State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 29/05/1901, bef. 16/08/1901, 05/09/1902
Number issued: 6


Gold medals, to:

29/05/1901 presentation

2nd Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –
203 Lance-Corporal [Bugler] Frank William HORTLE

370 Sergeant-Major [Lieutenant] Hugh McDONALD [Macdonald]

Presentation made in the Mechanics' Institute, Casterton.

Bef. 16/08/1901 presentation

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –

219 Trooper John COLLIE

Presentation made by Mr Moore, at the Dartmoor State School.

Trooper Collie also received a gold watch and guard.

05/09/1902 presentation

6th Australian Commonwealth Horse (Victorian Contingent) –
438 Private J.L. WATSON

455 Private Albert PESKETT [Pishett]

2nd Bn. Australian Commonwealth Horse (Victorian Contingent) –
511 Private George CONDY
McDonald appears to have received a second medal from the people of the Yea Shire.



Horsham Times, 04/06/1901
Melbourne Argus, 25th May 1901
CASTERTON. – It has been decided to give Bugler HORTLE and Lieutenant MACDONALD a formal public welcome some evening next week. There is to be a procession, and a public meeting in the Mechanics' Hall, and gold medals are to be presented to them. Lieutenant MACDONALD arrived in Casterton last night on a fortnight's leave of absence from headquarters. On his return to Melbourne he has promised to stay at Hamilton for the unveiling of the memorial to Lieutenant RICE, which is being erected in Christ Church.
Melbourne Argus, 31st May 1901
CASTERTON. – The welcome-home demonstration to Bugler HORTLE and Sergeant McDONALD on Wednesday night was a great success. The streets were lined with people, flags were hung across the main street, and a torchlight procession, headed by the brass band and rifles marched through the principal thoroughfares. At the Mechanics’ Hall a presentation of gold medals was made to each of the guests.
Melbourne Age, 6th June 1901
CASTERTON.— A public welcome was accorded to Lance-Corporal F. HORTLE and Sergeant McDONALD on Wednesday evening. Over 100 firemen from Bandford, Casterton and Strathdownie formed a procession to Lance-Corporal HORTLE's home, where the Glenelg brass band played appropriate airs. A public concert was held, and gold medals were presented to the returned soldiers in the mechanics' institute. Welcoming speeches were delivered by the president of the shire, Rev. J.A. Ball and others. Lance-Corporal HORTLE exhibited a bugle with a bullet hole through it, received whilst it was being sounded in battle.
Melbourne Argus, 16th August 1901
CASTERTON. – A welcome, home social has been tendered at the Dartmoor State School to Trooper J. COLLIE. The building was crowded. Mr Moore presided. Trooper COLLIE was presented with a gold watch and guard, and also a gold medal, suitably inscribed.
Melbourne Argus, 6th September 1902
CASTERTON. — A welcome-home demonstration was given last evening in the Mechanics' Hall to four soldiers returned from South Africa within the last few days—Trooper John BLAIR (who had seen 18 months' active service) and Privates L. WATSON, A. PISHETT, and G. CONDY (who went out with the last contingent, to find the war had terminated). The Glenelg shire president (Councillor John McIntyre) presided. There was a torch-light procession, in which the mounted rifles, under Lieutenant Little, and the rifle club, under Captain Swale, and local brass band, and other societies took a prominent part. Trooper BLAIR was presented with a Rotherham watch, and each of the other soldiers with a gold medal.