Cape Times Weekly Edition, 05 Jul 99

p1 The Gaul arrived here Sunday afternoon with 182 men of the 23rd Field Company, RE and proceeded on to Natal. Major S R Rice in command, Lieutenants E V Turner and H L Meyrick, and 2nd Lieutenant R J T Digby-Jones.


London Times, 07 Jul 99 (Friday)

p8a The general officer commanding in South Africa has been authorized to complete the transport arrangements for the troops in his command, and the following special service officers have been ordered to proceed to South Africa : Brevet Colonel R S S Baden-Powell, 5th Dragoon Guards; Captain & Bt. Major Lord E H Cecil, DSO, GG; Lieutenant Hon. A H C Hanbury Tracy, RHG; Major & Bt. Lieutenant Colonel E A H Plumer, York & Lancaster Regt; Captain & Bt. Major A V Jenner, DSO, RB; Captain & Bt. Major A F Pilson, RDF; Captain H McMicking, RS; Captain & Bt. Major W D Bird, RWS

Their duty will be to organize the residents as well as the police and local forces at various points on the frontier.


London Times, 08 Jul 99 (Saturday)

p13e A number of officers RE and ASC have been placed under orders for immediate service in South Africa. Among those proceeding from England are Colonel C H Bridge, Lieutenant Colonel G Stanley, Bt. Lieutenant Colonel W F H Kincaid, Major S R Rice, Captains E R O Ludlow, T D Foster, W R Stewart and F R F Borleau; Lieutenants E V Turner, G C Fuller, H L Meyrick, R L McClintock, H Musgrave, R H Creig, and 2nd Lieutenants C R Johnson, R J T D Jones. All will embark at Southampton today for special service in South Africa (Probably the Goorkha)


London Times, 10 Jul 99 (Monday)

p10a The Goorkha sailed from Southampton for Cape Town Saturday. She carried the 22nd Company and 41st Company ASC each comprising 2 officers and 75 men.


London Times, 12 Jul 99 (Wednesday)

p13e The 73 Battery, RFA, has been selected for service in South Africa. It is the fifth under orders to proceed to South Africa in August, the others being the 18th, 20th, 62nd, and 75th. Thirty machine- gun carriages were sent from the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, for shipment to South Africa. They will be provided with ball cartridge (Mark IV) as used in the service rifle.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 12 Jul 99

p1 Captain H F H Clifford, 1/Suffolk, ADC to General Butler arrived from England by Avondale Castle.


London Times, 19 Jul 99 (Wednesday)

p12c The following officers will leave Southampton on Saturday for South Africa by the Union Company’s steamer German:

R G A Lieutenant G R H Nugent and 2nd Lieutenant H L Murrow

1/North Lancashire Regiment 2/Lieutenants W J Fietcher (H J Fletcher) and J B Wells

1/Liverpool Regiment 2/Lieutenant J H Batten

2/Yorkshire Regiment 2/Lieutenants E V Brooke and H C Johnson

From the Cape Times Weekly Edition, add Lieutenant J R Nugent. 23 Aug 99 p1b


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 19 Jul 99

p1 U S Cruiser Chicago at Cape Town.


Lieutenant 20 Jul 99 (Thursday)

p6d Note here on the Mark IV cartridge. Also London Times, 25 Jul 99, p8d


London Times, 26 Jul 99 (Wednesday) p10b. Pay for officers seconded to services in Africa.


Cape Times Weekly Edition, 26 Jul 99 Nothing Noted

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