arrangements have been made for the troops and horses to be transferred to the steamer Goth, which will leave Southampton on the 14th inst.


p10 a & b. The transport Arawa has put back into Southampton due to electrical problems.

The transports Colombian and Ismore which were driven for shelter in Moefre Bay due to the gale, have left yesterday morning.

The transport Ranee, which put back into Greenock on Sunday, left for SA yesterday.

The 1/Gordon Highlanders embarked in the Cheshire (#43) yesterday at Liverpool, Harrington Dock. There were 29 officers and 855 men of the Gordons, 377 men ASC, and 35 RAMC

The transport Bavarian arrived at Queenstown yesterday to embark an advance party of the Connaught Rangers and Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 9 officers and 226 men, 55 tons of bagage and stores, 10 tons of ammunition and explosives, some 20 ammunition and ambulance wagons and one machine gun. The main body of troops will arrive today. A detachment of #16 Bearer Company, RAMC will also embark.


page 11 c & d. To the previous listing of ships that have departed for the Cape add the

following that departed Oct 24:

Orient, 2/Black Watch & Details. Reptd. St Vincent Nov 1, Arr. CT Nov 12

Armenian, 7th, 14th, & 66th Battys. RFA & Details, Arr. CT Nov 13-14

Cephalonia. 4th Brig. Staff, 1/Durham Light Infantry & Details, Reptd. St Vincent Nov 3, Arr. CT Nov 12.

Carisbrook Castle, Naval Contingent & Details. Reptd. Cape Verd Nov 4, Arr. CT Nov 12

America, R Battery RHA & Details, Arr. CT Nov 16.

Siberian, Hq, 6th Inniskilling Dragoons & Details, Arr. CT Nov 16


London Times, 11 Nov 99, (Saturday)

p7b The Roslin Castle, which arrived at the Cape on Thursday from Southampton, is now on

her way from Cape Town to Durban.

The transport Urmston Grange (#22), which left Liverpool on Nov 1, arrived at Las Palmas on Thursday at 4 p. m., and, after coaling, left at half-past 8.

Repairs to the Persia, which was towed in with the thrust shaft broken, will require about 7 days.

p12b & c. The Bavarian left Queenstown yesterday with 30 officers and 887 men of the

1/Connaught Rangers; 30 officers and 974 men of the 1/Dublin Fusiliers; Regiment Staff, 3rd Division Engineers; 215 men of the 12th Field Company, RE ; #10 Company Field Hospital & #16 Company Bearer Company, RAMC,; 55 tons of baggage and stores, 10 tons of ammunition and explosives, about 20 ammunition and ambulance wagons and 1 machine gun. She also takes out the military attachés of Germany, France, Austria-Hungary, the United States, Russia, Spain and Italy.

At Liverpool yesterday morning, East Langton Dock, the transport Templemore (#61) embarked 22 officers, 559 men, 451 troop horses, 43 officer’s chargers, 1 machine-gun 2 small ammunition wagons and a quantity of cordite.

The troopship Arawa, which put back into Southampton due to electrical problems, left again yesterday for the Cape.

The SS Canning (#59) will embark at Royal Albert Dock, Nov 12, 1 troop of the 2nd Dragoons ( the HQ will sail in the Ranee and the remainder in SS Chicago), 65th Battry. RFA (Howitzer), Detachment #4 General Hospital.

The Britanic which sailed Oct 26th with2/Royal Irish Rifles is due at CT Nov 16

The Orcana which sailed Oct 27th with 1/A & S Highlanders and Details is due at CT Nov 17

The Glengyle which sailed Oct 27 with O Battry RHA and Details is due at CT Nov17


London Times, 13 Nov 99 (Monday)

p7f The transports Yorkshire, Lismore Castle and Aurania conveyed upwards of 3. 600 men

to SA The Yorkshire and Lismore Castle have been sent on the Durban

The Gascon has arrived at CT and will go on to Natal and Delagoa Bay.

The Roslin Castle arrived at Natal yesterday. The hospital ship Spartan has arrived at Durban and the hospital transport Trojan at CT

The Pindari (#49) passed St Vincent yesterday and the Catalonia arrived at Las Palmas on Saturday night and left yesterday for CT

The Formosa (#42) arrived at Las Palmas yesterday.

Dateline Cape Town, Nov 8. The transport Roslin Castle, which had been ordered to proceed to Natal, was intercepted and given fresh instructions at sea in order that she might not be delayed.

