Cape Times Weekly Edition, 06 Sep 99

p1 Lieutenant General Sir F W E F Forestier-Walker, KCB, CMG is expected to arrived today by the Norham Castle. (General Butler’s replacement)


p4 Dateline Durban, Sep 4. On Friday a million rounds of ammunition were forwarded from the Point to Maritzburg and Ladysmith.

Dateline Ramathlabama Camp, Sep 1. Colonel Hore and Major Godley have joined the camp here.


p5 Dateline Lourenco Marques, Aug 31. The German brought 175 cases of cartridges, 16 cases of wads, and 172 cases of bullets for Martinis.

Dateline Lourenco Marques, Sep 2. 2 Trucks of rifles stored here have been released


p7 Dateline Kimberley, Aug 30. Lee-Metford rifles are being issued to Volunteers here.

Another Mauser incident here


London Times, 08 Sep 99,

p3a. Dateline, Simla, 07 Sep 99. Warned for shortest notice for service in SA A cavalry brigade - 5th DG, 9th Lancers, 19th

Hussars, No. 18 Field Hospital. An infantry brigade - 1/Devonshire Regiment, 1/Gloucestershire Regiment, 2/K R R C, 2/Gordon Highlanders, Nos. 11 & 24 British Field Hospitals. A brigade of field artillery - 21st, 42nd, 53rd Field Batteries, sect A & B of No. 26 British Field Hospital, plus misc. units.


London Times, 09 Sep 99,

p5a. Dateline Simla, 08 Sep Subject = Indian movement to SA Lieutenant Colonel CBH Wolseley-Jenkins, 19 Hussars will command the cavalry brigade, Lieutenant Colonel J H Yule, Devonshire Regiment Will command the infantry brigade and 3 batteries of R A will be commanded by Lieutenant Colonel J A Coxhead, RA. The Gloucesters and KRRC will embark from Calcutta and the rest from Bombay. The following to command troops.

Cavalry Brigade

Commander - Lieutenant Colonel Wolseley-Jenkins, 19th Hussars

Brigade - Major Crawford, Veterinary Officer

Staff Officers - Major Bethune, 16th Lancers; Major C Hamilton, RA;

Captain Kenney-Herbert, Northamptonshire Regiment

Medical Officer - Major J F Donegan

Commissariat - Captain Thompson, Assistant, Lieutenant Toogood, Border Regiment

Transport - Lieutenant Geoghegan and Lieutenant Abadie, 11th Hussars

Signalling - Captain Sloane-Stanley, 16th Lancers

Provost - Lieutenant Fryer, 6th Dragoons

Veterinary - Captain Fowler

Infantry Brigade

Commander - Lieutenant Colonel Yule, Devonshire Regiment

Staff Officers - Lieutenant Colonel J Sherston; Major Mullaly, RE; Major Murray

Inniskilling Dragoons

Medical Officer - Lieutenant Colonel S H Carter

Commissariat - Captain Sanders & Captain Thompson, Connaught Rangers

Transport - Captain Hennessy & Captain Noble, Yorkshire Regiment

Signalling - Lieutenant Pollok, Black Watch

Veternary - Lieutenant P J Harris

Artillery Officer,

Commanding - Lieutenant Colonel Coxhead; Adjutant Captain Walker

Medical - Major Kelin (?Keelan)

Veterinary - Lieutenant Wilson

Dateline Bombay, 08 Sep The 19th Hussars and 21st Field Battery are to leave Secunderabad on 18th inst. The British Field Hospital at Bangalore will accompany them.


London Times, 11 Sep 99,

p5a. Dateline Simla, 10 Sep A Maxim gun accompanies each regiment for the Transvaal. Majors Mahan and Fowle, RA accompany the ordnance park.

p5f An unusually large proportion of women and children landed at Plymouth on Saturday (09 Sep) From steamer Tintagel Castle from Delagoa Bay and Cape Town.


