The National Archives have an excellent web site at  The website contains research guides, downloadable (chargeable and non-chargeable) information and a searchable catalogue.

The National Archives is a great place to research the Boer War.  Here is a brief summary of the information available.

  1. Medal rolls for the QSA and KSA, Sea Transport Medal
  2. Service records for Officers, NCOs and men
  3. Boer War despatches
  4. Papers belonging to individuals such as French, Kitchener etc

Click here for the index of the QSA and KSA rolls.

Here is a listing of the QSA/KSA, enrolment and nominal rolls for the South African units.

Click here for an index of WO108 (War Office: Correspondence and Papers, South African War, 1896 - 1914)

Click here for the index of the South African General Service Medal 1877-79 (Zulu War Medal).

For instructions on how to download medal rolls in PDF format, please view this forum post.

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