Dateline St Vincent (Cape Verd) Nov 12. The Servia arrived yesterday and left today for the Capr. The Idaho has also arrived. The Sardinian passed today with the Canadian contingent on board.


p10a The German reported at Tenerife Nov 3 and is due at CT Nov 19. The Kildonan Castle

reported at Madrira Nov 9, and is due at CT Nov 20-21. The Briton reported at Madeira Nov 8 and is due at CT Nov 21.


p12b & c. On Saturday the steamer Scot embarked 1,100 officers and men of the 1/Suffolk Regiment for the Cape.

The Dunera embarked details for Gibraltar and Malta and 350 officers and men of the 1/Derbyshire Regiment for the Cape. She departed in the afternoon bound for Queenstown where she will embark the 1/South Staffordshire Regiment for Gibraltar and then to Malta to pick up the rest of the 1/Derbyshire Regiment for the Cape.

The steamer Greek departed Southampton with 30 officers, 1 warrant officer and 1. 084 men of the 1/Essex Regiment

Yesterday at Tilbury, the Canning(#59), at Albert Dock, embarked the 65th Batty(Howitzer) RFA and an ammunition column. She carries 8 officers, 250 men, 219 horses, 6 guns and 14 wagons and sailed at half-past 3 o’clock

The Sicilian will sail today with guns, ammunition and 100 tons of Lyddite shell.

The transport Montfort (#53) departed from Liverpool, Harrington Dock, with a squadron of the 13the Hussars (66 men and 60 horses) and detachments of the RHA ( 61st howitzer Battery 97 men, 82 horses and 3, 5inch howitzers with ammunition carts and stores) and RE( 60 men).

The Mintford will call at Queenstown for a detachment of the 79th Field Battery.

At Queenstown the Dunera will embark the 1/South Staffordshire Regiment consisting of 19 officers, 4 warrant officers, 788 men, 40 women and 73 children for Gibraltar.

The transport Montfort will embark 5 officers, 170 men, 137 horses, 6 guns, and 11 wagons. She will then call at Gibraltar and embark 3 officers and 93 men of the 6th Fortress Company, RE

The Government has chartered two more vessels for transport service. They are the Victorian and the Maplemore.


London Times, 14 Nov 99 (Tuesday)

p5c We are informed by the Admiralty that the Armenian, with 3 Batteries FA and Ammunition

Column 1st Division and the Nubia, with 1/Scots Guards and half 2/Northamptonshire Regiment arrived at Cape Town yesterday; and the Harwarden Castle, with 2/Royal Irish Fusiliers, left Cape Town for Durban on Sunday.

The Armenian left Cape Town yesterday afternoon for Natal.

The Oriental and the Orient arrived at Cape Town yesterday.

The Press Assiciation states that with the troops which arrived in SA yesterday the reinforcements amount to 674 officers and 13,362 men.

The Southern Cross with 700 mules has arrived at Durban. The Formosa arrived at Las Palmas Sunday evening and deoarted Monday morning

The Mount Royal, with over 2,000 mules for SA from Naples has arrived at Grand Canary.

Dateline St Vincent, Nov 13. The transport Idaho left here today for SA

Dateline Tenerife, Nov 12. The hired transport Englishman coaled here and left for the Cape.

Dateline Sidney, Nov 13. The Langton Grange left Newcastle today with the final portion of the NSW contingent for SA numbering 4 officers, 50 men and 630 horses.


p7c The German sailed Oct 28 with 1/Rifle Brig. and details, Reptd. Tenerife, Nov 3 due

CT, Nov 19

The Kildonan Castle sailed Nov 4 with 1/Welsh Regiment, 2/Northumberland Fusiliers, and details, Prptd. Madeira, Nov 8, Due CT Nov 20-21.

The Briton sailed Nov 4 with 2/Somersetshire Light Infantry, Peptd Madeira Nov 8, Due CT Nov 21.


p10b The SS Sicilian(57) is due to sail from the Royal Albert Dock, Nov 13 and Southampton,

Nov 15 with 20th Fortress Co; 4th Batty, RFA: 78th Battery RFA; Det #4 General Hospital*, and Ammunition Park HQ †

The SS Antillian (45) is due to sail from Southampton, Nov 15, and Queenstown, Nov 17 with “A” Squadron 2/Dragoons‡ ; Brig. Division Staff RFA (Howitzer); 27the Battery RFA (Howitzer) and Det #4 General Hospital *.

