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Gold was discovered at Barberton in 1885 and it became a large mining centre, populated predominantly by ‘Uitlanders’.  After the declaration of war, many Uitlanders fled and Barberton was held by the Boers until it was captured by the British on 13 September 1900. 

The Barberton Town Guard were called out for active service on 8 December 1900 and was disbanded on 21 December 1901.

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 Surname   Forename/inits   Regimental no   Rank   Notes 
AbbotHSource: WO100/280
AckerH OSource: WO100/280
ArenholdA WSource: WO100/280
AtmoreH VSource: WO100/280
AtmoreTSource: WO100/280
AustinWSource: WO100/280
BaileyCSource: WO100/280
BaileyESource: WO100/280
BaileyHSource: WO100/280
BaileyWSource: WO100/280
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