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The following Mentions were gained by members of the Queensland contingents:—

LORD ROBERTS' DESPATCHES: 3lst March 1900.—QMI: Captains D Reid' and R Browne.
2nd April 1901.—QMI: Lieutenant Colonel P R Ricardo, Major W T Deacon, R S Browne, H G Chauvel, V C M Selheim, W H Tunbridge; Captains A T Duka (medical officer, 3rd QMI), R Gordon, D E Reid; Lieutenant T W Glasgow, Sergeant Major Cooney, Corporal Harris, Lance Corporal Trickett. 4th Imperial Bushmen: Sergeant Major J Loynes, Quartermaster Sergeant W F L Wright, Company Sergeant Major J F Gill, Corporal Davidson, Private Koogh, Trumpeter A B Forbes; Privates C G Barnes, A Clark, R E Hutchinson, F W Lucas.

4th September 1901.—Lieutenant Colonel A Aytoun, 4th QIB (Captain A and S Highlanders), Company Sergeant Major J J Walker, Sergeants J B Ryari and G Tailored, Corporal J C Brohinan, Private W J Stevens—all of the QMI

LORD KITCHENER'S DESPATCHES: 8th March 1901.—4th QIB: Major W T Deacon.

8th May 1901.—3rd QIB: Major W H Tunbridge, very good service engagement of 12th February 1901. Acting Sergeant E C Shadforth, 4th QIB (promoted Sergeant): on patrol near Boschkop, Cape Colony, February 12, 1901, brought Private Sutter, whose horse had been shot, out of action under heavy fire. Private G Alford, 4th QIB (promoted Corporal): at Driekuilen, CC, February 15, single-handed, took prisoners 3 armed and mounted Boers and a Kaffir. Private E Culliford, 4th QIB (promoted Corporal): same place and date took prisoners 4 armed Boers. Private G Holland, 4th QIB (promoted Corporal): same date and place took prisoners 3 armed men and 2 Kaffirs.

8th July 1901.—5th QIB: Lieutenant C G B Reese and Sergeant H Smith, special good service during Boer attack on convoy near Mooifontein, south of Bethel, 25th May 1901. Corporal F C V King and Private J Marmont came from good cover and carried a wounded comrade to dressing station 700 yards under fire, June 16. Private G J Kells (promoted Corporal) on same occasion crossed open ground three times under fire to carry messages. 6th QIB: Lieutenant D C Cameron, at Leeuwspruit, 16th June, seeing a trooper fall, went under heavy fire and brought him in. Sergeant T Doyle, same action, seeing a man fall, returned and brought him in.

8th March 1901.—5th QIB: Lieutenant L J Caskey (killed) and Private G H White (killed), great gallantry at Caledon River, Orange River Colony, 27th September 1901.

8th December 1901.—6th QIB: Lieutenant D St G Rich, gallantry in attack on laager, Pongola Bosch (Eastern Transvaal), 2nd October 1901.

8th March 1902.—5th QIB: Major F W Toll, for resolute and capable way in which he led his regiment on four separate occasions in November, December, and January, 6th QIB: Lieutenant O R G Vaughan, for good service in Colonel Byng's capture of laager, Fanny's Home, Orange River Colony, 2nd February 1902. 5th QIB: Lieutenant C G B Rees, for good service and gallantry in action at Onverwachte on 4th January 1902; Company Sergeant Major F Knyvett, Sergeant J Power (killed), gallantry, same action.

8th April 1902.—Lieutenant Colonel O A Tunbridge, 6th contingent, got CMG

23rd June 1902.—Queensland Contingent: Surgeon Captain H J Hutchens. 4th QIB: Captains F L Jones, T H Dodds, J K Berry. 4th QIB: Lieutenants S B Boland, D St G Rich; Reg. Sergeant Majors J G Price, F H Trask; Qmr.-Sergeant T H Doyle, Company Sergeant Major Knyvett, Bugler W N Busby; Privates F Henrickson, H E Watt. Major J J Byron, a special service officer, got the CMG Private E Sweeney, 5th contingent, was awarded the DCM.

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