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Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry



29 Nov 1899

Oct 1900

Royal Canadian Artillery



Feb 1900

Dec 1900

2nd Canadian Mounted Rifles



Feb 1900

Dec 1900

1st Canadian Mounted Rifles (Royal Canadian Dragoons)



Mar 1900

Nov 1900

Draft for Royal Canadian Regiment



Apr 1900


Strathcona's Horse



Apr 1900

Jan 1901

10th Canadian Field Hospital



Feb 1902

Jun 1902

2nd Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles



Feb 1902

Jun 1902

3rd Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles



May 1902

Jul 1902

4th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles



Jun 1902

Jul 1902

5th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles



Jun 1902

Jul 1902

6th Regiment Canadian Mounted Rifles



Jun 1902

Jul 1902






Not included in the above figures are 30 officers and 1,208 men who joined the South African Constabulary.  Stirling notes:

In addition to the contingents already mentioned, it should be borne in mind that Canada sent, in March and April 1901, 1238 officers and men to South Africa for the South African Constabulary (see evidence of Major General O'Grady-Haly before the War Commission). Many of these had belonged to the Royal Canadian Regiment of Infantry or to the first contingent of mounted men. Further, on 18th March, Mr Chamberlain having intimated that assistance to the extent of 2000 men would be accepted, Canada in response despatched, in the beginning of May 19O2, another immense force — namely, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th regiments of Mounted Rifles, each 509 strong. These arrived in South Africa just after peace was declared. Probably the fact that they were on the sea did help towards the attainment of the desired end.

See also the Canadian Scouts and information on raised date QSAs to Lord Strathcona's Horse.

Canadian contingent casualties:

Casualties (officers): 7 KIA, 3 DOD, 23 wounded, 1 missing/prisoner

Casualties (men): 87 KIA, 76 DOD, 255 wounded, 55 missing/prisoner


The Honours and awards of the Canadian Contingents were:

Awards: 4 VC, 5 CB, 6 CMG, 19 DSO, 18 DCM

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AbbottPercy197Source: Medal rolls
AbellClaude Walter23Source: Medal rolls
AbernethyJames498Source: Medal rolls
AbramsMilfred Stanley184Source: Medal rolls
AcornArthur L604Source: Medal rolls
ActonWm Arthur93Source: Medal rolls
AdamsDavid E12Source: Medal rolls
AdamsEdward146Source: Medal rolls
AdamsJames95Source: Medal rolls
AdamsRobert Charles310Source: Medal rolls
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The Mentions gained by the Canadian contingents, were as follows:—

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCHES: 31st March 1900.—Major S Dennison, Royal Canadian Regiment, aide-de-camp; Lieutenant Colonel W D Otter, Major L Buchan, Major O C O Pelletier; Captain H B Stairs; Captain and Adjutant A H Macdonell; Sergeant Utton; Privates J Kennedy, H Andrews, J H Dickson, C W Duncafe, F C Page.

2nd April 1901. — Royal Canadian Dragoons — Lieutenant Colonels T D B Evans, F L Lessard; Lieutenant R E W Turner; Privates W A Knisley, L W R Molloy. Artillery—Colonel C W Drury; Majors Houdin, G Ogilvie; Surgeon Major A N Worthington; Captain H A Panet; Lieutenant L E W Irving; Battery Sergeant Major W H Grimlett; Gunner Laidlaw. Royal Canadian Regiment—Colonel W D Otter; Lieutenant Colonel L Buchan; Major Dennison; Captain A H Macdonell; Lieutenant J H C Ogilvie; Privates J Kennedy, J Landen, Crooke, R R Thomson. Mounted Infantry—Trooper Waite. Mounted Rifles—Captain A C Macdonald; Lieutenants H Davidson, A L Howard, W M Inglis, F Young; Regimental Sergeant Major Church; Sergeant R H Ryan; Corporals T Callaghan, T R Miles, F W Whitlow; Trooper Crawley; Privates T Kerr (killed), S E Morrison, Hammond, Miles.
In Lord Roberts' supplementary despatch of 1st March 1902 he announced that one of the four scarves worked by her late Majesty for presentation to private soldiers of the Colonies had been allotted to Private (since promoted lieutenant) Richard Roland Thompson, Royal Canadian Regiment.

SIR C WARREN'S DESPATCH: 30th May 1900.—Colonel Hughes, Major Ogilvie, Surgeon Major Worthington. In this despatch Captain Mackie, Royal Canadian Artillery, was also mentioned under the heading 'Warren's Scouts', a small body which Captain Mackie at that time commanded.

