State: Victoria, Australia
Issued on: Return
Dates of presentations: 19/09/1901, 06/06/1902
Number issued: 2


Gold pendants, to:

19/09/1901 presentation

3rd Victorian (Bushmen's) Contingent –

558 Trooper Charles Walter BLANDFORD

Presentation made by Councillor Hinton (president of the shire), in the Oddfellow's Hall, adjoining the Victoria Hotel, Huntly.

Inscribed: "Presented to Trooper C.W. Blandford, 3rd Contingent, by his Huntly and district friends on his return from the Boer [War], 19/9/01".

Trooper Blandford's brother, 1438 Trooper Ernest Henry Blandford, 5th V.M.R., was killed in action at Wilmansrust, 12/06/1901.

06/06/1902 presentation

5th Victorian (Mounted Rifles) Contingent –

1664 Private William John HINTON

Presentation made by Mr Allingham, in the Oddfellow's Hall, adjoining the Victoria Hotel, Huntly.

Inscribed: "To Trooper W.J. Hinton. Presented by the residents of Huntly and district on his return from the Boer war. 5/6/1902".

Supplied by Mr Frederick Napoli Prescott, Bendigo.

Hinton also received a pair of gold cufflinks (initialled).



Bendigo Advertiser, 21st September 1901


Huntly, 20th September.

The welcome home to Trooper BLANDFORD took place on Thursday evening, and was a very enjoyable affair, the large hall adjoining the Victoria hotel being nicely set off with flags, lent by Messrs Henderson and Goodisson, and well filled by a number of the friends [?] of the Blandford family. Mr E. Hinton occupied the chair, being supported on his right by the guest of the evening, Sergeant COURTIER, of Kangaroo Flat, and Corporal O'BRIEN and Private BROWNING, of Fosterville, and on his left by Mr. Allingham and some of the members of the committee.

The chairman spoke feelingly of the bravery of our soldiers in the war. Mr Allingham explained the reasons why no public reception had taken place before, and trusted that Trooper BLANDFORD would be able to look back upon this as one of the red letter days of his existence. The chairman, on behalf of the residents, presented Private BLANDFORD with a solid gold albert and pendant, the latter inscribed as follows – “Presented to Trooper C.W. Blandford by the residents of Huntly and district". Private BLANFORD made a suitable reply. The large assembly then joined in the chorus "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." Mr. Blandford, senr., also returned thanks for the presentation they had made that night. Sergeant COURTIER, of Kangaroo Flat, and Corporal O'BRIEN and Trooper BROWNING, of Fosterville, returned thanks for their invitations. The Misses Watts and Bannerman sang a song, and Mr Bannerman enlivened the company with selections on a gramophone, whilst the Epsom Harmonic Society also contributed several selections. Refreshments were then handed round, and the meeting was brought to a close by a vote of thanks to all concerned in the gathering.
Bendigo Independent, 23rd September 1901


Trooper C.W. BLANDFORD, of the 3rd Contingent, was on Thursday evening tendered a public welcome, and made a presentation by the residents of Huntly and district. Though the evening was very threatening, there were over a hundred present. The Oddfellows’ Hall presented a patriotic appearance, being decorated by the flags of the empire. Cr Hinton (president of the shire) occupied the chair, and on his right was the honoured guest and Sergeant E. COURTIER and Private BROWNING (Kangaroo Flat), and Corporal P. O’BRIEN, Fosterville, and oh his left Mr Blandford, sen., and Mr Allingham, chairman of committee. Apologies were received from Corporal CARR and Trooper GORNALLE. The chairman, in his opening remark, referred to the good work done by the Australians in South Africa, where they had upheld the honour of the empire. Mr Allingham proposed the health of Trooper BLANDFORD, who, he said, was a most unassuming young fellow, and one who was well liked. He had not been forced to fight in battle, but had gone and done his duty, and had returned safely. As one of the committee, all he had to say was that the gift to be presented to him that evening was only a small mark of esteem in which he was held by the residents of the district. The sad circumstance of the death of Trooper BLANDFORD's brother had delayed them from taking action sooner to recognise his services.

