County: Lincolnshire
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 22/05/1901, 17/07/1902, 04/12/1902
Number issued: 17


Gold medals, to:

22/05/1901 presentation

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, 2nd Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment [2nd V.B.L.R.] –
6531 Private Walter Shearsmith BARLEY
6535 [6538] Private Alexander CHARLESWORTH
6539 Private John William DRURY
6547 Private [Lance-Corporal] Thomas HOCKNEY
6556 Private Walter Thomas MARRIS
6559 Private Thomas RHODES

6568 Private F. SKINNER (died, Bloemfontein, 12/08/1900 - did his family receive a medal?)

Presentation made by Mr Joseph Cliff, High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, at a public dinner.

17/07/1902 presentation

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, 2nd Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment ["G" & "H" Companies, 3rd V.B.L.R.] –
6642 Lance-Corporal Frank Howard PARKER
6731 Private Robert WRAY
6738 Private BROWN
6729 Private George SIMS
6671 Private George DIXON
6646 Private C.G. FOX

6723 Private Harry DOWNING

and 3 unnamed volunteers

Subscribed for by Scunthorpe & Frodingham friends.

Presentation made by Captain George V. Dove, 3rd Volunteer Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment.

04/12/1902 presentation

2nd Volunteer Active Service Company, 2nd Bn. Lincolnshire Regiment [3rd V.B.L.R.] –
Captain George V. DOVE

Lieutenant R.B.T. CLIFF (6th Dragoon Guards)

Presentation made by Mr J. Fletcher, J.P., at the Blue Bell Hotel, Scunthorpe.


Hull Daily Mail, 09/05/1901
Lincolnshire Chronicle, 21/05/1901
Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 24th May 1901


Mr Joseph Cliff, J.P., D.L., of Scawby Grove, the High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, presided at the public dinner to welcome home the Scunthorpe contingent of the Lincolnshire Volunteer Active Service Corps in the Assembly Rooms, Scunthorpe, on Wednesday evening. The men who were entertained were Lance-Corporal HOCKNEY, Privates BARLEY, DRURY, CHARLESWORTH, MARRIS, and RHODES. The following reservists were also entertained: - Privates T. UNWIN and W. SKELTON (2nd Coldstream Guards), Private TURNER (York and Lancaster), and Private TIDSWELL (Border Regiment). About 120 persons sat down to dinner. During the evening the men were presented with a gold pendant each, of very pretty design, suitably inscribed, as a small memento of their services in South Africa. The High Sheriff of Lincolnshire, in making the presentation, said they were all proud of the men and what they had done. The presents, perhaps, were not all that they would have liked to give, but he asked them to accept them in the spirit given. There was, when the first call for volunteers came, a good deal of enthusiasm, but there was also a strong sense of duty, especially when the second call came and they knew what they had got to face. However, there were quite as many men ready. (Applause). This, he considered, along with the splendid response from the Colonies in the time of the Mother Country’s need, was one of the great features of the war. He believed they could not make enough of their patriotic volunteers. (Applause). – A long list of military toasts was gone through, and songs were given by Messrs P. Holt, G. Snowden, G.W. Johnson, F. Smith, and T. Dudley.
Stamford Mercury, 4th July 1902


Lance-Corporal PARKER, Privates WRAY, BROWN, SIMMS, DIXON, FOX, and DOWNING were welcomed home on Friday from the war with unbounded enthusiasm. An immense concourse met them at the station, and they were escorted round the district, headed by the Rifle Band. Mr J. Fletcher, on behalf of the inhabitants, presented an address of welcome, thanking them for their services, and an open-air service was held in the church square, at which the Vicars of Scunthorpe and Frodingham, and the Rev. R.A. Bennett took part. The town was gaily decorated. The men are to be entertained to dinner and given a souvenir.
Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 19th July 1902


The Scunthorpe Reception Committee gave a public dinner to the recently-returned men of the active service company connected with the G and H Companies of the 3rd Battalion Lincolnshire Regiment at Scunthorpe, on Thursday night. These numbered ten, and, in addition, seven members of the first active service company were present. Captain Geo. Dove, who presided, was supported by Lieut. G. Cliff, 3rd Dragoon Guards (recently returned from South Africa, and formerly an officer in the local corps), the Rev. E.M. Weigall, Mr W. Crooke, and others.

The Chairman, in presenting the men with handsome gold pendants from Frodingham and Scunthorpe friends, said he was proud of them. The hardest thing they had had to do was knuckling down to severe military discipline at so short a notice. It was one of the hardest trials, and had been successfully accomplished.

A musical programme followed.
Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 6th December 1902


The Scunthorpe and Brigg (G and H) Companies of the 3rd V.B. Linc Regiment, held their annual dinner at the Blue Bell Hotel, Scunthorpe, on Thursday evening. Captain G. Dove presided, and among the guests was Lieutenant Parker, of Brabant’s Horse.

Captain G. Dove, in referring to the new volunteer regulations, said that they were not so hard in actual working as they appeared on paper. He took the regulations as a compliment to the volunteer force.

Mr J. Fletcher, J.P., presented gold pendants to the Chairman for Captain G.V. DOVE and Lieutenant R.B.T. CLIFF (6th Dragoons), who went out to the war from Scunthorpe as volunteer officers.