Scottish National Red Cross DNW 25 Mar 2013            Scottish National Red Cross silver




Scottish National Red Cross bronze star


Country: Scotland
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 29/10/1901
Number issued: 96


Gold, silver or bronze commemorative badges, to:

Scottish National Red Cross Hospital –
Sergeant William F. OATTES
Nursing Sister Margaret Butler ALEXANDER
and 94 unnamed volunteers
Presentation made by the Duchess of Montrose, in the Queen's Rooms, Glasgow.
Badge with edge-engraved naming, thus: "ANDREW A. McWHAN."
Star with engraved naming to obverse, thus: "SERGT. WM. F OATTES, SCO. HOS."

Two types exist: one an oval badge; the other with the badge mounted on a 5-pointed star. The oval badge has been seen in both gold and silver.

Note: the medal presented to Sister Alexander is made of gold; Hibbard only records a silver version.

Sergeant Oattes example sold through St James's Auctions, 18/06/2008, for £400 (bronze version)
Nursing Sister Margaret Alexander example sold through Dix Noonan Webb, 25/03/2013, for £2,900 (gold version).

James Miller example sold through Kunker Auctions, October 2019, for €340 (silver version).


Hibbard #J7
Information and images provided by Paul Dunn
The Scotsman, 30th October 1901
In the Queen’s Rooms, Glasgow, yesterday, the presentation took place of South African medals and commemorative badges to the members of the staff of the Scottish National Red Cross Hospital. General Sir Archibald Hunter, K.C.B., commanding the forces in Scotland, presented the medals, while her Grace the Duchess of Montrose, handed over the commemorative badges, which were the gift of the Scottish Red Cross Society.