The SS British Princes (50) is due to sail from Royal Albert Dock, Nov 14 and Southampton, Nov 16 with Ammunition Park Detachment,ƒ ; ½ 61st Batty, RFA (Howitzer) »; Det #4 General Hospital, *.

The SS Goth is due to sail from Southampton Nov 15 with 45th Company RE ; Ammunition Column (Gun and SAA Corps troops), Detachment #4 General Hospital.

* H Q in SS Goth

† Detachment in SS British Princes

‡ H Q in SS Ranee

ƒ H Q in SS Sicilian

» H Q and ½ Battery in SS Montfort.


London Times, 15 Nov 99 (Wednesday)

p5b The Britanic and the Carisbrook Castle arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The Lismore

Castle and the Yorkshire have arrived at Natal; while the Armenian left Cape Town for Durban on Monday; and the Oriental left Cape Town for Durban yesterday. The Harlech Castle arrived at Capetown yesterday and the Dunottar Castle arrived at Durban last Friday.

Dateline Las Palmas, Nov 14. The transport Dictator left here this morning for SA


p7f To The Editor Of The Times. Sir, I think it right to ask you to give publicity to the

following facts contained in a letter to me from an officer lately on board the Nubia transport. Writing from St Vincent he says that all the 1,600 men complained that the salt beef was high and uneatable. So after consultation with the colonel and the doctor the meat was condemned by a board as unfit for food. - the article goes on and if you want full copy, give me the reference and I’ll copy it out. (Ken H)


p10a & b The British Princess (#50) sailed yesterday from the Albert Docks at noon. She

had on board ½ 61st Battery RFA and some details - in all, 3 officers, 97 men and 106 horses. She will call at Southampton and embark “C” Squadron 2nd Dragoons, an ammunition detachment, a RAMC detachment and remounts.

The Admiralty have just chartered the Majestic and Pinemore for transport service.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 15 Nov 99

p14 The Roslin Castle arrived Table Bay Wednesday at 9 30 pm The following Special Service Officers are listed:

Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry – Lieutenant Colonel C G Martyr, DSO

W Riding – Lieutenant K A Macleod

Lieutenants A N Hood, A S Woods & C Newman


The 2/CG arrived yesterday by the Gascon. Officers listed were: Colonel H R Stopford, Majors Hon. A H Henniker - Major, The Marquis of Winchester, H G D Schute, Captains C S O Monck, H Sutton, R C E Skeffington-Smyth, Hon. E M Pakenham, Lord Newton-Butler, T H E Lloyd, Adjutant J McCarthy Steele, Lieutenant & Quartermaster R Grindel, Lieutenants H W Studd, H W C Pole-Gell, R H S Wilmot, F Hardy, W Darnell, J V Campbell, Hon. Guy V Baring, Hon. C H S Monck, E Longueville, 2/Lieutenants Hon. C D Baring, A C Burton.

Also on board were: 1st Tele. Battalion, RE, 31st Fortress Company, RE, Companies 18 & 19, RA, Medical Corps, a detachment of Ord. Survey, RE, details and a section of 14/Hussars.


On Saturday 3 transports arrived, Yorkshire, Aurania, Lismore Castle. The Armenian, Oriental, Nubia, Patiala, were also in by Monday.


London Times, 16 Nov 99 (Thursday)

p5b& c The transports Goorkha, Nomadic and the Manila have arrived at Cape Town.

The Britanic with 2/Royal Irish Rifles has left CT for East London; the Harwarden Castle with 2/Royal Irish Fusiliers arrived at Natal yesterday. The Bavarian and Cheshire left Las Palmas yesterday.

The Sumatrahas left Cape Town for Southampton with invalids.

The transport Columbian passesLas Palmas Nov 15, the Scot arrived at Madeira 7 pm on the 14th and left for the Cape at midnight, the transport Arawa arrived at Las Palmas yesterday and will depart to-night.

Dateline Buenos Ayres, Nov 14. The Beacon Grange left here for Cape Town with 686 horses besides stores of maize and frozen meat.


p7a & b The Bulawayo is due to sail from Southampton soon with 5,000 tons of warlike

stores and the Denton Grange will begin loading similar stores as soon as the Bulawayo departs.

