Before the 5th contingent had embarked Queensland again gave proof of her splendid spirit by offering another regiment of mounted infantry. The offer was at once accepted, and the 6th contingent sailed on the Victorian on 5th April 1901, their strength being 4 squadrons. They were under the command of Lieutenant Colonel O A Tunbridge. In June the corps, so far as on column duty, numbered 307, all ranks, with about 300 horses.

The contingent was, along with the 7th New Zealand, throughout the greater part of 1901 and the first three months of 1902, in a column which was commanded by Lieutenant Colonel Grey, and afterwards by Lieutenant Colonel Garratt. A short account of the very excellent and telling work of that column has already been given under the New Zealand - 7th Contingent.

The 6th Queensland bore their share of the work and of the casualties, but on the whole were, as regards losses, more lucky than their New Zealand comrades. Colonel Tunbridge was slightly wounded on 23rd July 1901 near Vereeniging. Lieutenant S B Boland and 1 man were wounded at Tabankulu on 1st December; and on the 6th of that month, near Wakkerstroom, 2 men were killed and Lieutenant J Loynes and 8 men were wounded. In the very severe fighting on the night of 23rd February 1902, near Vrede, in the northeast of the Orange River Colony, when the New Zealanders suffered so severely, this contingent escaped with almost no loss.

They sailed for home in June.

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