The table below is based on data at the National Archives.  It describes the information available by unit name.  This extract is for South African units.

Abbreviations used in the table below:  TG - Town Guard.  DMT - District Mounted Troops.

(472 Records)

 Unit   QSA roll (WO100)   KSA roll (WO100)   Enrolment (WO126)   Nominal roll (WO127)   Notes 
Aberdeen DMT280-145-163-
Aberdeen TG280-145-163-
Adelaide DMT280-145-163-
Adelaide TG280-145-163-
Albany DMT280-145-163-
Albany TG280-145-163-
Albert DMT -145-163-
Albert TG -145-163-
Alexandria DMT280---
Alexandria TG280---
Alice TG280---
Alicedale TG280---
Aliwal North DMT280-145-163-
Aliwal North TG280-145-163-
Ashburner's Light Horse23635811
Baca Contingent280---
Baden Powell PoliceSee SAC
Balfour TG -145-163-
Barberton TG280---
Barkly East TG280---
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