County: Perthshire
Issued on: n/a
Date of presentation: 00/06/1901
Number issued: 1


Gold pendant, "after the pattern of the bronze brooch warn in their hats", to:


Subscribed for by the non-commissioned officers of the Duke of Atholl's Draft, Marquiss of Tullibardine's Scottish Horse.



The Scotsman, 05/07/1901
Nottingham Evening Post, 4th July 1901


The Duke of Atholl has just sent an additional draft of 220 picked men to his son’s regiment, which will bring up the strength to about 1,800. His grace presented each of the men with a brooch and black cock’s tail – the badge of the Scottish Horse – and added the gift of several sets of bagpipes for the regiment, while the Duchess of Atholl handed a box of tobacco to each volunteer. The non-commissioned officers of the draft asked the acceptance by the duchess of a gold pendant, after the pattern of the bronze brooch worn in their hats. The Marquis of Tullibardine, D.S.O., has sent home a message of thanks, in the name of his force, for the gifts recently sent out, which, he sates, “arrived at a most opportune moment, and were more than acceptable”.
The Scotsman, 5th July 1901
The final inspection was also witnessed by the Duchess of Atholl, and the Duke journeyed to Portsmouth and saw the men embark. That the warm and kindly interest thus taken by their Graces was much appreciated is shown by the fact that the non-commissioned officers begged the Duchess’ acceptance of a gold pendant after the pattern of the bronze brooch worn in their hats, which touching and suitable acknowledgment was received by her Grace, who had previously presented each man with a box of tobacco as a parting gift. The Duke also supplied each man with a black cock’s tail, which is the badge of the Scottish Horse, and a hat brooch.