Trooper BLANDFORD was then presented by the chairman with a handsome gold curb albert and pendant, with the engraving of a trooper on the front and the inscription – “Presented to Trooper C.W. Blandford, 3rd Contingent, by his Huntly and district friends on his return from the Boer [War], 19/9/01”. The gift was purchased at Prescott’s, and was greatly admired.

Trooper Blandford suitably replied, thanking them heartily for their kind wishes and beautiful present.

Mr Blandford, sen., also feelingly replied.

Mr Town proposed the visiting returned soldiers, and spoke in the highest praise of the Australian boys. Sergeant. E. COURTIER, Corporal O’BRIEN, and Trooper BROWNING replied. Mr Town also proposed the committee, and the chairman, Mr. Allingham, respond. …….

……. During the evening refreshments were handed to all present, the Misses Spry, Bannerman, O. Dennis, and Mrs. C. and A.E. Watts attending to that part of the programme. After the toas of the Harmonic Society chairman had been honoured, a most social and enjoyable evening was terminated by God Save the King.
Bendigo Independent, 7th June 1902


Trooper W.J. HINTON, son of the president of the shire, was (says our Huntly correspondent) tendered a public welcome in the Oddfellows' Hail on Thursday evening by the residents of Huntly and district. The hall was prettily decorated with flags and bunting, kindly lent by Messrs Henderson and Goodisson, Bendigo. The proceedings were opened by an overture by Master Spry. The guest of the evening, Corporal Wm. CARR and Troopers A. CHIEVERS and. A. ALDRIDGE were then escorted into the room and introduced by Mr Sergeant, the whole joining in the chorus "Rule Britannia". After several recitations and songs had been rendered, Mr Allingham, chairman of the committee, in a suitable speech, presented Trooper HINTON with a handsome gold pendant, inscribed with the words "presented to Trooper Hinton by the residents of Huntly and district on his return from the Boer War", and a pair of solid gold sleeve links initialled, which were obtained from Mr. Prescott, Bendigo. The recipient thanked them for the handsome gilts, and said he would always look upon them with pride. Corporal CARR and Troopers ALDRIDGE, CHIEVERS and BLANDFORD replied briefly for the invitation to be present. A good programme of music was gone through. Recitations were given by Misses Stanley and Milligan and R. Withers, and songs by Messrs. F. Goyne, F. Koenig, H. Jones, T. Hughes and the Misses Fitzpatrick, Ivy Bannerman, and Gladys Watts. Miss Milligan and Mrs Manderson, Master Spry being the accompanists, A pleasant and enjoyable evening was brought to a termination by the National Anthem, after light refreshments had been served round.
Bendigo Advertiser, 7th june 1902


A pleasant ceremony was performed at the Victoria hotel, Huntly, on Friday evening, when a welcome home was tendered to Trooper W.J. HINTON (son of Cr. E. Hinton) on his return from South Africa. The chair was taken by Mr Allingham. Amongst those present were a group of returned soldiers, including Corporal CARR and Troopers BLANDFORD, ALDRIDGE and CHIVERS. A pleasing musical programme was gone through, comprising piano overture by Master Spry, and songs and recitations by Messrs Fitzpatrick, Stanley, Bannerman, Watts, Willyan, Withers, Jones, Goyne, Hughes, Hinton, senr., and Mrs Manderson. The chairman, in making the presentation, remarked that all were overjoyed at the consummation of peace. On behalf of those present he cordially welcomed Trooper HINTON back, and presented him with a gold pendant, inscribed as follows —''To Trooper W.J. Hinton. Presented by the residents of Huntly and district on his return from the Boer war. 5/6/1902". A pair of gold sleeve links, neatly initialled, was also added. The presents were selected from the stock of Mr. F. N. Prescott, and were greatly admired. Trooper HINTON briefly returned thanks. The gathering broke up after singing the National Anthem. The flags for the occasion were lent by Messrs Henderson and Goodisson.