Country: New Zealand
Issued on: Departure
Date of presentation: 30/01/1902
Number issued: 1


Gold albert & pendant, suitably inscribed, to:

8th New Zealand Mounted Rifles –

Subscribed for by members of the Hawera Fire Brigade, of which he was captain.

Major Bartlett also received a gold watch from the inhabitants of Hawera, which was inscribed: "Presented to Captain Bartlett by Hawera friends, January, 1902. Hawera".



Wellington Evening Post, 31st January 1902

HAWERA, This Day.

A large gathering was held in Hawera last evening to bid farewell to Major BARTLETT, who is going to South Africa with the Eighth Contingent. A presentation was made to him of a gold watch on behalf of the public; the Fire Brigade, of which he was captain, gave him a gold albert and pendant; and the Oddfellows an emblem. In his reply Major BARTLETT expressed his belief that the war was nearly over, and that the enemy was beginning to see that the hope of intervention was daily diminishing. At the farewell there was a large attendance of the Hawera Mounted Rifles, of which Major BARTLETT was captain.
Hawera & Normanby Star, 31st January 1902

Mr James Davidson said: "Major BARTLETT, Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen. — A very pleasant duty has fallen to my lot to-night, yet like all other earthly pleasures, the present one is mixed with pain — pain to think that the hour of separation from Major BARTLETT is so nigh. I grieve to think that by Major BARTLETT's departure Hawera is losing a good citizen, and a personal friend, I can assure you, ladies and gentlemen, that Major BARTLETT is a man who any one, high or low, may be proud to call friend. (Applause). During all the years of his sojourn amongst us I always found him both in public and private a man of honour and integrity (applause), and either as a private citizen or a borough councillor he has been ever ready and willing to work for the interest and welfare of Hawera. As captain of the Fire Brigade, or an officer in the volunteer service, he was always ready at the call of duty, and when the well-beloved, great and good Queen Victoria, in the name of the Empire, called on the colonies for volunteers to fight her battles in the Transvaal, Major BARTLETT was one of the first to respond. (Applause). It is men like Major BARTLETT that make the Empire builders and heroes. At the call of duty, he left home, kith and kin, and all that was near and dear to him, to face the unknown danger of the battlefield, and I rejoice, and we all rejoice, that he was spared to return in safety and find all his dear ones in safe keeping. (Applause). And now, Major BARTLETT, as you are again about to undertake another long and perhaps dangerous journey, on this the eve of your departure, I, in the name of the citizens of Hawera, present you with this gold watch, suitably inscribed, as a slight token of their respect and esteem, and in their name, also, I wish you God speed on this journey which you are about to undertake, and not only on this journey, but on all your journey through life I wish you god speed, and a safe and happy return. (Loud applause).

Mr Davidson then presented the watch, a very handsome one, inscribed, "Presented to Captain Bartlett by Hawera friends, January, 1902. Hawera".

Members of the Fire Brigade then lined up, and Lieut. Wilson said it had fallen to his lot, on behalf of the Brigade, to make a small present to their captain. The Brigade felt they could not let the occasion pass without expressing regret at the departure of Captain BARTLETT. Perhaps some of the ladies and gentlemen present did not know so well as the members of the Brigade did what Capt. BARTLETT was. He (the speaker) had travelled over the colony to Fire Brigade demonstrations, and he could say that the captain was one of the best men for the position New Zealand held. (Applause). When the captain went away with the First Contingent, they only lent him, but this time it was to be feared that he was going for good. He (the speaker) hoped it was not so. The men wished him to express their feelings of regret, and the wish that Captain BARTLETT would return to Hawera and once again resume command of the Brigade. They felt the separation very much, for they knew what the Brigade was when the captain took charge, and what it was now - one of the best in the colony. (Applause). Captain BARTLETT was responsible for the position the Brigade had attained. Lieut. Wilson then presented the guest with a heavy gold albert and pendant, the latter suitably inscribed, and wished the recipient prosperity. (Applause).