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Went out with the Vth Division.  Was with Warren at Venter's Spruit and Spion Kop, part of the time on the left or west of the line (see 2nd Queen's).  Afterwards was in the action at Vaal Krantz and the final fourteen days' fighting at the Colenso position, the Brigade Division being then the 28th, 73rd, and 78th.  On the 21st and 22nd February the 28th was very heavily engaged.  In General Buller's despatch of 30th March 1900, 2 officers, 1 non-commissioned officer, and 1 driver were mentioned.  In April the Brigade Division was taken round to Cape Colony with the Xth Division under Sir A Hunter.  Accompanied him to the Kimberley district, and thereafter through the South-West Transvaal to Krugersdorp.  In August and September 1900 the 28th Battery was in a column under Hart which operated south and west of Krugersdorp (Lord Roberts' despatch of 10th October 1900, para 39).  In the second phase of the war the 28th was much employed in the Megaliesberg, the treacherous gulleys of which they have every reason to remember.  Two guns of the 28th were with Dixon when he was attacked at Vlakfontein, 29th May 1901 (see 1st Derbyshire).  After the screen was driven in it was round these two guns, which were captured and then recaptured, by what was perhaps the finest bayonet charge in the war, that the fight raged with unsurpassed fierceness.  The section had about 5 killed and 12 wounded.  Several mentions were gained on this occasion.  Three guns of the battery were with the same column, now under Kekewich, when it was attacked by Delarey and Kemp at Moedwill on 30th September 1901 (see 1st Derbyshire).  The battery again did well.  They lost 5 men killed and 9 wounded.  Gunner Wooding was mentioned for "lifting two shells from a portable magazine in which the cartridges were burning furiously".

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AbbottHSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
AdesFSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
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AlbachGSource: QSA and KSA medal rolls
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