From Southampton: The Goth sailed yesterday with #45 Company RE, the ammunition

column and Hq. #4 General Hospital, consisting in all of 12 officers, 2 warrant officers, 241 men, and 85 horses. The Goth will call at St Vincent on 23 inst. to embark “C” Squadron 6th Dragoons, consisting of 7 officers, 159 men, and 132 horses from the Persia, which had broken her shaft.

It was late before the Antillian and the Sicilian were able to leave. The Antillian took out Divisional Staff of the RFA consisting of 4 officers, 1 warrant officer, 4 men and 17 horses; the 37th Howitzer Batty, consisting of 5 officers, 194 men and 161 horses and the remainder of #4 General Hospital. She will call at Queenstown to embark “C” Squadron of the Scots Greys.

The Sicilian embarked the 78th Battery RFA, 5 officers, 170 men and 137 horses at Albert Docks. She embarked 8 officers and 100 men of an ammunition park; #4 Battery RFA, 5 officers, 170 men and 173 horses, with 6 guns and 120 tons of shrapnel. At Gibraltar she will embark 20th Company RE

The transport Narrung (#23), at Royal Albert Docks, is due to leave today with #4 Mountain Battery, 5 officers, 276 men, 200 mules, 17 horses, and 6 guns. Ten men of the ASC and 150 tons of war stores, consisting of small arms ammunition and Lyddite shell, and a quantity of new saddlery and mule equipment also go with her.


London Times, 17 Nov 99 (Friday)

p5d We are informed by the Admiralty that the transport Mohawk arrived at Cape Town

yesterday and the Armenian arrived at Natal.


p10a & b The transport Narrung (#23) sailed yesterday from the Albert Docks with the 4th

Mountain Battery, and detachments of ASC & RAMC She carries 6 officers, 289 men, 18 horses, 171 mules, 6 guns and 4 vehicles.

The Bulawayo left Southampton yesterday morning, having shipped 10 traction engines, 5 sleeping vans, 34 wagons, 2 engines for the baloon section, 160 tons of ammunition and about 3,000 tons of supplies, forage, etc.

The transport British Princess (#50) leaves Southampton this afternoon for SA with 18 officers, 1 warrant officer, and 372 men of the Scots Greys, with 349 horses and ammunition.

The Admiralty has chartered the liner Canada for transport of troops to SA

London Times, 18 Nov 99 (Saturday)

p7e The City of Cambridge, City of Vienna, and the Malta arrived at Cape Town on Thursday.

The Manila sailed for Durban, Nov 15 and the Oriental arrived at Natal yesterday.

The Orcana arrived at Cape Town yesterday and the Trojan left Cape Town for East London.

The Ranee (#58) arrived at Las Palmas yesterday. The transport Cornwall left Albany yesterday for London, via SA with the Queensland contingent on board.

The Greek arrived at Tenerife at 10 pm Thursday and left at 6 am yesterday. The transport Chicago passed St Vincent yesterday.


p9a The Antillian arrived at Queenstown yesterday morning from Southampton and departed

last evening after embarking 7 officers, 172 men and 174 horses of the Scots Greys. She also carries the Brigade Divisional Staff, RFA (Howitzer) and the 37th Howitzer Battery consisting of 5 officers, 194 men and 161 horses, a detachment of #4 General Hospital and 150 tons of Field service equipment and ammunition.

The steamer Guelph, leaving Southampton today will convey 2 officers RGA, and 9 nursing sisters, 2 officers and 80 men of AOC, to Cape Town.

The steamer Doune Castle leaveing Southampton on the 24th inst., will convey about 1,000 officers and men to the Cape and the Avondale Castle, leaving Southampton on the 30th inst., will take out about 1,300 officers and men.


London Times, 20 Nov 99 (Monday)

p8b The Mongolian, the America, the Pavonia, the Jamaican, and the Cephalonia were

reported at Cape Town yesterday.

The Zulu, arrived at Capetown Nov 17th and the Caspain and the Prah arrived at Cape Town Nov 16th.

The following have departed Capetown Nov 17th for the ports mentioned: The Trojan (hospital ship) to East London; the Goorkha for Durban and East London; and the City of Cambridge for Natal.

The Canning arrived at Las Palmas Nov 18th

The transport Oriental was at Durban Nov 17th. In the past week the Harwarden Castle, the Lismore Castle, the Yorkshire and the Armenian all arrived at Durban and crossed the bar. They are the largest ships ever seen inside. The transport Manila arrived at Durban Nov 19th.

Dateline St Vincent, Nov 19. The transport Algeria arrived here last night and left this morning for SA

Dateline Las Palmas, Nov 18. The Templemore arrived here last night and will leave at noon today.

