State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 19/07/1901
Number issued: 7


Gold medals, to:

4th Victorian (Imperial Bushmen's) Contingent –
53 Farrier-Sergeant Sydney Atkins DALTON
467 Corporal Frederick WATKINS
567 Lance-Corporal Daniel James MOLONEY
506 Trooper John WATKINS
490 Trooper Edward Bruce ROBERTSON (absent - unwell)

568 Trooper Walter O'SHEA

Roberts Horse –
2116 Trooper George RANDALL

Presentation made by Mr M.K. McKenzie.

Trooper Robertson's medal was given to his father.


Melbourne Age, 22nd July 1901


On Friday night, at a smoke night, medals were presented to seven returned soldiers who reside in Seymour and district. Mr R. Harper, M.P., and Mr M.K. McKenzie, M.L.A., were present, and delivered patriotic speeches, the latter making the presentations. The soldiers who received medals were Farrier-Sergeant DALTON, Corporal WATKINS, Lance-Corporal MOLONEY and Troopers O'SHEA, WATKINS and RANDALL. Trooper ROBERTSON, who is suffering from measles contracted the day after his return, was unable to be present, and will be given his medal later on.
Melbourne Argus, 24th July 1901


A smoke night was tendered to returned soldiers in Perron’s Hall on Friday evening, the guests being Farrier-Sergeant DALTON, Lance-Corporal MOLONEY, Corporal WATKIN, Troopers J. WATKIN, W. O’SHEA and G. RANDALL. Mr J. Chittick, jun., occupied the chair and there were present Mr Harper, M.H.R., and Mr McKenzie, M.L.A., and representative townspeople. The soldiers were presented with a gold medal each by Mr McKenzie. Trooper RANDALL gave a thrilling account of the work done by his regiment. At one time he with 16 others formed an advance guard and were attacked by a party of Boers, with the result that 15 or his comrades were shot dead, while he and the remaining one were wounded and taken prisoners. He spoke well of the treatment he received at the hands of the Boers. RANDALL was afterwards invalided to England, and has now completely recovered from his wounds. Trooper ROBERTSON, who returned to Seymour last week, has since been confined to his bed with measles, and was unable to be present at the smoke night. His father Mr Robertson, M.R., received the medal on his behalf.