London Times, 02 Oct 99,

p3d. Dateline New York, 30 Sep A dispatch from New Orleans states that another steamer, the Montreal, has been chartered by the British Government.

Dateline New York, 1 Oct A dispatch from Kingston, Jamaica states that about 2000 mules, provisions, and 2/Leinster Regiment will go from there to the Cape, probably by the steamer Barbadian.


p3e, Dateline Madrid, 1 Oct British agents are still engaged in the north of Spain purchasing large numbers of mules to be sent to SA


p8b The hired transport Zibenghla, delayed by overheated coal bunkers, left Mersey for the Cape on Saturday.

Three Houston liners have been requisitioned to call at Naples for mules, and the Hyades was due to leave at once. Each vessel will take 3000 mules on board. Major R L Walter and Lieutenant J Vaughan, 7th Hussars, and Veterinary-Major Day left Colchester for Naples on Saturday for the purpose of buying mules.

The Admiralty have chartered the steamer Magda, Messrs. Trenchmann, shipowners of West Hartlepool, for the conveyance of coal and stores to Simons Town, SA Messrs. Merryweather’s steamer Hambleton of West Hartlepool was also chartered.


London Times, 03 Oct 99,

p3b Dateline New York, 2 Oct The British Government has placed a contract with the Louisville Packing Company for 4,5000,000 pounds of tinned meat for quick delivery. Similar orders have been placed in Chicago, Cincinnati and St Louis. The meat is for British troops in SA


London Times, 03 Oct 99,

p8a The Press Association says: 149 officers, 68 warrant officers, and 1225 men, including

over 1000 men of the ASC and General Hospital Staff, will leave Southampton in the Braemar Castle on Friday for SA

The Zibenghla, which had been delayed nearly a week in the Mersey, (overheated coal) left at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon. She will land her pilot at Queenstown or Waterford and go straight to Cape Town.

Three of Messrs. Elder, Dempster, and Co’s steamers have been engaged as transports, namely the Montezuma, the Prah, and the Mount Royal. The Montezuma is now at New Orleans and will leave in a couple of days with mules. The Prah is due at New Orleans and the Mount Royal has just reached Liverpool.

The Cunard Company’s steamer Carinthia is now at Boston and will leave for New Orleans to load mules.

The Union Company’s liners, Gascon, Ghoorka, German, Spartan and Trogan, for transport service are in the hands of artificers at Southampton.

The transport Dilwara is now ready to embark replacements for India. The transport Nubia is expected to arrive today with 2/Grenadier Guards from Gibraltar.

The new Allan liner Bavarian has been chartered to convey troops to the Cape. It is reported that the Admiralty is arranging for the City liner City of Cambridge and the Bibby liner Yorkshire. The charter is at the rate of 1 British Pound per ton gross register per month.

Major Holden, RA, superintendent of the Royal Gun Factory, has completed the howitzers and Maxims which are required for the Natal and Zululand field force, and the ordnance will leave by the Braemar Castle on Friday morning. Orders for the embarkation of a large detachment of artificers, blacksmiths, shoesmiths, wheelwrights, collar-makers, farriers, carriagesmiths, mechanicians for telegraphic apparatus, hitchers, etc., have been received and the men will leave by the mail steamship Mexican from Southampton.


London Times, 04 Oct 99,

p5a Dateline Durban, 02 Oct The Lalpoora arrived this evening from India with the 21st

Battery FA, the 26th Company of the Field Hospital Corps, and commissariat stores.

Dateline Capetown 03 Oct The Tantallon Castle arrived here this morning.

p10a The Union Company’s Mail steamer Mexican will leave Southampton on Saturday next

and will convey the following to SA: Lieutenant Colonel J F Brocklehurst, Royal Horse Guards; Lieutenant Viscount Crichton, Royal Horse Guards, two officers, six non-commissioned officers and 61 men of the Army Ordnance Corps; Surgeon R Richards, RN, and Surgeon M Falkner, RN The Mexican is due at Cape Town on Oct 25 and at Durban, Natal on Nov 2.

The hired transports Gascon and Ghoorka are now awaiting orders to leave Southampton for SA and the hospital ships Spartan and Trojan will leave within a few days.

The White Star steamer Nomadic has been chartered to convey troops to SA Two regiments of cavalry are to be conveyed from Liverpool by the Leyland liner Armenian.

The steamships Ocean and Ocampo have also been chartered as transports to the Cape.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 04 Oct 99

p1 Major Scott-Turner, R High. has been appointed staff officer at Kimberley. Captain E S Bulfin, Yorks. has been appointed a special service officer. The Scot arrived Cape Town Sep 26. Among the passengers were: Right Hon. The Earl of Ava, Colonel Frank Rhodes, DSO, Major Panzera, & Commander W L Grant.


p3 Dateline Johannesburg, Sep 30. About 200 Germans under Count Zeppelen and the Irish Corps under Mr Blake are to be ready to leave here.


p4 Dateline Palapye, Oct 2. 350 to 400 Boers are on the border at Crocodile River opposite Selika


p6 Dateline Tuli, Sep 27. Colonel Bodle and Captain Tracyarrived here last week and proceeded Rhode’s Drift. Bodle remained and Tracy left for Hq. Sunday. Dateline Bulawayo, Sep 30. Local police are being armed with Lee-Metfords. Dateline Lourenco Marques, Sep 27. The Umvoti has discharged 12 tons of cartridge cases and will take away refugees. Reformers’ Contingent under Woolls Sampson. A corps formed by Trimble.

Northumberland Regiment left London 18 Sep

45 officers and 980 men per Gaul, left Southampton Sep 15 and due Durban 12 Oct

General White with 45 staff and special officers left England per Tantallon Castle Sep 16.

The Sumatra left London 20 Sep for Malta to embark the S Wales Border Regiment and is due Cape Town Oct 22.

The Jelunga left for Crete Sep 20 to embark 2/Rifle Brig. and 500 details for Durban Oct 29.

The Dunera with 874 men for Bombay was stopped at Malta and sent to South Africa.

The Powerful left England with 750 Naval Brigade on board.

The Irish Fusiliers, from Egypt, are expected at Durban on Oct 16.

The Indian Contingent are ordered to leave for Natal, Sep 25.

42 Field Battery left Bombay 17 Sep

The Royal Irish Rifles left Calcutta, per Bunera, 18 Sep

The Wurni left India with 2 cos. infantry and mules.

The Indian left India 21 Sep with the Gloucester Regiment

The Boolwana left Calcutta 20 Sep with 21st Bty Artillery.