London Times, 11 Sep 99,

p5f Orders received on Saturday (09 Sep) At Aldershot for the 1/Northumberland Fusiliers to be ready to embark about 16 Sep for SA They will probably embark from Southampton on board the Union Company’s steamer Gaul for Natal. The 2nd Brigade Divisional RFA to embark in about ten days for SA and the 1/Royal Sussex Regiment To be ready for the Mediterranean. The 14th Hussars and G and P Batteries of RHA are under orders for SA

The 2/Royal Scots Fusiliers, 700 strong, left Chatham for Aldershot. The 2/ Loyal North Lancashire Regiment, stationed at Dover is to depart for Malta to replace the 1/Border Regiment which is to embark for SA The 2/Royal West Kent Regiment to Egypt to take the place of a battalion which is to embark for SA


London Times, 12 Sep 99,

p3e Dateline Bombay, 11 Sep Twenty-two transports have already been chartered. Of these 18 belong to the British India Steam Navigation Company, two to the Peninsular and Orient Company, and one to the City Line.

Dateline Calcutta, 11 September, Up to the present the Government has engaged the steamers Purnea, Henzada, and Nurani to convey troops and stores to Durban.


p4c Other than troops in India, the troops under immediate orders for SA are:

1/Northumberland Fusiliers - Aldershot 2/Rifle Brigade - Crete

1/Border Regiment - Malta 1/Irish Fusiliers - Egypt

To these will be added a brigade division of field artillery and necessary medical and supply.

2/Royal West Kent Regiment changed from Malta to Egypt, Lieutenant Colonel E A Grove, commanding, will embark for Alexandria at the Royal Albert Docks tomorrow.

Brevet Lieutenant Colonel J S Ewart, Cameron Highlanders, DAAG, Davonport, and Brevet Lieutenant Colonel E W D Ward, CB, DAAG, Home District, to SA and sail Saturday in the Tantallion Castle.

Colonel C E Beckett, DDG of Ordnance leaves for Cape Town Saturday.

An Aldershot correspondent lists the following for service in SA

O & R Batteries RHA, 4th, 38th, 78th, 37th, 61st, and 65 Howitzer Batteries, Supply Column and Field Bakery, Supply Park, 1/Royal Scots, 2/Northumberland Fusiliers, 2/Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, 1/Gordon Highlanders, Nos. 19, 14, 40, 13, and 11 Companies ASC


London Times, 12 Sep 99

p4c. Immediate orders for service in SA 1 & 2/

Northumberland Fusiliers (Aldershot), 1/Border Rgt. (Malta), 2/Rifle

Brigade (Crete), 1/Irish Fusiliers (Egypt) and the following from

Aldershot: O & R Batteries RHA, 4, 38, 78, 37, 61, and 65 Howitzer Batteries,

1/Royal Scots, 2/Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, 1/Gordon Highlanders

and Nos. 19, 14, 40, 13, & 11 Companies ASC


London Times, 13 Sep 99.

p6c. Rattigan seconded in Gazette.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 13 Sep 99

p1 Arrivals by Wednesday’s mail steamer were: Captains Van Renen, Mangles, C M Ryan, M J McCarthy, P C Scott, all ASC; Lieutenant & Quartermaster T Doherty and Staff Sergeant Majors Salter & Long.


p2 Dateline Lourenco Marques, Sep 9. The French steamer Santa Fe brought 63 cases of ammunition for the Transvaal Government


p3 Dateline Ramathlabama, Sep 8. Baden-Powell, A D C Captain Wilson, Sergeant-Major H St Clair Malley and Orderly Room Sergeant A Elder, Prot. Regiment here. Dateline Mafeking, Sep 9. The cape Police have exchanged their Martinis for Lee-Metford rifles.


p8 Lieutenant General Sir F W E F Forestier-Walker, KCB, CMG, arrived Wednesday noon by the Norham Castle. Among those in welcome were: Colonels Morris, Trotter, Hanbury Williams, Southey, Spence& Wade, Lieutenant Colonel Homan-ffolliott, Majors Du Cane, Tamplin & Inglesby, Captain Watermeyer & Logan, Lieutenant McKenzie, 2/Lieutenant Vance, and Surgeon-Captain Cox.


p9 Reports from Simla state that the following will be prepared to proceed for South Africa :

5/Dragoons, 9/Lancers, 19/Hussars, Devonshires, Gloucesters, 2/King’s Royal Rifles, 2/Gordon High., 21st, 42nd, and 53rd Field Batteries, and 4 Field Hospitals.


