County: Lancashire
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 12/06/1901
Number issued: 4 or 5


Gold medals, to:

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, East Lancashire Regiment ["F" Company, 2nd V.B.E.L.R.] –
7268 Private Joseph BENSON
7271 Private [Corporal] Fred BIRTWISTLE
7423 Private [Corporal] James Thomas THOMPSON
7303 Private Gilbert WADDINGTON

Presentation made by Mr J.H. Whittaker, in the Constitutional Club, Padiham.

The volunteers also received gold pins set with rubies (the gift of Mr Hargreaves Murphy).

Note: 19183 Driver F. BOADLEY, "U" Battery, R.H.A., was included in the presentation of Mr Murphy's scarf pins. It is therefore possible that Broadley also received a medal.



Burnley Express, 12/06/1901
Burnley Express, 15th June 1901



On Wednesday evening a smoking concert was held in the Constitutional Club, Padiham, to “Welcome home” the Volunteers who returned on Monday from South Africa. The club had been gaily decorated with Union Jacks and bunting of various kinds by Mr Harrison and enthusiastic helpers, the result being a suitable combination. A splendid reception was given to the men, who were accompanied also by Private Frank BROADLEY, of the “U” Battery, R.H.A. (who was in that disaster to the Artillery), and the members of the club did not seem as if they could sufficiently show their enthusiasm and appreciation of the loyalty of the men. All the returned Volunteers were presented with a gold medal, which was handed to them by Mr J.H. Whittaker, who had kindly undertaken the pleasant duty. Mr Hargreaves Murphy presided, and he was supported by Mayor Bear, V.D. (who would have been one of the Volunteers, had he been able), and other well-known gentlemen.

The Chairman gave the men a hearty welcome, and after the usual toasts had been given, Mr Whittaker was asked to perform the chief duty of the evening.

In a loyal speech of some length, but extremely interesting, the presenter of the medals reviewed the long and arduous time which the men had spent on foreign soil. He welcomed them (Padiham itself had already done so); but he was glad it was his happy duty to tell them that the members of that club were not in any way behind in according them a greeting. (Hear, hear). What more could men do than these local youths had done? asked Mr Whittaker. They had given of their best, and had risked their lives for us who were at home. The Volunteer movement, he remarked, had received an impetus by such actions as theirs, and would become a powerful factor in our national defence in the future. (Hear, hear). The experience the men had gained whilst out would benefit the whole battalion in general, and add to the credit and distinction of the Padiham Corps in particular. (Applause). After a few further remarks, the presentation was made, to the envy of many present at the honours the Volunteers had merited.

An agreeable surprise was created by the announcement that Mr Murphy, with characteristic generosity, had decided to present the Volunteers, as well as Private BROADLEY, the artilleryman, with a pin each. The pins were of gold, and set with rubies, and were given in recognition of the sterling worth of the recipients, and their duty to their Sovereign and country. The whole company present renewed their hearty cheering.

Major Bear, replying to the toast “The Guests”, claimed the Volunteers as his brothers, and he was not behind in attesting his loyalty, and expressing his admiration for the auxiliary forces. He complimented the men, one and all, on their good work.

The concert was then proceeded with, being opened by the Hatton Glee Union, who “volunteered” their services, for this auspices occasion in the history of the club, and songs were contributed by Messrs Worswick, Eastwood, Dyson, Pollard, Hudson, Heys, Watkinson, H. Taylor, and Phillips, and Councillor C.T. Hudson, each song evoking loud applause. Mr Lonsdale was regrettably absent, and therefore his anticipated song was not forthcoming. Musical talent was never wanting. The Hatton Glee Union rendered good services, and another party (to be known as the “Baywindow” glee party) gave “John Bull”, composed by “Dr Stopit”. After a few closing remarks, and votes of thanks, the meeting broke up by the singing of “God Save the King”.