21 Sep Sir A Hunter and staff of the Infantry Brig., Devonshire Regiment, and a Squadron 19th Hussars left Bombay.

The Avoca left Alexandria for Natal with 1/Royal Irish Fusiliers ( 830 ). Due 16 Oct

The India, with troops, left Calcutta for Durban.

2 Squadrons 9th Lancers has left Bombay for the Cape.

3 Batteries Artillery, 24 officers and 534 men embarked at Liverpool Tuesday.

25 officers and 300 men, ASC, sail by Kinfauns Castle Saturday and the Gaika takes an ammunition column of 8 officers, 194 men, 123 horses, and 53 wagons.

The Gordons and the rest of the 18/Hussars have sailed from Bombay.

The Braemar Castle sails with 1,200 men and 200 officers on Oct 6 for Natal.


London Times, 05 Oct 99,

p3b. Dateline Durban, 03 Oct The transport Secundra arrived this afternoon with the 42nd Field Battery and army medical and vererinary detachments. Troops will disembark tomorrow.

The Lalpoora’s troops landed this morning.

Dateline Pietermaritzburg, 03 Oct The first transport from India, with the 21st Field Battery, has arrived, and the crisis of the military situation is now past, as transports will arrive daily.

p3c Dateline Lorenzo Marques, 04 Oct Messrs. Donald Currie and Co’s steamer Arundel

Castle sailed today wit 1200 Rand refugees. Large numbers were left behind. All trains arriving from the Transvaal are crowded.

p5a&b The following is a list of the officers and troops who leave Southampton for SA tomorrow in the Braemar Castle:

Staff. - Colonel the Hon. G H Gough, CB(in command), Colonel C P Ridley, CMG, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel

H P Shekleton, Major H H Smythe, Brevet Major Prince Christian Victor of Schleswig-Holstein, Lieutenant H W M Harington.

Royal Army Medical Corps. - Lieutenant Colonel A H Anthonisz (in medical charge), Lieutenant Colonel H Grier, Lieutenant Colonel R D Hodson, Major R W Barnes, Major R W E H Nicholson, Major F D Elderton.

Army Nursing Service. - Supt., Miss Garriock; nursing sisters, Miss Rose Innes, Miss Neale, Miss Anderson, Miss Nixon, Miss Murphy, Miss Snowdon, and Miss Guthrie.

War Office Civil Staff. - Mr W R Macdonald, 1/Loyal North Lancashire Regiment; 2nd Lieutenant R C Wiltshire.

Army Pay Dept. - Captain H Huntsman

Royal Engineers. - Captain G E Phillips, Lieutenant A F Sargeant, Lieutenant W C Macfie, Lieutenant C C H Hogg.

Army Ordnance Dept. - Major O C Sherwood, Captain C C Wrigley, Captain T J Warnes, Captain R J Hamblin, Lieutenant W Hutchings, Lieutenant T A Sidney.

Army Service Corps. - Lieutenant Colonel F T Clayton, Major D Webb, Captain A E Longdon, Captain E E D Thornton, Captain H Davies, Captain R Ford, Captain J A T Tredgold, Captain F C S Norrington, Captain C D Christopher, Captain S L Reynolds, Captain H Cleeve, Captain E F Taylor, Captain J Puckle, Lieutenant H S Buckle, Lieutenant E G Evans, Lieutenant H S Wright, 2nd Lieutenant T J N Mears, 2nd Lieutenant W Taylor, 2nd Lieutenant C H Fanshawe, 2nd Lieutenant W A R Shakespear, 2nd Lieutenant P G P Lea, 2nd Lieutenant N G Anderson, 2nd Lieutenant R P S Elderton, Lieutenant & Qtrmstr. J P Walsh, Major G R C Paul, Captain C E McVittie, Lieutenant W K Bernard, Lieutenant A S M Porter, Lieutenant Colonel J A W Falls, Lieutenant C F Moore, Lieutenant Colonel S H Winter, Captain R O Burne, Captain F P S Taylor, Lieutenant L S Roberts, Lieutenant H G Beaumont, Major P J T Lewis, Captain A P Welman, Captain W J S McCormick, Lieutenant H O Knox, Lieutenant & Quartermaster W Cosgrove, Captain J C G Longmore, Captain G Conway-Gordon, Lieutenant R M Limond, Major G M V Hunt, Captain W H Foster, Lieutenant B S Moore, Captain W H M Armstrong, Major A L Caldwell, Lieutenant H W Clinch, Lieutenant J M Young, Lieutenant & Quartermaster D J Edwards, Major E F J Blakeney, Lieutenant M Moore, Lieutenant H J Russell, Lieutenant J G Lecky, Captain R G Berry, Brevet Major H N Sargent, Captain A Amery, Captain L A Atcherley, Lieutenant J W H Maturin, Captain G W B Boyce, Lieutenant & Quartermaster J Davis, Captain H N Colguhoun, Captain E W A Courtney, Captain A G Master, Lieutenant & Quartermaster H Murphy, Captain J C L Black, Captain & Quartermaster J H Edmondson, Lieutenant E C L Fitzwilliams, Lieutenant & Quartermaster F K Tull, Captain & Quartermaster R Richardson, Lieutenant & Quartermaster H Armstrong, Lieutenant & Quartermaster T Wallace, Lieutenant Colonel F F Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel W R Winter, Captain K Macdonald, Lieutenant D Parsons, Lieutenant C T Lloyd, Major E A Bramhall, Captain St J W A Parker, Major R H L Warner, Major G O Welch, Major C E Wyncoll, Major C Rawnsley, Lieutenant - Colonel R B McComb.

1/Royal Munster Fusiliers - 2nd Lieutenant C R Moore.

Royal Engineers - Captain J H Twiss, Lieutenant M G E Manifold, Lieutenant H L Pritchard (DSO), The Hon. Lieutenant & Quartermaster A N Tucker.

War Office Civil Staff. - A N Tucker

2/Royal Dublin Fusiliers. - 2nd Lieutenant F B Lane.

5th Dragoon Guards. - 2nd Lieutenant M R Head

2/Gordon Highlanders. - Lieutenant S C Maitland

Royal Engineers. - Lieutenant-Col H E Ranson.

1/Devonshire Regiment - Lieutenant H B W Gardiner, 2nd Lieutenant E S C Willis.

Royal Berkshire Regiment - Major G D R Williams.

Also about 90 warrant officers and 1300 non-commissioned officers and men, comprising: No. 1 General Hospital Corps, 3 companies of Army Ordnance Corps, and 20 companies of the Army Service Corps.