London Times, 14 Sep 99,

p4e The Gaul, Union Line leaves Southampton at daybreak on Saturday for Natal, direct. It

will carry 200 tons of war material. Brevet Colonel Sir H Rawlinson, 2/CG for SA on the Tantallon Castle as DAAG at Natal. 3/Grenadier Guards will embark at Royal Albert Docks instead of Southampton. Guards Brigade being made up of 2/Grenadier Guards, 3/Grenadier Guards, 2/ Coldstream Guards and 1/Scots Guards. Lieutenant Colonel Landon ASC to the Cape.

The Avoca left Royal Albert Dock yesterday for Egypt to embark 1/Royal Fusiliers, proceeding to SA via the Suez Canal. The Gaul will embark 1/Northumberland Fusiliers at Southampton on Saturday. The Sumatra will leave Royal Albert Dock on 20th inst. To embark the 1/Border Regiment at Malta and will go to the Cape via the Atlantic route. The Jelunga will leave 20th inst. For Crete to embark 2/Rifle Brigade and will go to SA via the Suez Canal. The Zibenyhla and the Zayathla are fitting at Liverpool to convey to SA the Field Artillery contingent from Aldershot and will probably embark at Southampton.


London Times, 16 Sep 99,

p5b Dateline Cape Town 15 Sep The 1/Manchester Regiment landed here this morning from the Union Company’s steamship Goth then they were reviewed by the new commander at the Cape, Lieutenant-Gen Sir F Forestier-Walker. The troops returned to the ship to embark for Natal.


p6a The following officers, in addition to those mentioned yesterday, will leave Southampton today in the Tantallon Castle with Lieutenant-Gen Sir G S White, V C, commanding the forces in Natal: Colonel E W D Ward, CB, Brevet Lieutenant Colonel Sir H Rawlinson, Colonel Exham, Lieutenant Colonel F W Landon, Lieutenant Colonel J S Ewart (Cameron Highlanders), Major W Fairholme, Major W H Birkbeck (1st DG), Major J F Bateson, Brevet-Major W F Walter(2/Lancashire Fusiliers), Captain Montagu-Stuart-Wortley (KRRC), Captain W B Lafone (Devonshire Regiment), Lieutenant H G Burrard, Lieutenants J G Stirling, V R Brooke, and Bell (9th Lancers), Lieutenant B R Horsburgh, Lieutenant RE Reade (KRRC), Lieutenant H N Field (1/Devonshire Regiment), Lieutenant Marsden (60th Rifles), Lieutenant C F McKenzie, R A and Lieutenant And Quartermaster J C Woods, all for Natal.

Captain Sir E Chichester, R N to Transport Officer, Natal. Captain E B Van Koughnet to Transport Officer Cape Town. Other naval officers for Natal include Commander F R W Morgan, Paymaster Bresford Whyte and Mr J Menzies; and Lieutenant Perry-Ayscough for Cape Town.

The following to Cape Town by the Tantallon Castle: Colonel W D Richardson, CB, Major St John Gore, Captain C W Grey, Captain H F Deare (8th Hussars), Captain R Sparrow (7th DG) Captain Foley and Lieutenants Long and A C G Luther (2/KOYLI).

The Gaul from Southampton today, 45 Officers and 989 non-commissioned officers and men for Natal - scheduled for Durban on 12 Oct 1/Northumberland Fusiliers = 26 officers and 769 men. The officers are:

Lieutenant Colonel C G C Money, CB,

Majors Hon. C Lambton

E W Dashwood

Captains E B Eager

C E Keith-Falconer (Brevet Lieutenant Colonel)

