Cape Times Weekly Edition, 02 Aug 99

p1 The following ASC officers arrived by Goorkha on Sunday: Colonel Bridge,CB, Lieutenant Colonel Stanley, Captains Foster, Ludlow, Atkinson, Walton, Lieutenants Pedlar and Richards. The Dunottar Castle arrived at Cape Town on Tuesday, 25 July. Among the passengers were Major Lord E Cecil, DSO, and Colonel Baden-Powell, and Lieutenant the Hon. A Hanbury-Tracey. At East London a Mounted Rifle Club was formed. Captain H G R Lambert and Lieutenant R A Weare are members.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 09 Aug 99 (Wednesday). Page 3, column 1. Dateline Durban,

Aug 5.

The steamer Bulawayo brought 5,000 tons of Army Service supplies. The Clan Matheson has also discharged 480 cases of dynamite and 20 cases of detonators.


London Times, 10 Aug 99 (Thursday)

p3a Dateline Cape Town Aug 9. The chartered steamer Braemar Castle left today for Natal with the foot section of the Liverpool Regiment on board. The Doune Castle with the mounted section sails at daylight tomorrow.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 16 Aug 99

p1 Some on Mark IV cartridges and mentions that Mark IV cartridges have been sent to South Africa in large amounts.


p2 Dateline 12 Aug Lourenco Marques. The Reichstag brought 401 cases of cartridges for the Transvaal Government. Dateline Lourenco Marques, Aug 12, 2. 30 pm A consignment of war material for the Transvaal government that arrived by the Reichstag is being detained by the Portuguese authorities. Included were 15,000 rifles. Another report states the previous concerning the 15,000 rifles is without foundation.


p4 The Liverpool Regiment is being readied to embark in the Braemar Castle for Natal (Durban) and the Doune Castle is fitted for 200 troops, 158 Mules and 115 horses for Natal. The Braemar Castle will take 885 men of the Liverpool Regt and some details. Officers listed are: Lieutenant Colonel L S Mellor, Majors O’D C Grattan, S L Cotton, Captains J M Longfield, M S Adye, W S Bannatyne, C J Stevenson, K L Tupman, W R Rawlinson, Lieutenants C L Parmiter, V T Bailey, F J Austin, G H Brush, I Depiro D’Amico, G A Howard-Vyse, L M Jones, Adjutant, B J Finch, QM, 2/Lieutenants G A Wilkinson, R C R Jones, W Y Hunter, L R Schuster. Both ships sailed Thursday morning.

The Carisbrook Castle arrived Aug 8, with 200 tons of military stores

Recruiting here for Baden-Powell’s force in Bechuanaland. Pay scale: Private- 5s., Corporal- 6s., Sergeant 7s., Staff Sergeant 8s., per day. Dateline Pretoria, Aug 14. Mausers are being offered in exchange for the Martinis.

Dateline Durban, Aug 14. The Doune Castle arrived with 123 horses, 158 mules, and baggage of the Liverpool Regiment, Preserved meat, biscuits, bush wagons, Scotch carts, a Maxim, poles for river bridging. The braemar Castle docked at 7. 30 am with 700 officers and men of the Liverpool Rget.

Dateline East London, Aug 9. The Goorkha arrived today with a military draft for Natal.


p5 Dateline Bulawayo, Aug 9. Colonel Plumer and 8 special service officers arrived last night.


London Times, 21 Aug 99 Monday. p4c. Article here on ammunition shipments to Boer Republics.

p6c Lieutenant-Gen Sir. F Forestier-Walker left Southampton on Saturday in the Norham Castle for South Africa to take command of the troops at the Cape. He was acccompanied by Captain Hughes, ADC, Lieutenant Beale-Browne, 9th Lancers, will follow in a few days.

Earlier in the afternoon the Goth left Southampton for South Africa. She will embark 1000 troops for Natal at Gibraltar.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 23 Aug 99

p1 The German arrived at Cape Town 5 p. m., Aug 15, with the following special service officers: Lieutenant J R Nugent, 2/Lieutenants H J Fletcher, J B Wells, J H Batten, E V Brooke, H C Johnston, and H L Marrow. Dr. Jameson has arrived back in Bulawayo. General Digby Willoughby sailed for home in the Dunottar Castle. G T Nicholson appointed Captain and G H Sandeman appointed Lieutenant in the Cape Garrison Artillery. Lieutenant Lord Charles E Bentinck arrived at Cape Town by the Gascon.


p2 Dateline Lourenco Marques, Aug 17. The shipments of arms for the Transvaal by the Reichstag is still being detained.

