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  • the War Office Act reorganised the War Office.  The various sections of the War Department were brought together
  • the Commander in Chief became subordinate to the Secretary for War
  • the Army Enlistment Act fixed the term of enlistment to 12 years, part on active service and part on reserve.  Before this, enlistment was for life
  • overseas service was limited to six years.  This was to be followed by six years in the reserve
  • the Martini-Henry rifle became the infantry's standard weapon



  • purchasing of Commissions was abolished
  • selection and promotion of officers on merit
  • flogging in peacetime in the Royal Navy was suspended



  • each regiment was to have two linked battalions.  One would serve overseas and one would serve at home
  • Britain was divided into 69 districts, each with its own county regiment.  The regiment was to bear the county name
  • it was hoped to boost recruitment by attaching regiments to local areas



  • flogging in war time was suspended in the Royal Navy



  • flogging was abolished in the army
  • regular and militia battalions were amalgamated into territorial regiments with local names and local depots

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