State: New South Wales, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 27/06/1902
Number issued: 1


Gold medal & watch guard, to:

"B" Squadron, 3rd New South Wales Mounted Rifles –
1792 Trooper William Richard WALLACE

Presentation made at Bagdad, Temora, New South Wales.



Temora Star, 2nd July 1902



A pleasant evening was spent at the residence of Mr W. Drummond on Friday night last, 27th inst., when over 100 people assembled to welcome Trooper WALLACE on his return from South Africa. Dancing was indulged in till 12 o’clock, when refreshments were served. After supper had been partaken of, a very pleasing event took place, Trooper WALLACE being presented with a gold watch guard and medal, suitably inscribed. I am sure the presentation must have been a pleasant sight to his parents, to witness the crowd who had assembled to welcome back their son, and who were also eager to be present at the presentation to their fellow-neighbour, who had fought for his country's good. Mr P. Reynolds, on taking the chair, called for three cheers for the King, which were heartily responded to by the company. The Chairman then, welcomed Trooper WALLACE on behalf of his many friends. Mr W. Drummond in a neat and appropriate speech presented the gift to Trooper WALLACE, the company singing "He is a Brave Good Fellow". Several other gentlemen, also spoke of Trooper WALLACE's good qualities, to which the guest suitably responded. Mr D. Deegan, in a neat speech, congratulated Mr and Mrs Wallace, on behalf of the company, upon the safe return of their son. Mr Wallace, senr., responded, and heartily thanked all present for the good feeling shown toward Mrs Wallace, their son, and himself. Mr J. Kirkland moved a hearty vote of thanks to Mr and Mrs Drummond for their kindness in giving the use of their house. Mr Drummond responded, and thanked the company for their vote of thanks. Mr H.J. Cartwright proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the ladies, which was carried by acclamation. This very pleasing part of the evening’s enjoyment was brought to a close by Mr Drummond proposing, a vote of thanks to the chairman, after which dancing was resumed and kept up till daylight, when refreshments were again served. The music was supplied by Misses Drummond, Mr M. Timmons and several others. Messrs P. Reynolds and D. Deegan carried out the duties of Ms.C. in their usual efficient manner. The refreshments were under the skilful care of the ladies, who deserve special praise for the manner in which they carried out their duties as caterers.