The Admiralty yesterday took up the Peninsular and Oriental Company’s steamers Oriental and Formosa for transport of troops to the Cape. The Nubia will leave shortly with troops for the Cape. The P & O Company have 8 of their steamers (40,000 tons, in Government service.


London Times, 06 Oct 99

p5a Dateline Durban, Oct 5. The Sutlej has arrived here from India with half of the

Devonshire Regiment, the City of London with the remainder of the Devonshire Regiment, the Purnea with the King’s Royal Rifle Corps, the Buldana with the 53rd Field Battery, and the Pandua with part of the 19th Hussars.

p7a The steamer Mexican will leave Southampton tomorrow for SA with the following

officers: Brevet Colonels J Howard, CB, & the Hon. C G Fortescue, CMG Staff officers to Natal, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town; Lieutenant Colonel J F Brocklehurst, MVO, Royal Horse Guards, Brevet Major E P C Girouard, DSO, RE, Captains J H Twiss, RE, H G Joly de Lotbiniere, RE, W A Tilney, 17th Lancers, W H A Smith, AOC, W A Adams, 5th Lancers, A R Hudson, RA, J Romer, 2/Royal Dublin Fusiliers, Lieutenants M G C Manifold, RE, H L Pritchard, DSO, RE, H A Mickleson, DSO, RE, E H M Leggett, RE, Viscount Crichton, Royal Horse Guards, Lieutenant & Quartermaster A H Tucker, RE, and 2nd Lieutenant R J Collins, 2/Berkshire Regiment


London Times, 07 Oct 99

p9a The Braemar Castle left Southampton for SA at 5 o’clock yesterday afternoon.


London Times, 09 Oct 99

p5d Dateline Cape Town Oct 8. The Union liner Gaul with the Northumberland Regiment on

board has arrived here.

p5e Dateline Bombay Oct 8. The transports Virawa and Patiala sailed today for SA with the

last portion of the Indian contingent, consisting of two squadrons of the 5th Dragoon Guards.

p5f Dateline Kansas City Oct 7. British agents have contracted for 1200 mules to be shipped

to New Orleans next Monday.

p10f Up to the present 22 Liverpool steamers are under charter to the Government as

transports; the latest addition being the steamer Kelvin Grove from Messrs. Houston and Company for transport of mules to the Cape.

The steamer Devona, chartered by the Government to transport mules left Liverpool on Saturday for Naples. She embarked Colonel Rayment, Army Veterinary Corps and 20 men of the ASC and take on 1100 mules at Naples.

Messrs. Houlder Bros. ’ steamer Southern Cross, chartered by the Government left Newport yesterday for Gibraltar to embark mules for SA

The Vahmo, freight ship, loaded ammunition at Portsmouth and sailed Saturday for the Cape.

Add the following to the list of passengers for the Mexican: Major Baker, Lieutenant J Birkbeck Surgeon Falkner, RN, Captain E F Holden, Captain Hudson, Surgeon R Richards, RN, and Lieutenant Tucker.


London Times, 10 Oct 99.

p3a. Dateline Durban Oct 9. The transports Calstana and Nurani arrived this morning.

The Nurani brought the remainder of the King’s Royal Rifles. The other arrivals today were the Wardha with a portion of the 9th Lancers, the Sirsa with the remainder of the Gordons and the Worona with the remainder of the 19th Hussars,

p3b Dateline Rome Oct 9. According to a telegram from Catania to the Tribuna, several

English officers have arrived there from Malta to buy mules for transport service in SA

p5c A Reuter telegram from Calcutta states that the Bibby Line steamers Cheshire and

Yorkshire have been chartered as troopships for SA The Anchor liner Algeria was yesterday chartered at Glasgow bu the Government for transport services to SA


London Times, 11 Oct 99.

p3b Dateline Gibraltar Oct 10. Three hundred mules purchased in Spain by the British

Government arrived here today for conveyance to the Cape on board the steamer Southern Cross, which is expected to arrive on Friday.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 11 Oct 99

p6 Dateline Durban, 03 Oct The Lalpoora landed here 21st Field Battery, RA, 184 men, 6 15 pounder guns, commanded by Lieutenant Colonel J A Coxhead, 160 horses and 132 men British Field Hospital commanded by Major M W Kerin. Dateline Durban, 04 Oct The Secunda, from India, arrived at 5 am with 32nd Battery, FA, 180 men and 6 15-pounders. Also Veterinary -Captain Newson and 22 men.


Dateline Durban, 05 Oct The following are due here shortly:

From Bombay -

Vadala and Woira with 19/Hussars

Valitana and Sirsa with 2/Gordons

Wardha, Narrung and Lindula with 9/Lancers

Noushesa with an ammunition column

Patiala, Nwrosa and Virawa with 5/DG

From Calcutta -

Nivrana with transport animals

Henzada with Ord. Fld. Dep.

Nerbudda with relief mules

Sirdbana and India with Gloucester Regiment


Dateline Durban, 06 Oct 5 transports with troops from India have arrived, namely:

Sutlej with half the Devons

Purnea with 885 KRR

Booldana with 53rd Field Btry. , 280 men and 160 horses

Pandua with part of the 19/Hussars will not land her but sent along to Cape Town

City of London with remainder of the Devons

Among the arrivals were Sir Archibald Hunter, Colonel Woolfe Murray.


Dateline Durban, 07 Oct 2 Transports arrived today:

Ellora with 18th and 24th Batteries (?) Field Hospital, Major Porter commanding Vadaila with "C” 19/Hussars, Major Apthorp commanding, 209 horses and 12 mules.


p8 The Gaul landed the Northumberland Fusiliers at Cape Town, Saturday. Officers are listed:

Lieutenant Colonel C G C Money, CB, commanding; Majors Hon. C Lambton, DSO, and E W Dashwood, Ray; Captains E B Eager, C E Keith Falconer, C H L James, D Sapte, R H Isacke, and F C Ferguson; Lieutenants A J B Percival, C E Fishbourne, H T Crispin, C A Armstrong, F Bevan, H T Buckley, H G Lynch-Staunton, F Bevan, H C Hall, H S Toppin (Tappin), R CB Lethbridge, A C Girdwood, F L Festing, and F R Coates, R W N Brine; C W Brown and St. J E Montagu; Lieutenant and Quartermaster J Bett.

Other Corps – Lieutenant Colonels J Sherston, DSO, Staff, and J Stoneham, ASC; Captain E J Ward, ASC, Lieutenant C E Pigott, ASC, Captain A K Seccombe, ASC,; Lieutenants D C E Grose, ASC, F B Lord, ASC, C E I McNalty, ASC, and F F Duffus, ASC; C R Law, ASC, M Cairns, ASC, G Macfarlane, ASC, and W English, ASC


London Times, 12 Oct 99.

p5a Dateline Durban Oct10. The transport Nairung has arrived here with the 2nd squadron. of the 9th Lancers. The Nowshera with the remainder of the 9th Lancers has arrived.


