Dumfries 3 VB KOSB

Courtesy of Aberdeen Medals


County: Dumfriesshire
Issued on: Return
Date of presentation: 04/07/1901
Number issued: c. 33


Gold medals, to:

1st Volunteer Active Service Company, King's Own Scottish Borderers [3rd V.B.K.O.S.B.] –
6982 Sergeant [Private] A. CUTHBERTSON (Moffat - absent)
6959 Corporal Thomas McVINNIE (Dumfries)
6962 Corporal Robert RAE (Dumfries)
6973 Lance-Corporal Adam KEEN (Canonbie)
6965 Bugler Alfred KEMPSELL (Dumfries)
6983 Private Joseph ADAMSON (Thornhill)
6972 Private [Lance-Corporal] R.G. ADAMSON (Lockerbie; received a watch)
6978 Private Adam Cunningham ANDERSON (Moffat - absent)
6970 Private Robert Jardine BEATTIE (Annan - absent; serving with 3rd VASC)
6979 Private [Lance-Corporal] T. BURGESS (Moffat - absent)
6977 Private W. DAVIDSON (Moffat - absent)
6971 Private William GARDINER (Lockerbie; received a watch - absent; serving with SAC)
6975 Private J. GRAHAM (Dumfries/Langholm)
6974 Private Richard IRVING (Langholm)
6964 Private James JARDINE (Dumfries - absent; serving with 3rd VASC)
6985 Private Peter JEFFREY (Dumfries)
6968 Private Alexander LOUDON [Louden] (Annan; died, Pretoria, 26/07/1900)
6986 Private William McCLEARY (Langholm)
6969 Private Thomas McGUFFOG [McGoffog] (Annan - absent)
6967 Private John McKIMMIE (Annan)
6961 Private Tom MISKELLY (Dumfries - absent)
6966 Private Hugh Ashcroft MUNRO (Dumfries - absent; employed S. Africa)
6976 Private Hugh MURRAY (Ecclefechen)
6980 Private James PAGAN (Moffat - absent)
6984 Private Thomas Luck ROBERTSON (Moffat; killed in a railway accident, Beaufort West [Biesjespoort], 21/10/1900)
6981 Private David SMITH (Dumfries - absent; serving with SAC)
6960 Private Joseph TURNBULL (Langholm)
6963 Private William WATSON (Dumfries)
1st Volunteer Active Service Company, King's Own Scottish Borderers DRAFT [3rd V.B.K.O.S.B.] 
Lieutenant R.J. CUNNINGHAM (Annan - not included on Dumfries & Galloway Standard published list; did he receive a medal?)
7286 [7283] Private John CUNNINGHAM (Sanquhar)
7287 Private Thomas MAXWELL (Annan)
7281 Private [Lance-Corporal] J. WILLIAMSON (Thornhill)
7289 Private John Swan WAUGH (Sanquhar)
Presentation made by Provost Glover, in the Royal Restaurant, Dumfries.


Reverse: "SOUTH / AFRICAN / CAMPAIGN / 1900 / [LC. CORPL. / A. KEEN]".


Note: Moffat, AnnanEcclefechen & Sanquhar issued their own medals.

It was common practice for volunteers to be excluded from presentations where men had already received medals from a second authority. However, an extant group to 6967 Private McKIMMIE, including both the Annan & Dumfries medals, proves that this certainly was not the case for Annan volunteers.

Is there any relevance to the fact that all five of the Moffat men were absent from the Dumfries presentation?


Private McGoffug example sold through Christie's, 30/04/1991, for £750 (with QSA and Annan tribute medal).

Private Loudon example in the Collection of the King's Own Scottish Borderers museum, Berwick-upon-Tweed.



Dumfries & Galloway Standard, 06/07/1901
Images courtesy of Aberdeen Medals
Information provided by Volunteer
Information provided by KOSB Museum
The Scotsman, 05/07/1901


The eighteen Volunteers making up the first active service contingent from Dumfriesshire were last night at Dumfries presented with gold medals as a souvenir of their experiences in South Africa, these having been purchased out of the balance from a fund raised to purchase comforts for them some time ago. The ceremony took place in the Royal Restaurant, Provost Glover making the presentation.

Glasgow Herald, 19/01/1900 (list of volunteers due to sail for the Cape).
Note: I can find no record indicating that Private Pringle served in S. Africa (the Dumfries & Galloway Standard has Private D. Smith instead of D. Pringle)

……. The oath of allegiance was administered, and Provost Glover handed the Queen’s shilling to each of the men. The men selected are –

Sergeant A. CUTHBERTSON, Moffat; Corporal T. McVINNIE, Dumfries; Corporal R. RAE, Dumfries; Privates J. ADAMSON, Thornhill; R. ADAMSON, Lockerbie; A. ANDERSON, Moffat; W. DAVIDSON, Moffat; R. BEATTIE, Annan; T. BURGESS, Moffat; T. JARDINE, Dumfries; P. JEFFREY, Dumfries; R. IRVING, Langholm; J. GRAHAM, Langholm; W. GARDINER, Lockerbie; A. KEEN, Cannonbie; A. KEMPSELL, Dumfries; A. LOUDON, Annan; T. McGUFFOG, Annan; T. McKIMMIE, Annan; T. MISKELLY, Dumfries; H. MURRAY, Ecclefechan; H. MUNRO, Dumfries; T. PAGAN, Moffat; W. McCLEARY, Langholm; T. ROBERTSON, Moffat; D. PRINGLE [sic - D. SMITH], Dumfries; T. TURNBULL, Langholm; W. WATSON, Dumfries.

The men are lodged in the principal hotels in Dumfries, and will proceed to Berwick tomorrow week.



Group to 6967 Private John McKIMMIE, comprising QSA, Dumfries Tribute and Annan Tribute.

With thanks to Volunteer


 Dumfries Freedom Certificate 01 ss

..Freedom Cerificate, presented to 6961 Private Tom Miskelly