Dateline Lourenco Marques, Aug 18. The Koenig is expected here soon with a large shipment of war material for the Transvaal.

Dateline Lourenco Marques, Aug 19. The Koenig has arrived here with a further 2,000 cases of cartridges.

Dateline Lourenco Marques, Aug 21. The Koenig has brought 3,000 cases of war material.

Dateline Kimberley, Aug 15. 28 men have left here to join Baden-Powell’s force.

Dateline Graham’s Town, Aug 15. Major Bird is recruiting here for Colonel Plumer’s force and some 20 have already joined.

Dateline Queen’s Town, Aug 18. Captain Marsh of the West Kent Regiment is here recruiting.

Dateline Bulawayo, aug. 18. Men in Plumer’s force are at drill all day.

43 men left here Friday night for Mafeking in charge of Lieutenant A Hellawell.

Dateline East London, Aug 18. Captain Fitz-Clarence has enlisted about 90 men here

Dateline Mafeking, Aug 21. Colonel Hoare’s Protectorate Regiment is being rapidly mobilized.

Dateline Mafeking, Aug 21, Major Vivian has gone to form a camp at Ramathlabama, 16 miles north of Mafeking. Colonel Baden-Powell, Lord Edward Cecil, and Captain Wilson left last night for the North.


p3 Dateline Maritzburg, Aug 21. General Penn Symons arrived at Ladysmith this morning. Major Saville, AOD and Colonel Stanley, ASC are at Ladysmith. Sub-Conductor Rees, Staff-Sergeant Saunders and Sergeant Hall, AOC, have arrived here with 14 special service provates.

Colonel Stevens and Lieutenant Griffiths are at Aliwal North on the way to Basutoland to buy 2,000 horses.


London Times, 24 Aug 99 (Thursday).

p8d. Lieutenant Colonel J F Burn-Murdoch, 1st Dragoon Guards, has been accorded permission to attend the forthcoming manoeuvres in Germany.


London Times, 25 Aug 99 (Friday).

p4d. Dateline Gibraltar, Aug 24. The Manchester Regiment, over 1,000 strong, left for the Cape today.


p4f. The Arundel Castle left Southampton yesterday afternoon for the Cape. with 30 officers and 841 men. 770 belong to the 1/Royal Munster Fusiliers and 60 to the RAMC Listed are:

Royal Munster Fusiliers -- Lieutenant Colonel Evans, Majors Hall, Penny, and Stewart; Captains W C Oates, G Macpherson, C G Bowen, C L Hendriks, and J K O’Meagher; Lieutenants E de H Waddington, W A Hutchinson, REM Pakenham, R A Caroll, G J Ryan, and H S Jarvis; 2nd Lieutenants C R Hall, A Tyrrell, D Wise, C H Jardine, J C Dick, and J C Canny; Captain & Adjutant G D Crocker and Lieutenant & Quartermaster J O’Connor. (Additional information from Cape Times Weekly Edition, 20 Sep 99, p8a)

RAMC – Major Julian and Lieutenant Nickerson.

Captain Seriven, 5th Lancers, 2nd Lieutenant Russell, 1/Leicester Regiment, 2nd Lieutenant Britten, 2/Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

The Umvoti leaves the Thames today with war stores for Natal.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 30 Aug 99

p1 Lieutenant General Sir W F Butler, KCB left for England by the Norman. Also on board was Captain Clifford, A D C


p2 Here articles concerning trading in of Martinis for Mausers and the problem of a Mauser blowing up.


p3 Article here concerning use of the Lee-Metford ammunition in the Boer Mauser!!!

Dateline Durban, Aug 23. The Umgeni has arrived here with 114 packages of combustables and gunpowder. 16 of these are for Delagoa. Major Evans of the Natal Mounted Rifles is recruiting here

Dateline Johannesburg, Aug 23. The Transvaal Government has acquired about 250 tons of lead through a local wholesale firm.

Mention here of passenger trains being shot at in Natal.


p4 Here long article concerning Protectorate Regiment, Rhodesian Regiment, and Ramathlabama Camp. Julius Weil is catering the camp. Officers mentioned are: Colonel Hore, Major Godley, Colonel Baden Powell, Colonel Plumer, Major Vyvyan, Captain Marsh, Captain FitzClarence, Lord Cavendish Bentinck, Major F D Bailey, Captain Vernon, Major Badie, Captain Stafford,


p5 Lieutenant Colonel Spreckley White and Captain Knapp command squadrons under Colonel Plumer.


p6 Long article here on arms and ammunition from Cape Colony to Orange Free State.

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