London Times, 13 Oct 99.

p5a Dateline Durban Oct 11. The transport Lindula has arrived with a squadron of the 5th DG from India.


London Times, 14 Oct 99.

p7a Dateline Durban Oct12. The transport Avoca arrived this morning with The Royal Irish Fusiliers. The Avoca has brought details of the Gordons and Gloucester Regiment, a total of 1100 men. The transport Nevada has now arrived.


p9c The government has chartered the Houlder Brother’s ship Langton Grange. The Cunard

Liner Pavonia sailed at 5 o’clock this afternoon for Southampton and will there embark troops. The Montezuma is to leave New Orleans on the 18th, and will have between 2,000 and 3,000 mules on board. Messrs Elder, Dempster’s steamer Arawa left Avonmouth yesterday for London and there will be taking out officers and men to SA The Transport Department of the Admiralty has chartered 12 steamships to transport Sir Redvers Buller’s army corps, with stores and munitions for Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Natal and Durban. The following vessels will be ready after 20 Oct to embark troops and horses: Nubia, Gascon, Goorkha, Malta, Pavonia, Oriental, Hawarden Castle, Armenian, Nomadic, America, and Aurania.


London Times, 16 Oct 99,

p5b Dateline Durban Oct12 The transport Nevada brought a field hospital and an ammunition column.

Dateline Durban Oct 14 The transport Wardha, which left here for the Cape Town with a portion of the 9th Lancers on board has returned here. She encountered a gale off East London and was considerably damaged and lost nearly 100 horses. The men have been transferred to the Avoca and the Nevada and will proceed to Cape Town this afternoon.

The transports Gaul from Southampton with 31st Company ASC and the India and Henzada from India with the Gloucester Regiment and an ordnance field depot, and medical staff have arrived.

p5e Dateline Cape Town Oct 12. The transport Nairrung with a portion of the 9th Lancers on board has arrived. The troops brought by the Powerful from Mauritius have been landed.

p6a Dateline Wellington, Oct14. The New Zealand military contingent for SA sails on the 21st inst.

Dateline Hobart, Oct 14 Arrangements are being completed for sending 125 infantry from Tasmania to the Cape. The contingent will sail on the Medic.

p6c Dateline Chicago, Oct 14 Four men are endevouring to raise a regiment composed of

Irishmen, Dutchmen, and Germans to fight for the Transvaal.

p7d The following transports will leave Royal Albert Docks, Woolwich on the dates

mentioned: Manila, 17th inst. ; Malta, 20th inst. ; Oriental, 20th, and the Nomadic on the 21st.

The chartered steamship Moor will be ready at Southampton on 21 Oct for embarkation of officers and men of the ASC for Natal.

Messrs. Ismay, Imrie, and Company have received a request from the Government of Victoria for the services of their liner Medic, now at Melbourne, to convey the colonial contingent, some 600 infantry and cavalry with their horses to the Cape. The troops consist of units from Victoria, and South and West Australia. The steamer is being fitted and is expected to sail about Oct 20.

Messrs. Houlder Brothers, have received information that their steamer Southern Cross left Gibraltar at 4:30 yesterday with 680 mules for the Cape.

Messrs. Elder, Dempster’s steamer Arawa has been engaged by the Government and has left Avonmouth for London.

A Reuter telegram, dated Naples, Oct 14, states that British officers have been there for some time engaged in buying mules for SA 1,500 have already been shipped and more are following.


London Times, 17 Oct 99.

(CHART #1)

p10c. The following programme of embarkation has been issued from the War Office:









2/Royal West Surry, Detachment No. 2 Company RAMC

Roslin Castle(26)



2nd Brigade Staff, Special Service officers, 2/Devonshire Regiment, 2/West Yorks. Regiment No. 2 Company RAMC, Depot Companies RAMC, Signalling officers, ASC, Army Pay Dept. & Corps, and Civilian medical officers.

Harlech Castle(27?)



Detachment 2/East Surrey Regiment, Half 2/(HQ) Northhamptonshire Regiment & Detachment Depot. Companies RAMC

Lismore Castle(27?)



H Q & 7 Companies 2/East Surrey Regiment Detachment Depot Companies RAMC, & Army Pay Corps




2/Devon Regiment Detachment Depot Companies RAMC, Details, Staff & MI




1/Scots Guards, half 2/Northamptonshire Regiment, #18 Company RAMC, & Details




2/CG, 1st Telegraph Division, RE, 31st Fortress Company, RE, #13 Company RAMC, Ordnance Survey, RE, #19 Company RAMC, Details, & Line of Communication Staffs.

Goorkha (Ftr. )



1st Brigade Staff, 3/GG, 10th Railway Company, RE, Royal Engineers, Regiment Staff, 1st Division, RE, 17th Field Company, RE, Detachment #13 Company, RAMC

Malta (Ftr)



1/CG, Detachment #18 Company RAMC, Draft, 8th (Depot Railway ) Company, RE & Details, MI, Staff, 1st Brigade, Aldershot Company MI, Southern Company, MI, Machine Gun Section.




2/Royal Fusiliers, 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers, & #7 Company RAMC




6th Brigade Staff, 1/Royal Welsh Fusiliers, 1st Company 2/Royal Welsh Fusiliers, & #11 Company RAMC

Harwarden Castle(29)



2/Royal Irish Fusiliers, & #17 RAMC




3rd Brigade Staff, 1/Highland Light Infantry, #1 Company RAMC, Regiment Staff, RE, 2nd Division, 11th Field Company, RE, MI, South-Eastern Company, MI, Cork Company, MI, & Machine Gun Section


Tilbury Docks


Brigade Divisional Staff, 1st Division RFA, 7th Battery RFA, 14th Batty, RFA, 66th Battery RFA, Ammunition Column, 1st Division, Field Troop, RE, Detachment #19 Company, RAMC


Albert Docks


Remounts, Detachment, #9 Company RAMC, 1st Cavalry Brig., 10th Railway Company, RE, 19th Hussars, & 17th Field Company, RE


Tilbury Docks

Oct 24

R Battery RHA, 1st Cavalry Brig., Ammunition Column, Detachment Field Troop, RE, & Detachment #9 Company RAMC


p10e The vessels with officers and troops allotted them are as follows:






Roslin Castle








Harlech Castle




Lismore Castle
































Hawarden Castle





















The Transport Department of the Admiralty has chartered 15 more ships for transport of troops and supplies to SA They will be ready after Oct 23. They are: City of Cambridge, Orient, German, Servia, Orcana, Mongolian, Kildonan Castle, Jamaican, Siberian, City of Vienna, Cephalonia, Catalonia, and Mohawk.