Captain & Brevet Major & Adjutant G L P Ray

D Sapte

F C Ferguson

R H Isacke

Lieutenants A J B Percival

C E Fishbourne

H T Crispin

C A Armstrong

F Bevan

B T Buckley

H S Tappin

P G L Staunton

R C B Lethbridge

R W M Brine

H C Hall

A C Girdwood

F L Festing

F R Coates

Lieutenant & Quartermaster J Bett

2nd Lieutenant C W Wreford

S J E Montague

19 Special Service officers. The officers are:

Lieutenant Colonel J Sherston, Staff

H P Birch RAMC

J Stoneham, ASC

Major F H Trehearne

Captains J H Fouke, RE

Tracy, AOC

Hall, AOC

E J Ward, ASC

Pigott, ASC

A K Secombe, ASC

Lieutenants D C E Grose, ASC

Lord, ASC

McNalty, ASC

Law, Lieutenant & Quartermaster. ASC

Cairns, Lieutenant & Quartermaster, ASC

McFarlane, Lieutenant & Quartermaster, ASC

Duffin, ASC

W English, Lieutenant & Quartermaster

2nd Lieutenant G B B Denniss

3 companies Army Service Corps and one company Army Ordnance Corps.

Note: Arrival at Cape Town in article


London Times, 18 Sep 99

p3b. Dateline Bombay, 17 Sep The transport Secunda sailed this evening for Durban with the 42nd Field Battery, commanded by Major Gouldburn. Other officers are: Captain Yunge-Bateman, Lieutenants Douglas, Macdougall, and Oxley (? Hawksley) and the staff of the Veterinary Hospital.

Dateline Cape Town, Sep 16. The Royal Munster Fusiliers arrived on board the Arundel Castle at midnight last night.


Dateline Calcutta, 15 Sep The transport Purena will sail for SA on 18th inst. with 2/Kings Royal Rifles on board; The Nurni will sail on 19th inst. with two companies of infantry and mules; the Hensada will sail on the 20th with an ordnance park and a British field hospital; and the Indian will sail on the 25th with the 1/Gloucester Regiment


p5a The Gaul has been requisitioned by the War Office for carrying troops. She is 400 feet long, 47 feet broad, and 31 feet deep. She sailed from Southampton last Saturday with the following troops: 1/Northumberland Fusiliers, 26 officers, 2 warrant officers and 770 men; ASC, 8 officers, 4 warrant officers and 140 men; Army Ordnance and other Corps, 11 officers, 8 warrant officers and 82 men.

The following are the officers who sailed in the Gaul: 1/Northumberland Fusiliers - Lieutenant Colonel C G C Money, CB, commanding; Majors Hon. C Lambton, DSO, and E W Dashwood; Captains E B Eager, C E Keith Falconer, D Sapte, R H Isacke, and F C Ferguson; Lieutenants A J B Percival, C E Fishbourne, H T Crispin, C A Armstrong, F Bevan, H T Buckley, H S Tappin, P G L Staunton, R CB Lethbridge, R W M Brine, H C Hall, A C Girdwood, F L Festing, and F R Coates; 2nd Lieutenants C W Wreford Brown and T J E Montagu; Captain Brevet Major and Adjutant G L P Ray; Lieutenant and Quartermaster J Bett.

Other Corps – Lieutenant Colonels J Sherston, DSO, Staff, and J Stoneham, ASC; Majors H P Birch, RAMC, and F H Treherne, RAMC, in medical charge; Captains J H Fouke, RE, Tracy, AOC, Hall, AOC, E J Ward, ASC, Pigott, ASC, and A R Seccombe, ASC,; Lieutenants D C E Grose, ASC, Lord, ASC, M’Nalty, ASC, and Duffus, ASC; 2nd Lieutenant J B B Denniss, RE ; Lieutenant and Q’mstrs. Law, ASC, Cairns, ASC, M’Farlane, ASC, and W English, ASC


London Times, 20 Sep 99,

p3c. Dateline Bombay 19 Sep The 21st Battery Field Artillery, with a section of the British Field Hospital, sailed last night in the Lalpoora for the Cape.


p4b, The P & O transport Sumatra left the Royal Albert Docks yesterday with troops on board. She is taking the Royal West Sussex Regiment to Malta, where they will take the place of the 1/Border Regiment is to go to Natal. There were 20 Officers and nearly 600 men of the Sussex Regiment on board in addition to three officers of the 1/Border Regiment, one officer of the 9th Lancers and one of the 19th Hussars. An additional 160 men of various small drafts from different regiments already stationed in Natal or the Cape.

