State: Victoria
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 12/05/1902
Number issued: 1


Gold locket, to:
5th Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –

1627 Saddler Michael Joseph Jacob BANDEWIG

Presentation made by Councillor W. Knowles, at the Thornton Hall.

Melbourne Age, 29/05/1902




Alexandra & Yea Standard, 23rd May 1902


On Monday evening last in the Thornton Hall, a welcome home was tendered to Saddler BAWDEWIG, of the Fifth Contingent, by the residents of Thornton. The welcome took the form of a social and dance, at which a gold locket was presented to the returned soldier. The hall was tastefully decorated by the ladies, and a large gathering assembled to do honor to Saddler BAWDEWIG.

Councillor W.H. Knowles presided, and after explaining the purpose for which the meeting was called, Saddler BAWDEWIG was then escorted to the stage, amid cheering.

The chairman then said on behalf of the people of Thornton he wished to offer Saddler BAWDEWIG a hearty welcome home from the war, after twelve months’ service in the interests of his country. Some people seemed to think that our returned soldiers were not altogether entitled to be called heroes, but he thought that the man who left his own fireside, his home comforts, and a land of peace, to journey across the seas to face the Boer munition of war, and all other risks in connection with life as a soldier, was entitled to be called a hero in some sense of the word. Our “boys” had assisted to extend the British Empire in South Africa, and he anticipated that tender British rule there would be a return to greater wealth and prosperity and under British freedom the Boers would become the most loyal of the British people. He now asked Saddler BAWDEWIG to accept a gold locket commemorative of his services in South Africa.