London Times, 18 Oct 99

p10c The Atlantic Transport Company (Ltd. ) have offered to the Government the gratuitous

use of their steamship Maine as a hospital ship for so long as the war may continue. The Government has accepted.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 18 Oct 99

p3 Dateline Simon’s Town, 11 Oct The Powerful landed 200 troops brought from Mauritius at Cape Town. Dateline Tuli, 12 Oct Colonels Plumer and Bodle left here last night for Rhode’s Drift.


p4 Here, a very long list of Volunteer units called out with a list of their officers:

Prince Alfred’s Own Cape Artillery Majors F W Devine, T J J Inglesby, Captains A McCleod (attached) & Qm W E Thomas, Lieutenants R Janisch, F R Day, Chaplain Dean.

Cape Garrison Artillery Lieutenant Colonel A P de Villers, Captains F G Myburgh, H Clarke, P C van B Bam, T E Lawton, W A Russell, Lieutenants J Sampson, A D A Borcherds, H Brown, 2/Lieutenants J Lyle, K H M Veale, W J A E Horne, C C Chase, C Gutsche, C P Smuts, N A N Black, D McCarthy, C E Kidger, Adjutant-Captain D F H Logan, Paymaster, Hon. Lieutenant J J B Proctor, Major J H Walker (attached), Surgeon-Captain J Hewat (attached).

Frontier Mounted Rifles. (Cathcart). Major J H R Hart, Captains W H Phillips, J W Pinnoy, W M Borcherds, Lieutenants U P Estmant, B J Krog, E A Blunden, 2/Lieutenants A Milford, F J Fuller, F M de Cerjat, Surgeon-Captain Q R Veitch, Reverend G H P Jacques.

Duke of Edinburgh’s Own Volunteer Rifles ( Cape Town ) Lieutenant Colonel W A Spence V D, Major H Woodhead, Captains H M Beatty, W V Simkins, C C H Brown, F M S Pennell, R A Hemmena, J Mansfield, F Charnock, F W F Johnson, Lieutenants J A Williams, A Leeson-Prince (22nd Middlesex, attached), 2/Lieutenants H F Spence, R H C Vance, W F Tewson, A H M Cramer, Adjutant-Major J Lewis, Commissariat Officer Major and Hon. Lieutenant Colonel H G Daniell, V D, Paymaster-Captain J Art, Quartermaster-Captain A S Harker.

Cape Town Highlanders. Lieutenant Colonel B M Duff, V D, Captains W Jardine, W J Robertson, J H H Watermeyer, F H Solomon, Lieutenants H G Berghuys, J P Edwards, G Scott, L S Meintjes, J Grant, 2/Lieutenants T Mackenzie, W H Hore, J V M Watermeyer, Acting Adjutant-Major W Standford, Commissariat Captain J Forrest, Paymaster-Captain T W Cairncross, Quartermaster-Captain G A Scott, Reverend J M Russell.

First City Graham’s Town Volunteers. Major H T Tamplin, Captains G Marshall, E G A Booth, 2/Lieutenant Hon. A L Lindsay, Adjutant and Captain F A Saunders, Surgeon-Captain T G Greenlees, Reverend W H Turpin.

Kaffrarian Rifles (East London). Captains H B Cumming, A R Barnes, R H Price, 2/Lieutenants E S Williams, C D Wakefield, J W McLean, Pay. -Captain A M Street, Quartermaster Hon. Lieutenant J R Cowie, Surgeon-Captain W Darley-Hartley, Reverend A Grant.

Prince Albert’s Volunteer Guard (Port Elizabeth). Major G C S Clarke, Captains H W Court, J C Uppleby, A P J Wares, G F Hoy, 2/Lieutenant F W Leeds, Chaplain and Hon. Major A T Wirgman, V D, Surgeon-Lieutenant H B Slater.

Cape Medical Staff Corps (B Company) Surgeon-Major J H Cox, Quartermaster Hon. Captain W Dawson.


p8 Dateline Lourenco Marques, Oct 10. H M S Philomel is waiting to intercept the German liner Kanzler looking for ammo.

Dateline Delagoa Bay, Oct 9. The Philomel intercepted the Guelph and ammo. consigned to Delagoa Bay was landed at Durban.

Dateline Lourenco Marques, Oct 11. French shipments of ammo were stopped when German cargoes were detained.


London Times, 19 Oct 99

p6b & 6c The following additions to the programme of embarkations were received at the

War Office yesterday:

SS Mongolian, Glasgow, Oct21 (17) 2/Seaforth Highlanders; #8 Company RAMC (a) and #4 Stationary Hospital (b).

SS Orient, Tilbury Dock, Oct 22 (24) 2/Royal Highlanders; MI, Staff, 2nd Cavalry Brig. ; Northern Company MI; Western Company MI; Machine Gun Section; Detachment #3 Company RAMC(c)

SS City of Vienna, Victoria Dock, Oct 22 (36) Staff 1st Cavalry Brig. ; 12th Lancers(d); #9 Company RAMC(e).

SS Mohawk, West India Dock, Oct 22, (33) 12th Lancers; #9 Company RAMC(f).

SS Siberian, Glasgow, Oct 21 & Queenstown Oct 24 (46) H Q 14th Hussars;A Squad. 14th Hussars; Det #4 Stationary Hospital(g).

SS Jamaican, Liverpool, Oct 21, & Queenstown Oct 23. (37) B Squad. 14th Hussars & #19 Company Field Hospital RAMC(h)

SS City of Cambridge, Glasgow, Oct 23 (15) 2/Scottish Rifles; Detachment #8 Company RAMC(i)

SS America, Tilbury Dock, Oct 24 (32) R Batty RHA,; 1st Cavalry Bde, Amm Colonel; Field Troop(j), RE, Detachment #9 Company RAMC

SS Cephalonia, Southampton, Oct 24 (19) 4th Bde. Staff; 1/Durham Light Infantry ; #3 Company RAMC(k); Dublin Company MI; Eastern Company MI; Machine Gun Sect. ; #6 Company RAMC; Details AOC Woolwich.

SS German, Southampton, Oct 27 (Frt) 1/Rifle Brig. ; Detachment #3 Company RAMC(l); 26th Field Company RE; 1st Field Park RE

SS Orcana, Liverpool, Oct 23 & Queenstown Oct 25 (40) 1/Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders; Det #8 Company RAMC(m).