Dateline Gibraltar, Nov 18. The transport Montfort arrived here early this morning and has departed for SA


p12a The Guelph, with mails for Cape Town and other South and East African ports, calling at

Madeira, left Southampton on Saturday. Her passengers included Colonel Hippisley, RE, Major H de T Phillips, RGA, 2 officers and 80 men of the AOC and 9 nursing sisters.


p13c The Manchester Port, sailed Oct 30, 5,616 gross tonnage, 1st Royal Dragoons and details, due Cape Town Nov 19. (Burn-Murdoch)


London Times, 21 Nov 99 (Tuesday)

p5d The following arrived at Cape Town yesterday:

The Glengyle with “O” Battery RHA, Ammunition Column 2nd Cavalry Brig., Detachement #3 General Hospital.

The Briton, with 2/Somerset Light Infantry

The Oceano with 542 mules.

The Siberian with H Q and “A” Squadron 6th Dragoons.

The German with 1/Rifle Brig., 26th Field Company RE and ASC

The Cephalonia and Pavonia left Cape Town for Durban and the Devonia, with mules, for East London, yesterday.

Dateline Gibraltar, Nov 20. The troopship Sicilian arrived here today and embarked the 20th Company RE and has departed this afternoon for SA


p7a The following further particulars relating to the embarkation of troops for SA were issued

from the War Office yesterday:

Gaul (Freight Ship), Southampton, Nov 24, Brigade Staff 10th Brig., 2/Royal Warwickshire Regiment, #32 Company ASC, Detachment #10 Co(Bearer Co) RAMC [H Q in SS Simla]

Doune Castle, (Freight Ship), Southampton, Nov 24, 1/Yorkshire Regiment, Farriers, No 11 Company (Bearer Co) RAMC, and Divisional Staff.

Simla, (#2) Southampton, Nov 24, Queenstown, Nov 28, 2/Dorsetshire Regiment, #10 Company (Bearer Co) RAMC [Detachment in SS Gaul] Drafts: 1/Liverpool Regiment, 1/Munster Fusiliers, Army Pay Corps.

Maplemore, (#65), Southampton, Dec1, 2nd Life Guards Squadron [Including H Q of Composite Regiment of Household Cavalry], Royal Horse Guards, Squadron [Detachment in SS Pinemore], Detachment #6 Co (Bearer Co) RAMC, Draft 18th Hussars

Avondale Castle (Freight Ship) Southampton, Dec 1, 2/Middlesex Regiment, #11 Co (Field Hospital) RAMC, Draft 2/Yorkshire Light Infantry

Norman, (Freight Shop), Southampton, Dec 2, 2/Lancashire Fusiliers, Det #6 (Bearer Co) RAMC

Pinemore (#67) Southampton, Dec 3, 1st Life Guards (Squadron), Detachment Royal Horse Guards [H Q in SS Maplemore], Detachment Ammunition Column (Gun & SAA) Corps. Troops. Det #6 Company (Bearer Company RAMC, Drafts for 5th Dragoon Guards.


London Times, 22 Nov 99 (Wednesday)

p5d The City of Cambridge arrived at Natal yesterday morning. The Orcana left Cape Town

for Durban yesterday. The Briton arrived at Cape Town on Monday.

The Rapidan left Las Palmas yesterday and is due at Cape Town on Dec 8. The Montfort arrived at Las Palmas yesterday, having lost 6 horses.

Dateline Malta, Nov 21. The transport Dunera arrived here today from Gibraltar,

and left again, taking the 3rd company of the Lancashire Regiment for Limasol, and the 1/Derbyshire Regiment for Durban.


p10a The following despatches of troops for SA was announced yesterday, departure dates are


The steamer Canada, at Liverpool, Nov 30, to embark 1827 officers and men, including the staff of the 9th Brigade, the 1/South Lancashire Regt, 150 men for the 1/North Lancashire Regiment, 180 men for 1/Manchester Regiment, the 37th Field Company RE, the 25th and 27th Companies ASC and #16 Company RAMC

The Dilwara, at Southampton on Dec 3, to embark 1483 officers and men, including the 2/Royal Lancaster Regiment, drafts for the 5th and 9th Lancers, the 19th Hussars and the 2/Royal Berkshire Regiment, and #6 Company RAMC

The Majestic, at Liverpool on Dec 9, to embark 2024 officers and men, including 1/York and Lancaster Regt, strong drafts for the 1/Border, King’s Royal Rifles, and Rifle Brigade, and the Depôt Company RAMC

Part of the Staff of the 5th Division will go out in the freight ship Norham Castle from Southampton next Saturday.