The chartered troopship Jelunga will complete embarkation of troops at Southampton today and will sail this afternoon. She takes out 55 officers, 3 ladies, 1047 of all ranks, 64 soldier’s wives and 63 children. Of these 32 officers and 695 men, 2/North Lancashire, from Dover are for Malta. There are a few details for Port Said, while 55 RE, 1st Division Telegraph Battalion, from Aldershot, 50, 1/Liverpool from Belfast, 75, 1/Leicester from Curragh, and 130 2/KRRC from Cork are for Natal. There are 93, 2/Rifle Brigade from Dublin, for Natal or Cape Town. At Gibraltar 31 men of the Rifle Brigade will be embarked. The Jelunga will convey the 2/Rifle Brigade from Crete to Cape Town or Natal. Lieutenant- Colonel Satterthwaite, 2/North Lancashire, is in command, and Major H O Trevor, RAMC, in medical charge.

Major-Gen Sir Archibald Hunter to Natal with the Indian contingent, to be Chief of Staff to Lieutenant General Sir George White.

Major-Gen French will command the cavalry in Natal and his aide-de-camp Lieutenant J P Milbanke, 10th Hussars will leave London for the Cape on Saturday (23 Sep) as will Colonel Downing, RA, to Natal.

The 18th, 62nd, and 75th, field artillery batteries from Aldershot are under orders for Natal will embark at Birkenhead on 25th inst. in the steamers Zibenghla and Zayathla.

The following officers have been selected for service with Colonel Plumer at Bulawayo and they are to leave as soon as possible. They are: Lieutenant C H Rankin, 7th Hussars; Lieutenant S G French, Royal Irish Regiment; Lieutenant O D Blunt, Connaught Rangers; and Lieutenant A J Tyler, West Riding Regiment


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 20 Sep 99

p1 The following arrived by the Briton, Sep 12: The Hon. Evelyn Cecil, M P, Major Beyman, R A, Captain H Fraser, 1/Life Guards, Captain C H Villers, R H G, Colonel W Manning, Major Young, Lieutenant G R Frith, RE


p2 Dateline Lourence Marques, Sep 12. The Greek brought 530 cases ammunition and the Dunolly Castle 8 cases ammunition and 5 cases rifles. Dateline Lourenco Marques, Sep 12. Since Aug 12 the following ammunition was landed here: 2,464 cases loaded cartridges, 300 cases empty cartridges, 523 cases bullets, 16 cases powder, 6 cases rifles, and some wads and caps. The Umvoti, due the 25th, has 5 cases loaded cartridges, 125 cases empty cartridges, 450 cases bullets, 17 pkgs wads. It is said that a cable from New York offers services of 10,000 American Irish volunteers for the Boers. (Interesting) Boer War Office denies it.


p3 Dateline Bulawayo, Sep 18. Colonel Plumer’s Column left for Essexville this morning. A Maxim is to be mounted on an armoured railway truck. A draft of farriers from the Royal Horse and Dragoon Guards arrived here last night.


p8, Column 1. The Goth with a battalion if the 1/Manchester Regiment on board arrived at Table Bay late Thursday night. The following officers were listed: Lieutenant Colonel A E R Curran is in command and Major Simpson is second in command. The following boarded at Southampton : Major F W C Jones, RAMC, Lieutenant G B C R Crisp, RAMC, 2nd Lieutenants W B Eddowes and E N Fisher, Lieutenant & Quartermaster Banker, 1st M R and 4 men. From Gibraltar: Lieutenant Colonel A E R Curran, Majors A E Sampson and J E Watson; Captains C C Melvill, R D Vizard, A W Marden, R J Bridgford, and A Menzies; Lieutenants A G Tillard, J E F Crichton, C G Danks, R N Hardcastle, H Hunt-Grubbe, F C S Dunlop, and A V Roe; 2/Lieutenants D M Cogbill, H Fisher, F T Deakin, and L Creagh; Captain & Adjutant W P E Newbigging, 1/M R, Bandmaster E T Quiner, Colour Sergeant and Sergeant Major J T Haddon, Quartermaster Sergeant C Pike, 1/ M R and 952 men.


