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The Honours and Mentions gained by the West Australians were as follows:

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCHES: 2nd April 1901.—WAMI: Lieutenant Colonel W L Pilkington, 2nd contingent, Reserve of Officers; Captains J Harris, F M Parker; Lieutenants H F Darling, J C De Castilla, R R C Vernon, S A Olliver; Sergeants J Barry, E H Draper, P M Edwards; Corporal W H Clarkson, Lee.-Corporal J Burley; Privates R Corkhill, H Force, M A Spiers. Bushman's Corps: Major H G Vialls.

11th September 1901.—Lieutenant C H Ord.

1st March 1902.—Major H G Moor, Royal Artillery, commanding 1st contingent (killed in action). WA Medical Staff: Surgeon Lieutenant Colonel F J Ingoldsby.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCHES: 8th March. 1901.—Major Vialls.

8th May 1901.—From General Plumer's of 7th April.—WA Bushmen: Sergeant W George, DCM, on April 6th, near De Berg Pass, Pietesberg (Pietersburg) district, when in advance with 8 scouts held his own on most difficult ground against 40 Boers. He displayed conspicuous personal bravery, as he has done to my personal knowledge on several previous occasions. Private F Angel, DCM (since dead), one of scouts above-mentioned, and was very severely wounded in going forward to assist another wounded man.

8th July 1901.—Lieutenant F W Bell, awarded VC. Captain J Campbell for assisting Lieutenant Bell. Lieutenant. S Reid at same place and date remained with his men, though severely wounded early in fight. Lieutenant A A Forrest (killed) and A J Brown, conspicuous gallantry on same occasion. (All foregoing brought to notice of Australian Government). Surgeon Captain F B Reid showed absolute disregard of danger in performing his duties on same occasion.
8th December 1901.—WA 6th MI: Major J R Royston, for single-handed capture of 2 armed Boers, November 8, 1901, and for saving a man's life on same occasion.

8th March 1902.—WAMI: Lieutenant P J Daly, along with Lieutenant Archer Shee, 19th Hussars, gallantry in pursuit of a superior force of the enemy near Kromdrai on 28th February; both very severely wounded, but captured 7 of the enemy. Corporal P J Daly (promoted Sergeant), for gallant services on three occasions with scouts when parties of Boers were taken. Lieutenant E S Clifford, DSO, for conspicuous service in December and January. Lieutenant Colonel J R Royston, DSO, Captain A J B Brown, 5th, and Lieutenant R Clifton, 6th, for conspicuous good services, General Bruce Hamilton's operations in Eastern Transvaal, in December and January.

23rd June 1902—Captain H F Darling, DSO, 5th; Lieutenants J L Ochiltree, 5th; A E Maley, 6th; Sergeant J G Dale; Privates Forrest, A P Abbot, G Robinson.

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