The regiment sailed on the Montfort and Templemore, and arrived in South Africa in the beginning of December 1899 in time to be present at the battle of Colenso (see 2nd Queen's, Royal West Surrey). Neither the 13th Hussars nor 1st Royal Dragoons, the other regular cavalry regiment, was heavily engaged.

In the movement by Springfield and Trichard's Drift, in which an attempt was made to turn the Boer position on the Tugela, one squadron of the 13th took part, and on 20th January supported the South African Light Horse in the taking of Bastion Hill.

When General Buller commenced his fourth and successful attempt to relieve Ladysmith, part of the regiment was left at Springfield, brigaded with the 1st Royal Dragoons under Burn-Murdoch, and the remainder went forward with General Buller.

Four officers and 2 non-commissioned officers and 1 private of the regiment were mentioned in General Buller's despatch of 30th March 1900 for good work in the relief of Ladysmith.

After the relief Burn-Murdoch's brigade was the 1st Royal Dragoons, 5th Dragoon Guards, and 13th Hussars.

In General Buller's final despatch of 9th November 1900, 6 officers and 4 non-commissioned officers and men of the 13th were mentioned, and in Lord Roberts' final despatch 8 officers and 5 non-commissioned officers and men were mentioned.

In August 1900 a portion of the 13th Hussars and 5th Lancers came up Van Reenen's Pass and met Macdonald's brigade in Harrismith; but the regiment was mainly employed after June 1900 and up to the close of that year on the Standerton-Newcastle line.

In 1901 the 13th Hussars were brought to the Western Transvaal, and, along with the 5th Dragoon Guards, long operated about Klerksdorp and afterwards east of Pretoria under Brigadier General G Hamilton and other commanders, taking part in many successful engagements.

Two officers, 1 non-commissioned officer, and 1 private gained mention by Lord Kitchener in his despatches written during the war, and in the final despatch 4 officers and 4 non-commissioned officers and men were mentioned.

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