London Times, 21 Sep 99,

p3a Dateline Durban, 19 Sep The 1/Manchester Regiment arrived tomorrow morning and will proceed to Pietermaritzburg. Dateline Durban, 20 Sep The Union Line steamer Goth with 1/Manchester Regiment arrived her last night. Troops landed this morning and are on their way by train to Pietermaritzburg.


p3b Dateline Bombay 20 Sep. The Booldana sailed for the Cape with the 21st Battery of Artillery on board. The Ellora sails today with two field hospitals. Dateline Calcutta, 20 Sep The Nurani and Henzada have sailed for SA


p4c, The Hired transport Jelunga left Southampton yesterday afternoon. 100 horses of the RFA are to embark for SA tomorrow on board the steamer Johannesburg at the West India Docks.

The hired transport Jelunga left Southampton

20 Sep 99 in the afternoon for pickup at Gibraltar, 31 men of 2/Rifle Brigade and at Crete, 2/Rifle Brigade, for Natal or Capetown. Also 100 horses of RFA to embark for SA on the steamer Johannesburg at West India Docks.


London Times, 22 Sep 99,

p3c, Dateline Bombay, 21 Sep Major General Sir Archibald Hunter, with staff and a portion of the Devonshire Regiment sailed this morning in the transport City of London for SA The remainder of the Devonshire Regiment left at the same time in the Sutlej, and a squadron of the 19th Hussars in the Vadala.


p8a The Union Steamship Company’s steamer Norman leaves Southampton tomorrow with the following officers on board: Major-Gen J D French, commanding cavalry brigade; Major D Haig, brigade major; Lieutenant J P Milbanke, ADC; Col C M Downing; Major S C N Grant; Reverend E G Macpherson and another chaplain; Major H Earle, DSO, KOYLI; Major J H Plumbe, RMLI; Major W H Thomas, ASC; Captain R Stewart-Wortley; Captain F W Foley, Royal Berkshire Regiment; Captain I T Owen, Royal Berkshire Regiment; Captain E Studdart, ASC; Lieutenant J G Dugdale, 18th Hussars; Lieutenant P G Reynolds, 5th DG; Lieutenant R G Jeff, KRRC; Lieutenant C de Putson, 1/Loyal North Lancs. ; Lieutenant R H Collins, Royal Berkshire Regt; and Lieutenant Fitzmaurice, RN,

Captain Lord Douglas Compton, 9th Lancers, Miss M Russell, superintendent of the Army Nursing Service and a staff of nurses, leave for Natal in the Castle liner Tintagel Castle, which leaves Southampton tomorrow.


London Times, 23 Sep 99,

p5d Dateline Simla, 22 Sep Captain Harrison and Lieutenant Fitzgerald, 11th Hussars, and Lieutenant Bright, RHA, proceed to SA with a reserve of horses.

Dateline Bombay 22 Sep The steamship Pandua sailed this morning with the remainder of the 19th Hussars and the staff of the cavalry brigade.


London Times, 25 Sep 99,

p3c. Dateline Bombay, 23 Sep the 2/Gordon Highlanders and the remainder of the 19th Hussars sailed at noon today for SA on board the transports Palitana, Sirsa and Warora.

Dateline Calcutta, 24 Sep The Transport India left here at 10 o’clock this morning with a further detachment of troops for SA

Dateline Alexandria, 24 Sep The transport Avoca, which left the Royal Albert Docks on the 13th Inst. with the 2/Royal West Kent Regiment on board, arrived here yesterday evening 14 hours before she was due. 1st Royal Irish Fusiliers, 830 strong will embark for SA and the Avoca will sail at 6 o’clock this evening for Natal.


London Times, 25 Sep 99,

p5c A Reuter telegram from Gibraltar says the Sumatra passed yesterday, bound for Malta

where she will embark 1/Border Regiment for the Cape.

On Saturday (23 Sept) morning the 3rd Battery of the Grenadier Guards, (about 850 strong) under Lieutenant Colonel Eyre Crabbe, left Pirbright Camp before 7 o’clock, took a train at Brookwood Station to the Royal Albert Docks to embark on the Nubia for Gibraltar to relieve the Second Battalion. Also a body of the 2/Royal Fusiliers embarked to join their 3rd Battalion.


