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The Mentions gained were as follows:—

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCHES: 31st March 1900.—Mounted Infantry: Captain J M Antill; Corporal English, Royal Australian Artillery: Lieutenant Colonel C Umphelby, killed.; Lieutenant Colonel J J Byron, Aide-de-camp to Lord Roberts.

2nd April 1901.—Mounted Rifles: Major J M Antill, MI; Lieutenant Colonel H P Airey, DSO; Captains A J Bennett, M A Hilliard, W Holmes, A A McLean; Lieutenants F A Dove, F C Learmonth, C G S Lydiard, D K Tooth, W W R Watson; Sergeant Majors R C Holman, F Ligguns, Pallack, J Wasson; Lance Sergeant S R Antill; Privates L Hayward, J M'Cracken, W Neeld, F Rudd. Imperial Bushmen: Colonel Honourable J A Mackay (6th); Captain A B Baker (1st); Lieutenants W Butler, H B Christie (1st), C S Cape (1st), R D Doyle (1st), T M Moore (1st), R E Zouch (1st). Army Medical Corps: Colonel W D C Williams; Major Fiaschi. Bearer Company: Captains T A Green, R E Roth, A E Perkins; Sergeants G Dart, T Hender, G Rose; Corporal C Linfield; Privates G Helmes, P Murphy. Lieutenant G J Grieve, killed (at Paardeberg, when attached to the Black Watch: General Macdonald wrote that Lieutenant Grieve's name would find honourable mention and abiding record in the history of that famous Regiment). Australian Horse: Sergeant Major H Arnold.
4th Sept. 1901.—Mounted Infantry: Lieutenant Colonel J W M Onslow. Medical Corps: Majors W L Eames, Honourable A MacCormisk; Lieutenants Newmarsh, Dick, A H Horsfall. New South Wales Lancers: Major G Lee; Squadron Sergeant Major G E Morris; Sergeant Houston. Bushmen's Contingent: Captains K Wray, H H Browne; Lieutenant P W Vaughan (1st Australian Horse); Sergeant Major Hargreaves (1st Australian Horse); Private, afterwards Lt, D Drummond; Nursing Sister E Nixon, who got the Royal Red Cross.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCHES: 8th March 1901.—New South Wales Medical Corps: Captain T A Green.

8th May 1901.—6th Imperial Bushmen: Major W E O'Brien, handled his men well in action of 23rd, and in pursuit of 24th; Lieutenants E H Thomas and R Doyle, and Corporal Moy, for excellent services in capture of Delarey's guns on 24th March 1900; Corporal W Fyfe (promoted Sergeant), operations near Potchefstroom, as my head conductor, has done excellent work throughout, and on March 24th, when convoy was attacked, was of greatest assistance (from Colonel Benson's Despatch). Sergeant Thomson (promoted 2nd Lieutenant), seeing 80 of enemy about to occupy a wood, took 15 men and galloped to anticipate them, which he did. Had this wood been occupied, advance would have been impeded and checked for a time. Lance Corporal M'Clymont (promoted Cpl), noticing a Boer shooting at Lieutenant Hungerford from the pass, at close range charged and shot him. Corporal Newlands (promoted Sergeant), seeing some Boers trying to get a gun limber away, charged them by himself, and engaged them till supported by more men, when limber was taken. Private Rhodenback (promoted Corporal) was a scout on the extreme right of advance, and found 50 Boers in a gully: he opened tire and kept on firing till Boers retired. Private Fewkes (promoted Corporal) charged a kopje under heavy fire, firing himself from his horse; rest of troop followed and enemy fled. Private H Selby took a man's horse to him under close fire, and remained with him whilst he resaddled his horse, in Qatsraud, April. 1st Australian Bushmen, from General Plumer's Despatch of March 23: Sergeant Davenport, during Boer attack on convoy near Rhenoster Kop, May 23, was twice severely wounded while fetching ammunition; also did excellent service at Elands River; Sergeant Major Weir, on same occasion, dressed Sergeant Davenport's wounds under fire, and did good service generally.

8th July 1901.—6th Imperial Bushmen: Trooper H Huddle (promoted Corporal), on May 23, when convoy to Veutersdorp was attacked, volunteered to carry a message through enemy's lines from Ventersdorp to officer commanding convoy, and succeeded.

8th October 1901.—Bushmen: Lieutenant Quintal, greatly distinguished himself in night capture of Spaunerbergs Laager, near Houingspruit, August 16. 3rd Mounted Infantry: Lieutenant W Moffitt, gallant conduct on Taal River, September 23.

8th December 1901.—3rd Bushmen: Major H Hamilton Browne, DSO, for several instances of marked good service with 6th Regiment Imperial Bushmen.

8th March 1902.—Mounted Rifles: Captain F Lydiard, Lieutenant:E F Airey (2nd); Lieutenant Fortescue (3rd), for conspicuous good service in December and January; Sergeant Major J Wasson (2nd), in Ermelo district, December 1901, for dash and for holding a kopje with only four men, to cover the retirement of some wounded men.

LORD ROBERTS' FINAL DESPATCH: 1st March 1902.—Medical Corps: Lieutenant Colonel R V Kelly. Bushmen: Troopers W F Hunt' (now Sergeant), T Borlase, J Waddell (killed). Private Duttyer, Mounted Rifles, got one of the four scarves worked by her late Majesty for distribution among men of Colonial Contingent.

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCHES: 8th April 1902.—Mounted Rifles: Lieutenant Colonel C W Cox.

1st June 1902.—3rd Mounted Rifles: Warrant-Officer M'Coll, for prompt initiative and good work in action of 24th February 1902. Australian Bushmen: Sergeant Major Harden, conspicuous good service at Brakspruit, 11th April 1902; Corporal H B Wall, same action (promoted Sergeant)

23rd June 1902.—Nursing Sister A B Pocock; Li Colonel H B Lassetter; Majors C G S Lydiard, A J Bennett, Honourable R Carington, V H Edwards; Captains Soame, R C Holman, P M'Donald, R H Herron, C E Middleton; Lieutenant J Dickson; Regtl. Sergeant Majors J Wasson, J W Porter; Warrant-Officer J M'Coll; Sergeant Majors P J Moy, J Hardy; Squadron Sergeant Majors H Pearce, C T Murphy, Webster, A E Digby; Sergeants W Blaxwell, J D Sutton, J Macdonald, D Felts; Corporal E A Evans; Private G L Hobson.

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