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The Mentions gained by the South Australian Contingents are as follows:—

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCHES: 2nd April 1901.—SA Bushmen: Colonel J M Gordon, Lieutenant Colonel J Kowell (4th contingent); Captains A E Collins, 3rd, Gran Hubbe, 3rd, J H Stapleton, 1st; Lieutenant C M Ives, 3rd Mounted Rifles: Major C J Reade, 2nd; Captain J F Humphris, 2nd; Sergeants Ive, Knapman; Corporals. Currie, Fornby, V M Newland; Lance Corporal H Balfour Ogilvy ; Privates H W Brown, Cornish, Fetch.

4th September 1901.—South Australian Bushmen: Captain A E M Norton, 4th; Lieutenant A W Leane, 4th; Sergeant Spencer; Corporals Allnut, Catchlowe (now Lieutenant); Troopers Gardiner, Lennox, Mayfield, Stott, Thorne; Nursing Sister M S Bidmead (got the Royal Red Cross).

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCHES: 8th March 1901.—SA Imperial Bushmen, 4th contingent: Captain Wilson, 4th.
Despatch of 8th May 1901. From General Plumer's Special Despatch on Lieutenant Reid's capture of Commandant Schroeder and his laager and 40 men, near Commissie Drift, April 25. SA Impl. Bushmen: Sergeant Ward.

8th July 1901.—S A Bushmen: Captain E J F Langley, 5th contingent, conspicuous gallantry in fight for convoy near Reitz, June 6; Sergeant L Grewar, 5th, same occasion, by his courage and example greatly contributed to defeat of desperate attack (mentioned in AO)

8th August 1901.—SAMI (5th and 6th contingents): Captain J Watt, and Lieutenant D Macfarlane, conspicuous for gallantry and fearless leading in night attack on Smut's laager, August 1; Captain J S Shea, 15th Bengal Lancers, attached, also got DSO for leading 200 S Australians in night attack on Smut's laager of over 300 men, and, after hand-to-hand fighting, killing 7 and capturing 11; Trooper T Kermode promoted Corporal same occasion. He was first man into the farm, and bayoneted the first man, and although wounded in three places continued to fight; Trooper P Brandt (promoted Corporal) for gallantry same occasion.

23rd Jun 1902. — S Australians: Lieutenants F B Muir, J H Shearer, W C N Waite; Sergeant J Bundle; Lance Corporal J Berry ; Corporal R Gully.

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