The numbers taken by the Simla, leaving Southampton on Friday, will be increased to 1610, by the addition of a reinforcing draft for the 1/Leicestershire Regiment


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 22 Nov 99

p8 Here a list of Boer prisoners captured at Elandslaagte. Brought from Durban by the Putiala.


p12 Dated 1 Nov from B-P via Bulawayo. Casualties for the action 31 Oct

Killed, eight: Captain Hon. Douglas Henry Marshall, Captain Charles Alex. Kerr Pechell, # 2391 Troop Sergeant-Major William Henry Conigham, #2566 Trooper Arthur John Martyn, #2517 Trooper Frank Sinclair Traill Burroughes, #1169 Troop-Sergeant Hugh Byron Upton, #2569 Trooper Caleb William Nicholls, #2435 Trooper Russell Lloyd. Wounded three: Quartermaster-Sergeant E O Butler, Corporal F C Newton, Corporal A J Cook.”All the above are of the B S A Police”.


p13 Transport Nubia docked South Arm, Nov 14. Disembarked 1/Scots Guards, ½ of 2/Northamptonshire, # 15 Company RAMC, and details RE

The Putiala was landing Boer prisoners at the same time.

Wednesday’e arrivals were Goorkha, Harlech Castle, and Nomadic. Goorkha landed 3/GG RE, field & railway Companies and RAMC Harlech Castle brought 2/Northamptonshire and a detachment of 2/E Surrey. The detachment of 2/E Surrey will load on Goorkha to continue on to Natal. The Nomadic brought horses and some details RE, & RAMC

The Manila with 2/Devonshire arrived Wednesday.

Thursday’s arrivals were Malta, City of Vienna, Cephalonia & City of Cambridge. The Malta brought 1/CG, Lieutenant Colonel A E Codrington commanding and details. The City of Vienna brought 12/Lancers, Lieutenant Colonel the Earl of Airlie commanding and details. Cephalonia brought 1/Durham Light Infantry and details. City of Cambridge brought 2/SR and details. Mohawk arrived late in the afternoon and brought a detachment of 12/Lancers and RAMC

Saturday & Sunday arrivals were: Jamaican with "B” 14/Hussars and 12 Company RAMC; Prah with mules from Naples; Mongolian with 2/Seaforth High., #8 Company RAMC and #4 Stationary Hospital; America with "R” RHA, an ammunition column and detachments of RE and RAMC

Monday’s arrivals were: Siberian with HQ & 1 Squadron 6/Inniskilling Dragoons, Lieutenant Colonel H C Page-Henderson commanding, and Prince Alexander of Teck attached and details. Glengyle with "O” RHA, and ammunition column and a detachment of ASC German with 1/RB and detachments of RAMC, and RE Briton with 2/Somersetshire Light Infantry and a naval brigade and ammunition. Kelvin Grove with mules from Naples has also arrived.


London Times, 23 Nov 99 (Thursday)

p5c We are informed by the Admiralty of the following movements of transports:

The Manchester Port, with 1st Dragoons (Burn-Murdoch); the Kildonan Castle, with 1/Welsh Regt, 2/Northumberland Fusiliers, #2 General Hospital, A Pontoon Troop, RE, and 1st Balloon Section, RE; the Montezuma, with 1886 mules; and the Carinthia, with 1180 mules, arrived at Cape Town yesterday.

The Nubia left yesterday for Durban.

A telegram from Lloyd’s Agents at East London, dated Nov 22, reports the arrival of the transport Devona.

Lloyd’s also report that the transport Waiwera, from New Zealand, arrived at Port Elizabeth on Tuesday with the New Zealand contingent.

Dateline Las Palmas, Nov 22. The British Princess sailed yesterday at 5 o’clock for the Cape. The Narrung arrived at noon today.


p10a & b Among the passengers by the Castle liner Norham Castle leaving Southampton on

Saturday next are Lieutenant General Sir Charles Warren, Colonel A W Morris, AAG, Major R B M P Kelly, RA, A D C, Brevet Major T Capper, E Lancashire Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel W B Allin, RAMC, and Captain A A McHardy, RGA 4 troopers of the South Notts Hussars Yeomanry are going in the Norham Castle, their passages having been subscribed for by their commanding officer, Colonel Rolleston, and the officers of the corps.

