Country: New Zealand
Issued on: Departure
Date of presentation: 28/03/1900
Number issued: 1


Gold double albert & pendant, to:

5th New Zealand Mounted Rifles –
Lieutenant James Binnie WHYTE

Presentation made by Captain Beattie, during a send-off at the Club Hotel, Pahiatua.



Pahiatua Herald, 30th March 1900


Wednesday’s send-off was without doubt the most hearty and enthusiastic that has yet been held in this district. There was a large crowd in Mr Cotter’s Club Hotel dining-room and every arrangement reflected extreme credit upon those who had to do with the management. Captain Beattie, of the Mounted Rifles, presided, and had on his left Lieutenants WHYTE and HASELDEN, and on his right Lieut. Whyte’s son. Over the guests of the evening was placed the handsome enlargement of Lieut. WHYTE recently turned out by Mr Reid, and in the corner of the room was effectively displayed the New Zealand ensign. Shortly after eight o’clock the chairman rose and, having read apologies for the nonattendance of Messrs Breeds and Dumbleton, called on those present to charge their glasses and drink to the health of “The Queen”. This was drunk in bumpers and was musically honoured.

Mr F.E. Perry, in proposing the toast of “Our Guest”, said he had been privileged to know Lieutenant WHYTE for as long a time as most of them. They had fought together at the County Council, and he was only sorry that they were not going together to South Africa. (Hear, hear). He was also sure that the feeling of regret at the departure of their guest would be widespread throughout the district, for as a Councillor he had done a great deal for the advancement of the district, and particularly for that portion of it that he represented so ably in the Council. Further he was the ‘‘Father of the Mounted Rifles”, and he was sure they would find his loss a very severe one, a loss that would prove more severe when he was actually gone than it even now appeared that it would be. As an instructor he was without doubt the right man in the right place, and had he remained in that position he was convinced that their company would have become one of the smartest in the colony. (Applause). The health of Lieut. WHYTE was drunk in bumpers and the gathering burst by common consent into the singing of “For he’s a jolly good fellow”, that being rendered with a vim that has seldom been equaled in the district, and which bore striking testimony to the intensity of the feeling entertained for their comrade by the members of the Rifles. In a few feeling remarks the chairman expressed the feeling that was common to them and then handed to Lieut. WHYTE on behalf of the corps, as a token of regard, a handsome double gold Albert and pendant, with a space reserved, as he pointed out, for the V.C.  On behalf of their secretary, Mr Medhurst, he presented the Lieutenant with a splendid hunting crop. “Three times three” were given right heartily for Lieutenant WHYTE and he then suitably responded, dwelling on the pain with which he parted with the good friends that he had made in the district. Particularly did he appreciate the kindness of the corps, although he hardly felt himself worthy, and he urged them to stand by their officers, to prosecute their duties in a wholehearted manner, and he then had every confidence that when he returned he would find them one of the smartest corps in the country. He again thanked them for the hearty manner in which they had drunk to his health, and resumed his seat amid a round of hearty applause.

Mr Tosswill proposed the toast of the “Fifth Contingent” coupled with the name of Lieut. HASELDEN, and in the course of some very felicitous remarks he dwelt happily upon the unity of the Empire as expressed by the departure of the contingents that they had sent away from their shores to do battle with the foes of the Empire. He also bore striking testimony to the sterling worth of the gentleman with whose name the toast had been coupled.

Lieutenant HASELDEN responded with a characteristic little speech which was punctuated with bursts of appreciative and admiring applause.

The toast list also comprised “Fourth Contingent”, proposed by Mr Innes and responded to by Messrs Crewe and R. Smith; “Officers of the Mounted Rifles”, proposed by Lieutenant WHYTE, and responded to by Captain Beattie and Lieutenants Wills and King; “The little place we live in”, proposed by Mr Tosswill, and responded to by Mr J.D. Wilson (Mayor of Pahiatua), and C. Avery; “Ladies”, proposed by Mr Piper, and responded to by Mr Rodney; “Troopers of the Mounted Rides”, responded to by Mr Innes; “Rejected Troopers”, responded to by Mr Griffiths; “Generals in the Transvaal”; “The Press”; “Host and Hostess”; and “The chairman and his good lady”. The musical portion of the programme was well filled. Mr McKinnon presided at the piano and sang several songs, valuable assistance being also rendered by Messrs Lundon, Page, Keeling, Hawkins, Webb, Wood, McDonald, Rodney, “Baldy” Smith, Cross, R. Barker, C. Williams, and Dr Bode. This hearty demonstration was brought to a close by the feeling singing of “Auld Lang Syne”.
Woodville Examiner, 30th March 1900
A most enthusiastic send-off was accorded Lieut. J.B. WHYTE, of the Fifth Contingent, at Pahiatua on Wednesday evening. The members of the Mounted Corps entertained Lieut. WHYTE at a smoke concert in the Club Hotel, where Host Cotter provided an ample sufficiency of the good things of life. The toast list was a long one, and was honoured in a loyal and patriotic manner. The health of the guest of the evening was drunk with great enthusiasm. Lieut. WHYTE was presented with a gold albert and pendant from his comrades in the mounted corps. Songs of a patriotic nature were given by Pahiatua’s best singers. Capt. Beattie was chairman, and most of the leading citizens of Ihe district were present. Lieut. HASELDEN, of the Fifth Contingent, was the guest of the corps. Yesterday Lieuts. WHYTE and HASELDEN were accorded an ovation at the railway station.


Surname: WHYTE
Reg No: n/a
Given Names: James Binnie
Contingent: Fifth
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: No 14 Company (Canterbury Section)
Joined from: unknown
County/City: Pahiatua
Age: 41 years, 8 months
Occupation: Farmer
Ship: “Maori”, 31 March 1900
Address: Kohinui
Next of Kin: Whyte, Mr F.E.
Next of Kin Address: Kohinui (same)
Relationship to Soldier: unknown

Major J B Whyte DSO 1920

Major J.B. Whyte, D.S.O., photograhed in 1920