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCH: 4th September 1901.—Royal Canadian Regiment— Major R Cartwright, Captain Stairs, Lieutenant J C Mason. Royal Canadian Dragoons—Majors Williams and Forester. Mounted Rifles— Major G E Sanders, Lieutenant H L Borden (killed). Artillery—Lieutenant E W B Morrison.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCHES: 8th May 1901.— Lieutenants Borden and Chalmers (both killed), brought to notice for gallantry in action and stubborn fighting. Major A L Howard, Scouts, repeatedly brought to notice for gallantry. Mounted Rifles—Corporal Morden, killed on outpost duty whilst with five men holding off a large body of enemy. Sergeant Builder, killed whilst bringing in guns near Belfast.
8th December 1901.—Scouts—Trooper George, at Zusterhoek, 21st October, returned for wounded man under close fire and brought him out to safety; second time brought to notice within three months. Sergeant Major Wilkins, same action, excellent work with pom-poms under heavy fire; previously mentioned. Sergeant Major Forrest, for good work with Colt Gun Section under heavy fire, same action.
8th March 1902.—Scouts—Private D Maclntyre, promoted Corporal, conspicuous dash on several occasions. Captain T H A Williams, conspicuous good service, December and January.

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCH: 1st March 1902.—Mounted Rifles—Trooper E F Waldie. Canadian Regiment—Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel Fiset, MD, Captain H E Burstall.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCHES: 1st June 1902.—Scouts—Corporal E C Pearce, promoted Sergeant, for gallantry, 4th April. Mounted Rifles—Surgeon Major J A Devine, for good service at Boschbult, 31st March 1902. Lieutenant Bruce Carruthers, in command of a detached party, fought till all were either killed or wounded. Corporal J A Wilkinson, promoted Sergeant, Lance Corporal J C Bond, Private G Beth, promoted Corporals, part of above party specially noticeable in rallying the troop. Private P H Kelly, promoted Corporal, for specially good work as hospital orderly under heavy fire. Sergeant J C Perry (killed), good service at Boschbult. Private C N Evans (killed), after being mortally wounded fired two bandoliers of ammunition and then broke his rifle to prevent it falling into enemy's hands. Sergeant H A Lee, twice tried to carry despatch through enemy's lines under heavy and close fire.
22nd June.— Lieutenant Colonel T D B Evans, CB, Captain T H Callaghan, Lieutenants R H Ryan, F Church, Adjutant, Squadron Sergeant Major Docherty, Staff-Sergeant D Forster-Bliss, R G Dale. Scouts—Major Ross, DSO, Captains Macmillan, Williams, Sergeant Major Stallwood, Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Sanders, Private A Chesworth. Sister Miss G Pope, the Royal Red Cross.

The Honours and Mentions gained by Lord Strathcona's Horse were as follows:—

GENERAL BULLER'S DESPATCH: 9th November 1900.—Lieutenant Colonel Steele, in terms already given; Major A M Jarvis, Major R Belcher, Captain and Adjutant E F Mackie and Lieutenant R H B Magee have done excellent service throughout, and proved themselves most useful soldiers in every duty they were called upon to perform. The following have been brought to my notice as having specially distinguished themselves: Regimental Sergeant Major J Hynes, Sergeant H W Nelles, Armourer Sergeant J R Brigham, Corporal A K M'Lellan, Privates C W Rooke, G Gamsby, W F Graham, A C Garner. The following is a list of those who have performed special acts of bravery, or have been selected for and successfully carried out arduous reconnaissances or dangerous duties: Major A E Snyder, Captains G W Cameron, F L Cartwright, Lieutenants F Harper, J A Benyon, P Fall, J F Macdonald, J E Leckie, T E Pooley, A E Christie, Surgeon Lieutenant C B Keenan, Lieutenant W Parker (Quartermaster), Lieutenant I R Snider (Transport Officer), Lieutenant E J Steele (Paymaster), Lieutenant A M'MilIan (Veterinary Officer), Lieutenant A H L Kyle (attached), Civil Surgeon A E Houseman, Squadron Sergeant Major Richards, Sergeant Trumpeter J Farmer, Sergeant R H Moir, Farrier Sergeant A Gillies, Sergeants J S Lambert, G Clarke, C A W Whitehead, S A Kelly, P G Routh, Corporals E H Clarke, Alex Norquay, W M Lafferty, F Mulligan, C R M'Donald, R N Crogan, Read, Privates J E V Carpenter, C E Kindrew, R Hammond, H D Saxby, A W Stewart, J T Waite, J Devine, S A White, R, Bearing, T M L Pym.

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCH: 2nd April 1901.—Lieutenant Colonel S B Steele, Majors A Belcher, A M Jarvis, Captains G W Cameron, F L Cartwright, E F Mackie (Adjutant), Lieutenants A E Christie, J E Leckie, Surgeon Lieutenant C B Keenan, Regimental Sergeant Major J Hynes, Squadron Sergeant Major J Richards, Sergeants W H Nelles, J M B Skirving.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCH: 8th March 1901.—Lieutenant I R Snider.

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCH: 1st March 1902.—Trooper, afterwards Lieutenant, S T St G Carey.




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