The 1/Yorkshire Regiment will embark in the Doune Castle tomorrow at Southampton. Other battalions also embarking at Southampton are the 2/Royal Warwickshire, in the Gaul, the 2/Dorsetshire in the Simla.


London Times, 24 Nov 99 (Friday)

p5e The Pavonia and Cephalonia have arrived at Natal and the Manchester Port, with the 1st Dragoons, (Burn-Murdoch) left Cape Town for Durban yesterday.

The Kelvin Grove arrived at Port Elizabeth Wednesday and the Narrung departed Las Palmas the same day.

The Congella arrived at Natal Wednesday having on board Field Hospital.

The Guelph arrived at Madeira at 7 am yesterday and left at noon.

Dateline Cape Town Nov 23. The Waiwera arrived at Cape Town at 3 o’clock this morning with the New Zealand contingent.

Dateline Las Palmas Nov 23. The Sicilian and the Antillian left this morning for SA

Dateline New Orleans, Nov23. The Manchester City left New Orleans with 2,000 mules for SA


p10b 3 transports leave Southampton today. They are:

The Gaul with 2/Royal Warwichshire Regiment, Brig. Staff, 10th Brigade, #32 Company, ASC, and a detachment of #10 Company RAMC

The Doune Castle with 1/Yorkshire Regiment, Divisional Staff, #11 Company RAMC and farriers.

The Simla with 2/Dorsetshire Regiment, drafts 1/Liverpool Regiment and 1/Munster Fusiliers, #10 Company RAMC and detachment Army Pay Corps.


London Times, 25 Nov 99 (Saturday)

p7d The Transport Servia arrived at Cape Town yesterday and the Orcana arrived at Natal yesterday. The Jamaican has left Cape Town for Durban and the Kildonan Castle has left Cape Town for Port Elizabeth.

The Carinthia arrived at Port Elizabeth yesterday and the Florence at Cape Town.

Dateline St Vincent Nov 24. The Goth arrived here today and the Iona arrived here from Naples last night with mules for SA.


p9a & b Dateline Southampton, Nov 24. The Doune Castle left here this afternoon with

1/Yorkshire Regiment and details - chiefly farriers and men belonging to the remount department for a total of 26 officers and 1007 men.

The Gaul also left this afternoon with the 2/Warwickshire Regiment and details for a total of 31 officers and 1,200 men. She will call at St Helena.

The Simla also left this afternoon with 2/Dorsetshire Regiment and details for a total of 41 officers and 1,078 men. Included in the total were 55 men of the St John Ambulance Brigade.

An item of interest. There is a chart here showing the distances from ports in England to the Cape via St Vincent. Mentioned are:

Southampton 6,300 miles; Glasgow 6,500 miles; Liverpool 6,405 miles

Albert Docks 6,463 miles; Tilbury 6,450 miles


There is a list of mule transports that have been chartered by the Government to convey mules to SA, at so much per head, from Naples, Gibraltar and New Orleans. They are:

Southern Cross 680 Devona 1,000

Mount Royal 2,247 Kelvin Grove 1,000

Hyades 1,000 Iona 1,088

Prah 671 Montezuma 1,886

Carinthia 1,180 Hurona 1,196

Manchester City 2,349 Oceana 1,542

Ocampo 150

For a total of 16,109.


London Times, 27 Nov 99 (Monday)

p7d The Pindari arrived at Cape Town on Saturday and the Idaho arrived yesterday. The

Mohawk and the Manchester Port (Burn-Murdoch) arrived at Natal on Saturday and the Servia left Cape Town for Durban on Saturday. The Nubia arrived at Durban from Cape Town on Saturday morning.

Dateline Cape Town, Nov 26. The Medic, with the Victorian, South Australian, Western Australian and Tasmanian contingents on board has arrived at Cape Town on Sunday. She carried 600 men and 200 horses.

Dateline St Vincent, Nov 25. The transport Goth, which arrived here yesterday, went alongside the disabled Persia and, having taken on board all her troops, horses, and stores, left during the night.

