State: South Australia
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 01/08/1901, 22/08/1902
Number issued: 1 or 2


Gold medals, to:

01/08/1901 presentation (?)

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –

6 Sergeant Henry Charles BLAIR

Presentation made at the Bahgallah State School.

There is some confusion regarding this presentation with most reports stating that the medal was presented by the inhabitants of Casterton (see note below)

22/08/1902 presentation

5th Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –

964 Private William John BLAIR

Presentation made at the Bahgallah State School.


Private Blair received a second medal [a gold cross] from Casterton Hibernian Society.

Instead of a medal, he received a Rotherham watch from the inhabitants of Casterton, presumably because he had already been given medals by the Casterton Hibernian Society and the people of Bahgallah.


Note: Private Blair's brother, 6 Sergeant Henry Charles Blair, 4th V.I.B., may also have received a medal from Bahgallah. The reporting of his Casterton presentation is a little muddled, with some stating that he received a gold medal and others a Rotherham watch. The fact that two dates are given for this ceremony (01/08/1901 and 02/08/1901) suggests there were two presentations, one at Casterton (a watch) and one at Bahgallah (a medal).


Melbourne Argus, 26/08/1902


Melbourne Argus, 22nd July 1901


Sergeant Harry BLAIR, of the Australian Imperial Regiment, received a warm welcome on his arrival at the Casterton railway station on Wednesday night. Large numbers of citizens of all classes who were on the platform cheered him as he stepped from the carriage. The fire brigade members escorted him with torchlight procession to his place of lodging, and on Wednesday he will go to his parents' home in the country. Later on it is intended to present him with a gold medal, and to give him a formal welcome in the Mechanics' hall, as has been done in the case of the other soldiers.
Melbourne Argus, 1st August 1901


Sergeant Harry BLAIR, who recently returned from South Africa, whither he went with the Fourth Contingent, has been entertained at a welcome social at the Bahgallah state school.
Hamilton Spectator, 3rd August 1901


A welcome-home was given on Thursday evening (writes our Casterton correspondent) to Sergeant BLAIR, who lately returned from the war. The demonstration took the shape of a torchlight procession through the principal streets, in which the mounted rifles, rifle club, shire councillors, fire brigade, and other local bodies took part. After the procession an entertainment was held in the mechanics' institute, Mr J.M. Scott, president of the shire, presiding. In the course of the evening Mr Scott presented Sergeant BLAIR with a gold medal on behalf of the residents of the district as a token of appreciation of Sergeant BLAIR's conduct in the campaign. Mr Speke also spoke highly of the colonial contingents as a whole, who had proved themselves worthy pillars of the empire. Sergeant BLAIR, in receiving the medal, thanked them all for their kindness in thus remembering and honouring him. He felt very grateful, and only regretted that he was not a public speaker, else he might entertain them with some of his experiences. He thanked them very much. The remainder of the entertainment was made up of songs and musical items, in which Misses Anderson, Hooper, Grinham and Lamborne and Messrs and Bieske, Egan, Swale, Hortle, Simpson and Watson took part. There was a good attendance, and everything went off with eclat.
Melbourne Argus, 5th August 1901


A public welcome was tendered to Sergeant Harry BLAIR at the Mechanics’ Hall on Friday evening, and he was presented with a Rotherham watch.
Melbourne Argus, 26th August 1902



On Friday evening, at Bahgallah state school, Trooper John BLAIR, who has just returned from South Africa, where he served for 18 months with the Fifth Contingent, was presented with a gold medal. Mr Murdoch McIntyre presided.