Servia, Liverpool, Nov 2, Queenstown, Nov 4 (31) 3/KRRC; #14 Company (Field Hosp. )& # 14 Company (Bearer Co) RAMC; #2 Stationary Hospital(n).

SS Kildonan Castle, Southampton, Oct29 (44) 1/Welsh Regiment; 2/Northumberland Fusiliers; #3 Stationary Hospital; #2 General Hospital(o); Regiment Staff, Corps Troops, Engineers; A Pontoon Troop, RE; 1st Balloon Sect., RE

SS Catalonia, Liverpool, Nov 3, Queenstown, Nov 5. (21) 5th Bde. Staff(p); 1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers; Detachment #16 Company RAMC

(a) Detachments in SS City of Cambridge, and SS Orcana

(b) Detachment in SS Siberian

(c) H Q in SS Cephalonia

(d) H Q

(e) H Q in SS Mohawk

(f) Detachments in SS Nomadic and SS City of Vienna.

(g) H Q in SS Mongolian

(h) H Q in SS Gascon

(i) H Q in SS Mongolian and SS City of Vienna

(j) H Q in SS Armenian

(k) Detachments in SS German and SS Orient

(l) H Q in SS Cephalonia

(m) H Q, in SS Mongolian. Detachment to embark at Liverpool.

(n) Embark at Liverpool

(o) Eleven nurses by freight ship

(p) Embark at Liverpool


London Times, 20 Oct 99

p10b & c The Union Company’s steamer Moor, leaving Southampton for SA tomorrow will convey the following officers:

To Cape Town – Lieutenant-Gen Lord Methuen, Colonels R B Mainwaring & E Townsend; Brevet Lieutenant Colonel H B Northcott; Majors G E Benson, C H Burtchaell, H Streatfeild & Hon. J H G Byng(Army Corps Staff); Captains R J Ross, R H Standen, ASC, & W Price, Army Post Office Corps, Lieutenants Hon. E D Loch, E W Brooke, ASC, W W Carey, ASC, E W W Scott, ASC, & McClintock, Army Post Office Corps; Reverend T F Falkner, Nursing Sister Miss M Lowe.

To Port Elizabeth – Major General Sir C F Clery, Major F E Cooper, Captain L Parke, Major & Brevet Colonel B M Hamilton, Captain H Gogarty, Major G F Ellison, Reverend A A L Gedge, Reverend J Robertson, Colonel T J Gallwey ( in medical charge ), Major W Babtie, and Lieutenant J S Cavendish.

To East London – Major-Gen Sir W F Gatacre, Captain R H Hare, Colonel RE Allen, Lieutenant Colonel W H H Waters, Captain J R F Sladen, Reverend E Ryan, Reverend R Armitage, Lieutenant Colonel J D Edge, Major G E Twiss, Captain S FitzG Cox, Lieutenant A J McNeill.

To Natal – Lieutenant F H S Roberts.

In addition the Moor will convey 10 warrant officers and 604 non-commissioned officers and men all of the ASC, the majority of whom will land at Cape Town.

The Union Company’s steamer Trojan, chartered by the Admiralty for service in SA waters as a hospital ship, left Southampton at noon yesterday.

A party of the Army Post Office Corps has been added to the Goorkha (see Chart 1) a similar party will embark on the Roslin Castle (see Chart 1).

The Army Remount Dept. has secured 6,000 mule in Italy. 2,000 have already been shipped from Naples by the steames Hyades and Devona, and the Kelvingrove will leave today with 1,000 more.

700 mules left Gibraltar on Monday aboard the steamer Southern Cross. 560 mules will depart from Albert Docks on Monday aboard the Nomadic for Cape Town.

Five thousand tons of compressed forage leave this week for Durban.

From New Orleans, the steamers Prah and Montezuma have already taken 2,700 mules for SA and the steamer Carinthia is now loading 1,000. 3,500 remain to be shipped. Prices averaged about $200 each.


London Times, 21 Oct 99

p9e Messrs. Elder, Dempster’s steamer Mount Royal left Liverpool at noon yesterday for the Cape via Naples, with two officers and 64 men of the ASC She takes on 40 mule attendants and over 2,000 mules from Naples.


London Times, 23 Oct 99

p12d, e & f. Today the sailing of the Pavonia has been a great event. She sailed from the Empress Dock with the 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers and the 2/Royal Fusiliers, both in scarlet. The former 682 men and 25 officers; the latter 753 men and 29 officers. An hour or two later the Malta sailed with Reservists of the 1/CG as far as Gibraltar, from whence she will proceed with the full battalion. She takes out some RE and a strong body of MI

The embarkation of the 2/Royal Highlanders and MI in the Orient, now transport #24, took place at Tilbury Dock. Not long after 5 o’clock the whole force, consisting of 47 officers and 1187 men, was on board with everything stowed. The MI were first to arrive with 11 officers and 282 men. The 2/ Royal Highlanders number 29 officers and 887 men. Beside the troops mentioned, the Orient carries 5 officers and 15 men of the MI Staff, 2/Cavalry Brigade, a machine gun section and a field hospital detachment of one officer and three men.

The Armenian is due to sail today from Tilbury Dock with artillery and horses.

The transports City of Vienna and Mohawk delayed departure from Royal Albert Docks due to fog.

The troops embarked in the City of Vienna were the 12th Lancers, consisting of 15 officers, one warrant officer and 310 men, 295 horses, 1 gun, and 3 vehicles; the 1st Cavalry Brig. Staff, consisting of 3 officers, 16 men and 2 horses; Cavalry Division Staff consisting of 6 officers, 19 men and 9 horses; Cavalry Division consisting of 4 men and 2 horses; Staff RAMC, 2 officers and 1 horse; Detachment of #9 Company RAMC for field hospitals, 1 officer, 3 men, and 1 scripture reader.

The troops for the Mohawk comprised 11 officers, 248 men, and 206 horses of the 12th Lancers; #9 Company RAMC consisting of 3 officers, 1 warrant officer, 28 men and 2 vehicles.

The Seaforth Highlanders embarked Saturday at Glasgow in the City of Cambridge. The transport Jamaican left Liverpool on Saturday morning for the Cape, calling at Queenstown today, to embark the B sqdn. 14th Hussars and #19 Company RAMC (field hospital). Accommodation has been provided for 350 men and 170 horses, and the steamer also carries provisions for 6 months.

The steamer Montezuma, with 2039 mules, has left New Orleans for Cape Town.