Dateline Suez, Nov 26. The transport Dunera, with the 1/Derbyshire Regt, Reserves, and details on board left here today for Durban.


p9b The hired transport Simla, which arrived at Queenstown on Saturday night from

Southampton with troops for SA, left again yesterday after embarking 300 officers and men of the 1/Royal Munster Fusiliers, 100 of the 1/King’s (Liverpool Regiment), and details of the 1/Leicestershire Regiment RAMC, APD A & S Highlanders and the Royal Irish Fusiliers. The Simla also takes out the 2/Dorsetshire Regiment


p9c The following will show approximately the strength of the medical establishment on

service when the whole force has arrived, excluding those which are usually present in Cape Colony in time of peace: Medical officers, RAMC, 282; civilian surgeons, 68; nursing sisters, including 4 superintendents, 56; quartermasters, RAMC, 28; all other ranks 2,050; ASC for transport, 800.


London Times, 28 Nov 99. (Tuesday)

p5b Dateline Cape Town, Nov 26 The Medic, with the Australian contingent has arrived at

Cape Town.

The Urmston Grange arrived at Cape Town yesterday (27th) and the Jamaican arrived at Natal.

The Ocampo, with mules from Valencia, arrived at Cape Town on Sunday.

Dateline East London, Nov26. The Kildonan Castle arrived here today from Cape Town.


London Times, 29 Nov 99 (Wednesday)

p5b The Bavarian arrived at Cape Town yesterday and the Wakool arrived on Sunday. The

Servia arrived at Natal yesterday. The Urmston Grange left Cape Town yesterday for Durban and the Scot arrived at Cape Town yesterday.


p7c The following further particulars of embarkation have been officially issued:

The SS Canada. (69) Liverpool (Alexandra Dock) Nov 30. Brigade Staff, 9th Brigade; 1/South Lancashire Regiment; #25 & #27 Company ASC; Draft RE; 37 Field Company RE ; Draft 1/Royal North Lancashire Regiment; Draft 1/Manchester Regiment; #16 Company (Field Hospital) RAMC [Detachment in SS Victorian]; Details.

The SS Dilwara (3) Southampton, Dec 3. 2/Royal Lancaster Regiment; Drafts 5th & 9th Lancers and 19 Hussars; 2/Royal Berkshire Regiment; #6 Company (Bearer Co) RAMC [Detachments in SS Malpemore, Norman & Pinemore]; Details.

The SS Atlantian (64) Liverpool(Langton Dock) Dec 3, Queenstown, Dec 5, Brig. Division Staff, RFA, 5th Division ; 19th Battery, RFA [Detachment in SS Victorian]; 28th Battery RFA ; Detachment Depôt Company (Field Hospital) RAMCƒ; Ammunition Column, 5th Division RFA

The SS Tantilion Castle (Freight Ship) Southampton, Dec 9. Siege Train; Detachment Depôt Companies (Field Hospital) RAMC [H Q in SS Majestic and Detachments in SS Atlantian and Tantilion Castle].

The SS Majestic (68) Liverpool, Dec 9. 1/York and Lancaster Regiment; Drafts, 1/Border Regiment, King’s Royal Rifles, & Rifle Brigade; Depôt Company (Field Hospital) RAMC [H Q in SS Majestic and Detachments in SS Atlantian and Tantilion Castle]; Details.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 29 Nov 99

p1 Dateline Bulawayo, Nov 10. The Boers have occupied Bryce’s Store, near Rhodes Drift.


London Times, 30 Nov 99 (Thursday)

p5b Dateline Bombay, Nov 29. The transport Palamcotta will leave here shortly for Durban

with details consisting of 3 officers, 600 men and 40 horses for the regiments which have already gone to SA from India.

Dateline Las Palmas, Nov 29. The Doune Castle has arrived here and will leave to-night. The Sumatra with invalids from the Cape, arrived here at 3 pm today and leaves again at noon tomorrow for London.

Dateline Buenos Ayres, Nov 29. The steamer Induna with 730 horses and 1,700 tons of fodder leaves here tomorrow for Cape Town.

The Formosa arrived at Cape Town yesterday and the Bavarian left for Durban on Tuesday evening.

The Cheshire and the Sardinian arrived at Cape Town yesterday. The transport Brookside arrived at Cape Town, Nov 27.

The Norham Castle left Madeira at 3 pm yesterday for Cape Town


p7c & d Dateline Southampton Nov 29. The Maplemore ( 7,700 tons, length 459 ft.,

breadth 52ft., and depth 34 ft. ) left here this afternoon with 441 men and 352 horses. The first train arrived at dockside with troops and 100 horses at 9:10 am and she departed at 3:53 pm

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