London Times, 26 Sep 99,

p3a. Dateline Calcutta, 25 Sep The Sirdhana left today with troops for SA

Dateline Bombay, 25 Sep Two squadrons of the 9th Lancers have sailed for SA on the transports Wardha and Nowshera.

Dateline Simla, 25 Sep The last of the Indian transports, with troops for SA will leave for Durban tomorrow.


p4b. Field Artillery units left Aldershot last night by 4 special trains carrying troops and horses.

The units were for shipment to the Cape. The first to depart was the 18th Field Battery, Maj Scott, commanding. Other officers were: Captain F B Johnstone, Lieutenants H E Carey, A M Fox and 2nd Lieutenant E W Furse. The 75th Field Battery departed next, commanded by Major W F L Lindsay. Other officers were: Captain H J W Farrell, Captain A R G Begbie, Lieutenant P J Patterson and 2nd Lieutenant Buchanan Dunlop. The last to go was the 62nd Field Battery, under Major Garnett. Other officers were: Captain H F Askwith, Lieutenants L M Phillpotts, J H W Johnstone and 2nd Lieutenant H E S Wynne. The guns and baggage left by two special trains earlier in the day.

The ammunition field column formed under Major E S May at Aldershot will leave for Natal next Saturday. Strength is 8 officers and 194 men and about 60 ammunition wagons.

The steamers Zibenghla and Zayathla, chartered from the British India Company for the conveyance of troops to SA are at Birkenhead and fitted for service. Each vessel has accommodations for 250 men and nearly as many horses. The troops to embark today are the 18th, 62nd and 75th Batteries of Field Artillery and will number 500.

The Admiralty too over the steamers Trogan and Spartan from the Union Steamship Company to be fitted as hospital ships in SA waters. They are fitting out at Southampton. The ammunition column mentioned above will sail in the Union liner Gaika from Southampton next Saturday.


p8d. The hired transport Avoca left Alexandria yesterday for Cape Town. The hired

transport Jelunga arrived and left Gibraltar yesterday for Cape Town.


London Times, 27 Sep 99,

p3b Dateline Bombay, 26 Sep A squadron of the 5th Dragoon Guards sailed this morning on the Lindula for the Cape.

Dateline Suez, 26 Sep The transport Avoca, with 1/Royal Irish Fusiliers, left here today for Cape Town.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 27 Sep 99


Dateline Pretoria, Sep 21. Captains Zeppelin, Weiss, Lieutenants Von Albedyll and Bodike have been appointed special service officers to serv under Colonel Schiel. Burghers receiving Mauser rifles also receive 100 rounds of ammo.


p4 Dateline Mafeking, Sep 22. Colonel B-P, Captains Wilson and Ryan have left for the north. Colonel Hore is recovering from illness and Major Vyvyan is ill.


London Times, 28 Sep 99,

p3b Dateline New York, 27 Sep. 3000 mules will be shipped from New York to SA The

mules are prices at about $200 a head. Between 300 and 500 American teamsters will be engaged. Major Scobel, 2/Dragoons is in charge of purchases. At Chicago, draught horses are being purchased at $110 to $125 a head.

Dateline Malta, 27 Sep The transport Sumatra has arrived here and landed the 1/Royal Sussex Regiment She will leave to-night for Cape Town taking the 1/Border Regiment


p8a The 33rd and 36th Companies, ASC at Portsmouth were ordered to embark at

Southampton on 07 Oct The 8th and 11th Companies, ASC at Woolwich to be ready to embark on 07 Oct The 28th and 42nd Companies ASC, at Royal Barracks, Dublin, will leave North Wall for Southampton on 06 Oct No. 6 Company, ASC, leaves Colchester for SA next week.

The Union Steamship Company’s steamer Gaika leaves Southampton on Saturday next and will convey the following to SA: Major E S May, RHA; Captain & Brevet Major N E Young, DSO, RA; Captain H Christie, RA; Lieutenant W Kincaid Smith, RHA; Lieutenant R T Hill, RA; Lieutenant K G G Kirke, RA; Lieutenant W L Foster, RA; Lieutenant C E Balfour, KRRC; 2nd Lieutenant J F A Kane, Devonshire Regiment; and an officer in veterinary charge of the horses. The Gaika is also conveying one warrant officer, 193 non-commissioned officers and men, 120 horses and 53 wagons, forming an ammunition column.