London Times, 24 Oct 99

p5b Reuter’s Agency has issued the following note: The Sidney telegram of Saturday’s date

relative to the Australian contingent for SA should have read that 35 New South Wales Lancers would sail in the Kent, and not the 35th New South Wales Lancers.


p10a (CHART #2) The following particulars relating to embarkation of an army corps and a cavalry division for the Cape were issued yesterday by the War Office. It is explained that some staffs, ASC, RE, Army Ordnance, and medical units have already embarked, and that all transports, freight and store ships call at Cape Town “for orders.”

Embarkation of an Army Corps






Britanic (62)


24 Oct

2/Royal Irish Rifles



26 Oct

Detachment #16 Company RAMC (Bearer Co)


Royal Albert Dock

27 Oct

O Battery RHA; Ammunition Column,2nd Cavalry Brigade*; Detachment #12, RAMC (Bearer Co)



28 Oct

Brig. Division Staff, RHA Corps Troops

(West Float) G & P Battery, RHA

Detachment Ammunition Colonel 2nd Cavalry Brig.

Detachment #5 Company RAMC (Field Hospital)



24 Oct

C Squadron, 6th Dragoons

28 Oct Detachment #2 Stationary Hospital**

Manchester Port(41)

Tilbury Dock

29 Oct

1st Dragoons

Detachment #12 Company RAMC (Bearer Co)

Urmaton Grange(22)


01 Nov

Brig, Division Staff, RFA, 2nd Division (East Float)64th Battery RFA Detachment #14 Company RAMC***


Liverpool,(Brockle bank Dock)

01 Nov

Field Troop, RE Detachment #2 Stationary Hospital

*One non-commissioned officer, five men, and five horses in SS Pindari


** Detachment to embark at Glasgow

*** To embark at Liverpool. H Q in SS Servia


The Cunard ship Aurania (see chart #1) add # 1 Company RAMC Embarked 1656 persons.

The Oriental (see Chart #1) add a company of Royal Scots Fusiliers and a company of RAMC Embarked 1199 persons.

The Harwarden Castle (see Chart #1) embarked 964 soldiers.

The Cephalonia will depart tomorrow with the Durham Light Infantry and the 4th Brigade Staff.


p10b The City of Vienna and the Mohawk sailed yesterday from the Royal Albert Dock. The carried the 12th Lancers, 1st Cavalry Brigade Staff and a detachment of RAMC


p10c The Jamaican sailed from Queenstown yesterday. She embarked there 156 men and 142 horses of the B Squadron 6th (Innsikilling) Dragoons. Lieutenant Rogers and 3 men of the Army Medical Corps also joined the Jamaican. The transport City of Cambridge embarked the 2/Scottish Rifles(Cameronians) 965 strong at Glasgow yesterday morning for SA


p10d No. 2 General Hospital has concluded mobilization at the Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley, and is ready for sailing. They were to have sailed on the Kildonan Castle on Saturday but sailing has been delayed until Saturday week. The hospital is composed of 20 medical officers, 9 nurses, 1 quartermaster, 2 warrant officers, 11 sergeants, 15 corporals, 2 buglers, and 115 privates. The officers will include Colonel Duke, RAMC, in charge; Major Addison, secretary and registrar; Lieutenant Colonel O’Connell, Majors Longherd and McDonald; Lieutenant Norman, in charge of Rontgen rays; Quartermaster and Hon. Lieutenant Hawkey.


London Times, 25 Oct 99,

p7a The Cephalonia left Southampton today at 8 o’clock. She carried 51 officers and 1385 OR’s. 21 officers of 4th Brig. Staff. 29 officers and 882 men of 1/Durham Light Infantry, 3 officers and 28 men of 3rd Company RAMC, 11 officers and 281 men MI, 5 officers and 35 men of 6th Company RAMC, 71 details of the AOC and 66 Reservists RAMC

At Tilbury Oct 24th the America, Transport #32, embarked R Battery RHA, 1st Cavalry Brig. Ammunition Column and a detachment of AMC, a total of 10 officers, 1 warrant officer and 265 men, 273 horses.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 25 Oct 99 Nothing Noted.


London Times, 26 Oct 99 (Thursday)

p10b The 1st (Royal) Dragoons, under Colonel J F Burn-Murdoch, are to be conveyed by train on Sunday from Hounslow to Tilbury Dock to embark in the steamer Manchester Port for South Africa, to join the 2nd Cavalry Brigade, commanded by Colonel Brabazon.


London Times, 27 Oct 99

p5c & d The transport Zayathla arrived at Cape Town on Wednesday and the transport Jelunga arrived at Natal yesterday. Dateline Gibraltar, Oct 26. The transport Goorkha arrived here and landed 150 men of the A & S Highlanders and 150 men of the Derbyshire Regiment. She embarked for SA the 3/Grenadier Guards of over 1,000 men. Dateline Las Palmas, Oct26. The Harlech Castle and Lismore Castle with the 2/East Surrey Regt and the 2/Northamptonshire Regiment arrived here this morning. The Roslin Castle left last night for the Cape.


London Times, 28 Oct 99

p7d The Braemar Castle arrived Cape Town on Thursday with about 1,500 officers and men on board. The steamer Gaika arrived at Cape Town on Monday, pm and departed for Natal on Thursday. The Gascon left Tenerife for Cape Town at noon yesterday. Dateline Hobart, Oct 27. 80 men of the Tasmanian Infantry sailed from Launceston today for Melbourne, where they will join the Victorian contingent leaving by the Oceanic liner Medic for SA tomorrow.


p12a & b. The German leaves Southampton today with 1/Rifle Brig., the 26th Field C RE, 3rd Brigade Staff, #2 Company, AMC, some 1,200 men in all and a large quantity of stores, on board. The following will embark in the Carisbrook Castle, which will leave Southampton today: The Duke of Hamilton, Major-Gen Marshall, Captain Kirby, ADC, Colonel Brabazon, CB, Colonel Harrington Stuart, Colonel Martin, Major the Hon. C Bingham, Major C R Sclater, Captain French, Captain Balfour, Captain Nauton, Captain H Mann, Captain Clunie, Lieutenant Stirling Lecky, RN, Colonel the Earl of Dundonald, CB, Captain Lord Manners, Captain Pakenham, Lieutenant F B Dugdale, Lieutenant E E Terry, the Hon G Saumarez, Mrs. Richard Chamberlain (Red Cross Society), Miss Chamberlain (Red Cross), Colonel Young (Red Cross), and Nursing Sisters Hardement, Culverwell, Watson, Falcon, Babb, Woollcombe, Maclean, Beck, Kenahan, Sainsbury, De Montmorency, Baker, and Macintyre; also 20 officers on special service.

