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The Mentions gained by the Tasmanian contingents were as follows:—

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCH: 2nd April 1901.-Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen: Colonel E T Wallack; Captains R C Lewis, A H Riggall; Lieutenants R Anderson, R Perkins; Sergeant J J Gardiner; Troopers R Chant, P Clark, R Douglas, F A Groom, A G Hillier, E R Jacson (killed). Mounted Infantry: Major C Cameron; Sergeant Major J Costello.

LORD KITCHENERS' DESPATCH: 8th March 1901.-Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen: Lieutenant A A Sale; Sergeant Kernsley. Mounted Infantry. Lieutenant F B Adams (2nd contingent).

8th May 1901.-Extract from General Plumer's Special Despatch on Lieutenant Reid's capture of Commandant Schroeder and his laager and 40 men near Commissie Drift, April 25: "Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen: Sergeant Stocker (promoted Lieutenant) succeeded in getting right behind the laager during night, thereby enabling Lieutenant Reid to surround it and rush it from all sides at once".

8th July 1901.-Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen: Trooper E L D Brownell (promoted Corporal), on May 9th at Ganna Hock, Cape Colony, showed distinguished bravery in fighting with only one man (Private J E Wharbeston, same corps) 20 Boers, killing 2 Boers and 2 horses; finding he could not escape, and his comrade being mortally wounded, shot both horses to prevent them falling into the enemy's hands; taken prisoner and stripped; he was released, when he walked into camp and at once took an ambulance, remained out all night, and brought in Private Wharbeston.

8th December 1901.— 2nd Tasmanians (evidently 5th contingent): Quartermaster Sergeant D N Lyne, Sergeant A Coombes followed Sergeant Major Young of the Cape Police on the occasion on which he captured Commandant Erasmus at Ruiter's Kraal, August 13.

8th April 1902. — Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen: Lieutenant Colonel E T Watchorn (5th).

23rd June 1902.—Captain F B Adams (5th); Lieutenant A N Boyes; Lieutenant and Adjutant J M'Cormick (5th); Lieutenant G F Richardson. Transport: Sergeants A Coombes, G Murphy, G Kemsley; Trooper C Cawthorn.

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