Another force of 200 officers and 1200 non-commissioned officers and men will be dispatched to SA next week. For this the Government has requisitioned the whole passenger accommodation of the Castle Line steamer Braemar Castle. Scheduled departure is 06 Oct


London Times, 29 Sep 99,

p3b. Dateline Bombay, 28 Sep The Nevasa has left for SA with an ammunition column. Two squadrons of the 5th DG delayed departure for the Cape and returned to Deolali due to outbreak of anthrax,

Dateline New Orleans, 28 Sep The British Government has chartered two of Messrs. Elder, Dempster, and Co’s steamers to embark 1900 mules and some teamsters.


p8b. Miss A Garrick, superintendent of the Army nursing staff at Woolwich, received word

along with several other nursing sisters to be ready to embark for SA on Oct 7and 16.

The hired transports Zibenghla and Zayathla with the 18th, 67th, and 75th Batteries, RA left Mersey yesterday for SA

The hired transport Nubia, at Gibraltar with 2/Grenadier Guards aboard has been ordered to delay departure from Gibraltar for home.

The hired Transport Jelunga has arrived at Malta with 2/North Lancashire Regiment She will embark the 1/Lancashire Fusiliers to Crete. She will there embark the Rifle Brigade for the Cape.

The following will leave Southampton tomorrow in the Kinfauns Castle for Cape Town:

Captain H R H, Jack, Lieutenant F B R Chatterton, Lieutenant G C D Masterton, Lieutenant & Quartermaster T Wilson, Lieutenant & Quartermaster P J Guerin, and Lieutenant & Quartermaster W Farrady, all of the ASC ; Lieutenant Colonel R W Mapleton, Stationary Hospital; Major R L Love, Field Hospital; Major B W C Deeble, Field Hospital; Captain T J Leneham, Field Hospital; Captain G M Heath, RE, Balloon Detachment ; Captain C S Dodgson, ASC; Captain J A R Purvis, ASC; Captain W A C Denny, ASC; Lieutenant J M Sloan, Stationary Hospital; Lieutenant & Quartermaster P Macintosh, Stationary Hospital; Lieutenant G W Jones, Field Hospital; Lieutenant & Quartermaster A Bruce, Field Hospital; Lieutenant C Mellor, RE, Balloon Detachment ; Lieutenant O Striedinger, ASC; Lieutenant & Quartermaster Walsh, ASC; Lieutenant & Riding Master T J Kearns, ASC; and about 300 men, details of the ASC, No. 1 Stationary Hospital, No. 12 Field Hospital, and the RE Balloon Detachment Other passengers by the Kinfauns Castle will be Lady Forestier-Walker ( Contingent Column c) and family, Lieutenant Beale Browne, ADC, Major Gosling, Major Meyer, Captain de Bathe, Captain Fitzmaurice, Captain Welby, Captain Ellison, 9th Lancers, Captain Beaumont, and Lieutenant E St Quintin, 19th Lancers. This is the maiden voyage of the Kinfauns Castle and she takes in addition to the above about 500 ordinary passengers.

Orders received to accelerate shipment of stores and troops to be ready to embark in the Braemar Castle, which leaves Southampton on Friday, 6 October for Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban.


London Times, 30 Sep 99,

p6d The Government have just chartered the Cunard steamer Carinthia as a transport for the Cape. The Carinthia is a twin screw steamer of 5598 tons register. She left Liverpool on 20 Sept for Boston. She will convey mules to the Cape from either New Orleans or Galveston.


p6c The hired transport Zayathla (late Ruapehu, New Zealand Company) British India Company, left Birkenhead on Thursday and put into Queenstown with boilers leaking.

The hired transport Zibenghla (late Tongariro, New Zealand Company) British India Company, which left Birkenhead on Tuesday for Durban lies at anchor at in the Mersey. Coal in the port bunker became heated.

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