County: Oxfordshire
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 24/07/1901
Number issued: 4


Gold medals, to:

Volunteer Active Service Company, Oxfordshire Light Infantry –
7268 Private H. DREWITT [Drewett]
7252 Private George Frederick SESSIONS
7258 Private Edwin TOMALIN [J.E. Tomalin]

7261 Private Robert William WARD

Presentation made by Miss Marion Cooper, in the Drill Hall, Henley.

Subscribed for by past and present officers and non-commissioned officers and a few friends.

The medals are described as "similar to those given to each of the Oxford returned Volunteers". See: Oxfordshire Light Infantry Volunteers.



Henley & South Oxford Standard, 5th July 1901


I am very pleased to learn that Ex-Col-Sergt. Drewett is arranging for a gold medal for each of the four Volunteers who went to the Front similar to those given to each of the Oxford returned Volunteers. He is only asking for subscriptions from past and present officers and men of the Volunteers. It is an admirable idea, and I hope the Yeomanry just home will be similarly rewarded.
Henley & South Oxford Standard, 26th July 1901


On Wednesday evening, through the energy of ex-Colour-Sergeant T.M. Drewett, the four Volunteers from the Henley Company of Volunteers were presented with gold medals, which were subscribed for by past and present officers and non-commissioned officers and a few friends. This pleasing ceremony took place in the Drill Hall after the weekly drill. Lieut. Ward presided, being supported by Miss Cooper, Miss L. Cooper, Miss M. Cooper, and Major Rickards. There was a good attendance in the body of the Hall.

Lieut. Ward stated the object of the gathering, mentioning that as Miss Janet Cooper had taken such a keen interest in the soldiers at the front they thought they could not ask a more suitable lady to present the medals, but in her unavoidable absence he would ask Miss Marion Cooper to perform the task.

Miss Marion Cooper, in a few week-chosen remarks, expressed the great regret Miss Janet Cooper felt at being unable to be present, saying that nothing but an engagement at Hendon – on behalf of the Sailors and Soldiers Association – would have precented her attendance. She knew the work her sister had done on behalf of the soldiers from Henley and district, and thought she might be called the “Soldier’s Friend” – (applause).

Privates WARD, SESSIONS, TOMALIN, and DREWETT then came forward to receive their medals, the band playing “See the Conquering Hero Comes” as each one walked to the platform, where Miss Marion Cooper pinned the medals on their breasts amidst loud applause.

Lieut. Ward suitably thanked Miss M. Cooper, who again made an effective little speech, which brought the proceedings to an end.

The Volunteers then returned to the Town Hall, to put up their rifles, and re-assembled at the Drill Hall, where a smoking concert was gone through, under the chairmanship of Mr T.R. Spring, who was supported on the platform by Councillor Holbrow. A pleasant evening was spent.   
Oxfordshire Light Infantry Vols
The Henley medal is described as being similar to that presented to O.L.I. Vols (pictured above).