State: Tasmania
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 12/07/1901, abt. 06/08/1901
Number issued: 16 or 18


Cased gold medals, suitably inscribed, to:

12/07/1901 presentation

1st Tasmanian Mounted Infantry –
110 Private Morris BEST
64 Private John HOPE
107 Private George JUDGE
94 Private Alfred LUPTON
89 Private William LYON
65 Private James MORSE

108 Private Edwin PACKETT (absent - medal handed to his brother Charles)

2nd Tasmanian Bushmen –
129 Private John COLEMAN
149 Private Robert LAWSON
150 Private Samuel Hawksworth MIDGLEY
154 Private Charles PACKETT

169 Private Robert Rumney WOOD

Presentation made by Colonel Cameron, in the Roland Hall, Sheffield.

Abt. 06/08/1901 presentation

1st Tasmanian Imperial Bushmen –
28 Trooper William Kenyon BARWISE
68 Trooper Walter Frank Cecil HODGKINSON
69 Trooper Leonard HUTTON

71 Trooper Clarence Albert James JOHNSTONE

Probably presented at a smoke social, held in the Oddfellows' Hall on 06/08/1901.
Surmounted by the British Lion in repose.
Obverse: "South African Souvenir".
Reverse"Presented to _______ by residents of Sheffield [district]".

"It was decided to purchase sixteen gold medals, to be suitably inscribed, for the men who were sent from the Sheffield corps" (Launceston Examiner, 22/01/1901).

"Eight men are still on active service" (North Western Advocate, 28/06/1901).


Launceston Examiner, 22nd January 1901




The committee of the returned soldiers' demonstration met at the Oddfellows' Hall on Friday evening. There were ten present, and Mr John Hope, M.H.A., occupied the chair. It was decided to purchase sixteen gold medals, to be suitably inscribed, for the men who were sent from the Sheffield corps. The money was subscribed by shilling subscriptions in the district.
North Western Advocate, 28th June 1901


We have been shown the very handsome gold medals which Lieutenant-Colonel Cameron will present to returned soldiers at Sheffield on Friday, July 12. The design is very neat and made for wearing on the watch chain. They are surmounted by the British Lion with “South African souvenir” on one side, the other bearing, “Presented to ______ by residents of Sheffield district”, each being enclosed in a suitable case. The following men have returned and will receive the medals on the date mentioned: — M. BEST, J.B. COLEMAN, John HOPE, jun., G. JUDGE, R. LAWSON, A. LUPTON, W. LYON, S. MIDGLEY, J. MORSE, C. PACKETT, E. PACKETT. Eight men are still on active service.
Launceston Examiner, 15th July 1901



SHEFFIELD, Saturday.

When the first of our men, under Colonel Cameron, returned home, it was decided to make them some present as a token of appreciation of the way they had behaved while fighting for the Empire in South Africa. As a result, 16 gold medals were obtained and inscribed on one aide "South Africa", and on the other "Presented by residents of Sheffield". As a good proportion of the men have returned safely home, it was decided to hold a concert on Friday and distribute the medals. Needless to say, the Roland Hall was packed with an audience that showed a sympathetic feeling towards the returned men, who, with a number of visiting comrades, occupied front seats. On the platform with the chairman (Mr John Hope. M.H.A.) were seated Colonel Cameron, Major G.H. Brown, Major Wallace Brown, Captain J.H. McCall, Captain Hope, Lieutenants Clerke, Luttrell, and Roberts. The proceedings included a miscellaneous programme, items being contributed by Misses Ada Morse and Fanny Atkinson, Major Wallace Brown, Captain McCall, Lieut. Luttrell, Messrs. G. Harrison, Montmorency, and Tonmor. The Sheffield Dingo Club gave a farce.

During an interval, the chairman called on Colonel Cameron to make the presentations. The colonel, on rising, spoke of the extreme pleasure it gave him to come among such a patriotic people as Sheffielders were, and also to notice that they were recognising the service rendered by their fellow-citizens in the great South African war.

Troopers John HOPE, James MORSE, John COLEMAN, W. LUPTON, C.[sic] PACKETT, R. LAWSON, R. WOOD, G. JUDGE, W. LYON, and M. BEST then stepped on to the platform, saluted their officer, and received some words of commendation from the colonel as he handed the souvenirs to them. Each man was lustily cheered as he received his present.

After the medals had been distributed, Colonel Cameron asked the members of his company to accept a photograph of himself.

Subsequently the visitors were entertained at a smoke social in the Oddfellows' Hall, when harmony, refreshments, and cigars were indulged in. The hall for the concert was profusely decorated with flags, and the platform was furnished with comfortable chairs, loaned by Messrs York, Schmidt, and Co. Lieutenant Roberts, who acted as secretary, is to be complimented on the success of the function, which was greatly due to his exertions.
Launceston Examiner, 7th August 1901


Troopers JOHNSTONE, BARWISE, HODGKINSON and L. HUTTON, members of the Sheffield Corps, are to be entertained at a smoke social in the Oddfellows’ Hall tonight. The men are all in good health.
North Western Advocate, 8th August 1901

The Returned Tasmanians.


A smoke concert was tendered to Corporal BARWISE and Troopers HODGKINSON and JOHNSTONE, in the Sheffield Oddfellows’ Hall on Tuesday evening. There was a good attendance of volunteers and civilians. Captain Hope presided. Songs and instrumental selections were given by a number of those present, which were much appreciated.