A portion of the 2nd Cavalry Brig. embarked yesterday at the Royal albert Dock in the Glengyle. Also boarding were the O RHA, an ammunition column and a bearer company. The transport Arawa has been ordered to Porssmouth to fit out for the conveyance of troops to the Cape.

The large Anchor Liner City of Rome, whish recently arrived at Greenock from New York, has been chartered by her Majesty’s Government for a hospital ship in SA waters.


London Times, 30 Oct 99

p5f Dateline Sydney, Oct 28. The steamship Kent sailed today with the first portion of the New South Wales contingent for SA, consisting of 3 officers and 37 men of the Lancers, 6 officers and 80 men of the Medical Corps, 4 special service officers and 189 horses.

The steamer Manila arrived at St Vincent on the way to the Cape with the 2/devonshire Regiment

Dateline Gibraltar, Oct 28. 1/CG, 1,000 strong left to-night for SA in the P & O Company’s steamer Malta.

Dateline Tenerife, Oct 29. The Union Co’s steamer Goorkha, conveying the 1st Brigade Staff, a number of the Railway and Field Companies RE, and the 3/GG for SA arrived here at 6 o’clock this morning and sailed for the Cape at 1 pm.


p10a, b & c Dateline Southampton, Oct 29. The Union Steamship Co’s steamer German sailed from here yesterday carrying 1/Rifle Brigade, a field co. RE and a number of ASC men. Total military was 40 officers, 2 warrant officers and 1428 men, of whom 1082 were of the Rifle Brig.

From Southampton also sailed the Carisbrook Castle with a number of nurses and 30 special service officers.

On Friday the A & S Highlanders sailed from Cork Harbour for SA They consisted of 32 officers and 987 men.

The transport Persia, of the Anchor Line embarked on Saturday C Squadron 6/Inniskilling Dragoons comprising 6 officers, 156 men and 154 horses.

The following list shows the names of vessels, the ports and probable dates of departure, the transport # and the troops to be carried:

SS Englishman, Liverpool (Hornby Dock), Nov 3, Queenstown, Nov 5, #60, Brigade Divisional Staff, RFA(3rd Division ); 74th Battery, RFA; 77th Battery RFA ; Ammunition Column, 3rd Division *; Detachment #5 Company RAMC(Field Hospital) (500 men and 367 horses)

SS Dictator, Liverpool (Toxteth Dock), Nov 2, Queenstown, Nov 4. #63, 1/ Royal Scots; Detachment #5 Company RAMC (Field Hospital)**. (1,000 men)

SS Ismore, Liverpool(Langton Dock), Nov 5, #39. 10th Hussars, HQ, C Squadron 3 Troops, B Squadron; #9 Company RAMC (Bearer Co),***, a Squadron 10th Hussars; 1 Troop B Squadron 10th Hussars. (450 men and 440 horses)

SS Columbian, Liverpool (Langton Dock), Nov 5, #39. 10th Hussars, HQ, C Squadron, 3 Troops, B Squadron; #9 Company RAMC (Bearer Co)**** (360 men and 300 horses).

SS Ranee, Glasgow, Nov 5, #58. Foreign Military Attaches; 1 Squadron, 2nd Dragoons; Detachment #12 Company RAMC (Bearer Co) (250 men and 176 horses)

SS Bavarian, Liverpool, (Hornby Dock) Nov 8, Queenstown, Nov 10. #16. Regiment Staff, 3 Division Eng. : 12th Field Company RE; 1/Connaught Rangers; 1/Royal Dublin Fusiliers; #10 Company RAMC (Field Hospital); #16 Company RAMC (Bearer Co)***** (2,200 men)

* To embark Queenstown

** Detachment to embark at Liverpool.

*** Detachments in SS America and SS Columbian.

**** HQ in SS Ismore.

***** Detachments in SS Britanic and SS Catalonia


Kildonan Castle, Southampton, Nov4. 1/Welsh, 2/Northumberland Fusiliers, a detachment 2/Black Watch, #3 Stationary Hospital, #2 General Hospital, corps troops, engineer staff, a pontoon troop, and other engineer details - 2,300 men.

Servia, Liverpool, Nov 2. and Queenstown Nov 4. 3/King’s Royal Rifles, detachment 1/A & S Highlanders, #14 Company RAMC, #2 Stationary Hospital, #3 General Hospital, Medical Store Depots, and Army Pay Dept. - 1540 men.

Catalonia, Liverpool, Nov 3 and Queenstown Nov 5. 5th Brig. Staff, 1/Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, a bearer co. #16 Company, RAMC, #11 Company AOC - 1,100 men.

Changes to Pindari - to sail today with additional 42 Company RE. Total being 514 men and 417 horses.

Changes to the Urmston Grange - from Birkenhead on Wednesday will carry 200 men and 140 horses, some details of RE and ASC being added to the 2 Division Artillery Staff., 64th Battery and #14 Company, RAMC

Changes to the Ripadan - from Liverpool on Wednesday will be 500 men and 470 horses, including 380 remounts. A large batch of 354 Reservists rejoined for ASC have been added to the ship’s load which already includes a RE field troop and #2 Stationary Hospital.


London Times, 31 Oct 99,

p5d. Dateline Quebec, Oct 30. The Sardinian sailed at 4:15 pm with the Canadian Contingent for SA

The P & O steamer Sumatra arrived at Durban on Sunday and the Nubia arrived at St Vincent on Sunday and left on Monday. The Manila arrived St Vincent on Sunday. The Harwarden Castle arrived at Las Palmas Saturday night and departed Sunday morning for Cape Town.

Dateline Calcutta, Oct 30. The Congella left Saturday for the Cape with a veterinary field hospital from Meerut.

Dateline Cape Verde, Oct 30. The Lismore Castle passed here.

Dateline Tenerife, Oct 30. The Nomadic passed here.

Dateline Valencia, Oct 29. The British Army officers sent to buy mules in Spain have concluded their tour. They have bought 2,000 animals at a cost varying from 400 to 900 pesetas. 5050 have already embarked at Gibraltar for the Cape and the rest will be shipped here.


p10b Dateline Tilbury, Oct 30. The Manchester Port sailed this afternoon with the Royal Dragoons, not Dragoon Guards. The total force embarked was 27 officers, 1 warrant officer, 561 men and 516 horses.


p10c Two batts. (G and P) of the RHA, 1 co RE a detachment of Military Mounted Police and several officers of the Medical Corps embarked at Birkenhead in the steamship Pindari


p10d The Kelvin Grove left Naples on Oct 25 with 1,000 mules, making the 3rd thousand shipped from that port. This week the Mount Royal will sail with 2,000 more.

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